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I will be having a hard time leaving a real star review of this book, because the content of the guide deserves a 5 superstar rating, while the organization is not user friendly, and the " quizzes" are very lackluster.

In order to receive real quizzes and content, the creators of this book demand that you pay a substantial cost (. 00 for a restricted number of logins - twelve months or 9. 00 unlimited logins - one year) in order to access their subscription area of the website that goes along with this book. This is never mentioned in the description, and i also would like those thinking about purchasing this book based on quizzes, tests, and other content to be fully aware of what they are buying (or not buying in this instance).

Furthermore, you really do not need to get this book unless you would rather have papers ahead. You are able to go to GrammarBook. com and view this book in its entirety on the website and even take the menial quizzes online if you choose. Just be sure you scroll down BELOW the actually " HEY, BUY ME" stuff to take the free, interactive quizzes. You may even purchase individual quizzes from the subscription service for . 00 each. This may be beneficial if you do not want to get the complete subscription package but want more practice in certain areas that need more work.

If you are interested in getting the guide in front of you, here is a little info on it.

The particular book starts out with an introduction and so on, like most books, then leads into the lessons. The particular lessons are 5 superstar quality as they are basic, simple to explain, teach and understand. I LOVE THESE TYPES OF LESSONS! One thing We particularly like in the lessons is the " note" section. The creators often keep you up to date with things including the dissimilarities in the acceptable technique word " none" in the SAT vs. the Merriam-Webster Dictionary of British Usage. This is very helpful if you use this guide to help students get ready for the SAT or an essay paper for school. The note section will have current information in relation to the English language as well as other things that may enhance the lesson itself. EXCELLENT.

After each training, I would enjoy to see worksheets, so students (or those teaching themselves) can practice the relevant skills they just learned. You can find none of them in this book at all. You are able to subscribe for more content, however, as I described above.

After each training, there is a quiz. I like this feature. There exists one con. The particular quiz is not immediately following the lesson. Right now there is no wording published to let you know that the quiz is on page " whatever" in the book. You must search toward the back of the guide to find the quiz appropriate for that lesson name. The quizzes are also very simplistic. Again, you can subscribe for more content.

There is also a response key provided at the back of the book, but it is not easy to use nor page numbered. You will need to match the lesson name with the quiz name and the answer key name to be able to identify this type in the again of the book.

In order to summarize:

PROS: The classes are fabulous! This will be my go-to guide for teaching/tutoring students in grammar and punctuation. You do not have to get this book if you would rather learn or teach from the computer/online.

CONS: There are no worksheets to practice newly learned skills in this book. The quizzes are very menial (around 10 - 20 questions and only one quiz per lesson). The particular book is not consumer friendly, as the quizzes are toward the again of the book, not page numbered to the lesson, and the answer key works similar to the way. You may purchase a registration to get more workable content and quizzes (which are frantically with a lack of the book) if you choose, but it is fairly pricey., Let’s be honest. No one is purchasing this guide because it’s an exciting read and there are strategies to produce a movie version soon. You have to have a grammar book that will allow you to reference something quickly, such as using the right form of ‘effective’ or how you should avoid using the phrase ‘literally’ when what you really mean is ‘virtually’. If that’s what youre after, then this is the book for you. As an English instructor, I’m always on the lookout for a simple to use, teacher-friendly grammar book. What I liked most about this guide was its organization and length. It cut right to the chase and focused on the main areas of grammatically correct writing.
The organization of the workbook is their strong suit. It is easy to reference a particular rule or topic. Section Five is entitled; Complicated Words and Homonyms. That is a concise list of words that are often misused and confused. We use checklist in my classroom every day! Literally, every day!, I believe like the book is overrated. I've gone through first 20 pages and all I will say so much is that it is not very educational. Meaning that a lot of the explanations given have no real foundation
which makes it extremely hard to memorize.
For example, the author has discussed the sentence: we performed bad/badly. (Badly describes how we performed so -ly is added)
We don't think its the best way to make a student understand the rule behind it. Therefore, the only use I might see for this book is checking the correct rule when in doubt while doing all your essay, paper etc. not really the most successful examples of explaining grammar., This is the second time that I ordered this book because the spine broken the first time that We opened it and pages fell out. Not merely did the first the one which We returned have that problem but the replacement did as well. The content is good but the construction of this workbook is actually bad. I don't wish to consider the time to return it again. I would want to keep it and become refunded because now We have to it and get it spiral bound anywhere. Boo, This did not include the guide I was looking for. It has too many " rules" to keep in mind. Granted, English is a difficult language to learn when properly spoken and written, but this will make it harder. I judge a tutorial by whether or not I will take notes from it so as to use for easy reference. We thank God this female was never my British teacher. I would send the book back, but I waited too long to crack it available., Perfect. Exactly what a author needs., I absolutely love this book! Not only do I utilize it for my kids, I often refer to it myself. Great to have even if it's simply for an occasional reference. Full of great grammar info, commonly misspelled words, etc. In case you love grammar (like me), you will cherish this book. If you may like grammar, this guide will be better still for YOU!, This is an easy-to-follow, thorough guide regarding grammar and punctuation. That addresses all relevant subject matter including sentence structure and it has a great catalog. Recommend.

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