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interesting Yuri manga so much I feel a slight unhappiness from each of the characters which could have been done on purpose. I really can't wait to see how they tie all of the characters with each other, and how there love will blossom. my ideas on the might fluctuate according to the second volume but for the time being I did so enjoy what We read I just didn't love what I read., It can a solid story with a romance and likeable character types, but the way the translation seems to randomly bold and emphasize words is really annoying at times. At least one word appears to be bolded per bubble/box, and for the most part they never add something but frustration to the reading experience. But besides that, this is the most effective yuri manga I've read., The two a tastefully written and an interesting storyline. Experiencing the blooming romance between those two and so looking forward to seeing where the author goes with them., One of the best yuri I've ever read. I highly recommend this book, This is a wonderful series so far. Beautiful artwork., If you're like me, you judge all yuri-style manga against Female friends, because that story was yuri perfection. And perfection is hard to capture, but that doesn't stop other stories from trying. Several fail, some succeed (currently enjoying Citrus myself), plus some are like Bloom into You.
Exactly what I mean is the tale, while having all the familiar high-school-girls-yuri story is better than, is different because of how Nakatani Nio presents us to just one of our main characters.

Yuu, the key character in this tale, loves the idea of romance often found in " shoujo" manga. The girl wants a guy to come in and confess to her in a way that makes her center jump into her neck. She's dreamed about it for years, but when someone does precisely what the girl wants she... feels absolutely nothing. No butterflies, no swooning, no blushing in the cheeks. And it also bothers the woman. She begins to wonder, as she enters high school, if something is wrong with her, if she actually is just not meant to feel love.
Now, the majority of us would think this is apparent. It's a yuri manga, so she's going to have feelings for a girl instead. Except that doesn't happen either.

Yuu ends up overhearing a guy asking out Nanami, the pretty student council member, but Nanami turns him down. Yuu is drawn to Nanami not because she actually is attracted to her, but as a result of reason Nanami gives for turning the guy down: she didn't feel something along with his confession. Thinking she actually is found a fellow " Maybe love just isn't very for me" person, Yuu begins to hold around Nanami.
Obviously you should really know what happens next: Nanami claims that she actually is falling for Yuu because of their shared " I don't feel love" deal, but this is where the storyplot gets weird.

Yuu doesn't return the feelings. In fact, Yuu actually gets a little bitter about the entire thing. She thinks is actually not fair. She ultimately found someone who stocks her struggles, who the girl can relate to, and suddenly Nanami turns around and eventually ends up, for shortage of an improved term, stabbing Yuu in the back.
This tension--Nanami claims she's not bothered that Yuu doesn't like the woman back, she just wants to be around Yuu--is a whole new rewrite on this typical yuri tale, thus i located it fascinating. Nanami does everything she can to be near Yuu, from asking her to assistance with Nanami's presidential political election, bringing her a gift back from her trip, and even stealing Yuu's first kiss (yes, Yuu uses 'stole' and while she claims she's not angry, she's not swooning over it by any means either). And yet, through all of this, Yuu feels nothing. Rather, she ponders why Nanami-senpai likes her so much. She decides that maybe, given time, she'll conclusion up returning Nanami's emotions, so she puts upwards with it.
The preview for the next book continues this odd, " I'm not in love with you but let's keep heading because maybe I'll change" style. I won't mess up it, but what Yuu suggests--and Nanami's reaction to it--is kind of darkish. Personally, I'm really enjoying this slight twist on this familiar story, so I'm looking forward to what happens next.

Bottom collection: If you're dreaming about something where the two heroins instantly fall into the other arms, or get all flustered around the other but don't confess for the first half of the story, this one might not be for you. Yes, Nanami plays her traditional roll, but Yuu is something different. Granted, there are tiny hints in the book that she's warming up to the idea without even realizing it, but right now she is not the other lady in the yuri tale. She is an outsider looking in, trying to figure out if this wounderful woman has a place here, or if she should just bail and go back again to reading her manga., Lots of fun love the art., basic as it gets in words of yuri manga, but the stunning art helps elevate it to a point that makes it worth checking out

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