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Released as part of the 2012 “Summer of Valiant” initiative, Bloodshot is the story of a man reconstructed into the ultimate soldier… a hybrid of man and machine; his blood replaced with microscopic machines that grant him increased strength and speed, a healing factor capable of handling the worst of injuries or altering his appearance, and the ability to network with and control other machines.

This trade starts with our hero seemingly on the recovery mission for the military into Afghanistan… except for the small fact that everything having been told about this mission is a rest. Not only that, but everything he believes about himself… also a rest. After a glimpse of the reality is revealed to Bloodshot, well, let’s just say his real employers are none too anxious to have him out of their control, and solve to bring him in pieces if need be. The ultimate soldier is about to become the ultimate quarry.

This is, by far, the most brutal books of the Valiant line. There is no fear here in showing the amount of violence that Bloodshot can withstand… something that truly sets this comic apart from others on the stands. The smoothness is a walking engine of damage, and Valiant is tugging no punches here. These people have done a professional job of mixing in characters, themes, and plot devices from the previous two incarnations of Bloodshot, but that is where the similarities end. As with all their comics, Valiant is playing the long game. Do not expect a tidy resolution to the story at the end of this tpb, rather, expect to get sucked into an ongoing story that will continue into the next pair of tpbs and expand into other Valiant comics, as well. Here’s slightly tip... do yourself a favor and pickup Valiant’s Harbinger series alongside Bloodshot. It will become clear in due time…, Bloodshot Vol. 1 Setting the World on Fire, this was the final TPB of the launch titles I read from VEI, when it was the one I was most focused on quality story-wise. Come to find out I should not have been concerned as it's really good.

Such as my other reviews, why don't do a little backstory. My first experience with bloodshot was the Rai #0 issue from Nov. 1992, however I didn't get to read it until the Rai TPB which reprinted it. Here we see an unnamed man on life support being released by way of a young boy from a facility that he has snuck into, this man awakes and kills his captors and escapes the facility. A unique, even though unoriginal beginning, however what did differ was this boy was a Geomancer, and this man called Bloodshot has tiny machines in the blood, nanomachines to be precise that can control computers, heal him or her and control his physiology to allow him to perform superhuman feats of talent and strength. Also in this issue you see that this man was a lynchpin to the Valiant universe from the time in the present to the year 4001. A few months later in Feb 1993, this puzzle man known as bloodshot would debut in the own self-titled book to great acclaim and prominence in the valiant universe and become one of the most recognized and favorite characters from the young comics company. He is also one of the few characters to come out of the Birthquake shake up of the original valiant run with the same writer and two of the best performers in the industry at the time, the only real problem with the book was the ending which was a cliffhanger, but which had a story that was quite convoluted with a nano-virus and nano-infants, the less said the better.

Today to the 2012 reboot of the character, we find Bloodshot in similar situation even as we formerly encoutered him being originally. Just this time no Geomancer, and this is no story about him being the lynchpin (as of yet) to the new world. This brings us back to the title of the review, this Bloodshot appears to be a man who does not know who he is and for valid reason as he's brain has been tampered with and reprogramed many times over, so it's no surprise he does not know who he is. One thing to note, that isn't the old Bloodshot, this one contains displays of violence a bit more graphic than the initial guide (which I am re-reading right now) which was quite graphic for their time as well. Nevertheless don't let that be a deterrant as this is actually a very well crafted story, which is quite the page turner as well.

The creative team of Duane Swierczynski the author with Manuel Garcia & Arturo Lozzi on art responsibilities make for a good blend of talent, while I am unfamiliar with their past work, they do an even more than functional job with the name moving the story along, crafting very graphic displays of violence and chaos, but not gratiously. Along with this new change in the title since Bloodshot himself gets seriously wounded (walking away from a crash) and getting photo up quite often and seeing the limits of his powers to re-constitute himself from even the most greivous injuries and that the nanites in the blood are different too, not the innoculous little machines that did their job in the original book, now they are an actual character and speak to him in various forms. The small helping cast comprises of two female characters one a EMT who is undoubtedly a war veteran (and excellent with a gun too) and the other a helpless girl controlled by the same forces that want to control Bloodshot (and shockingly has a past with him too). He actually has two parties out there for him that want to use him as a weapon or destroy him or her so no person can have him and are attached pretty heavy into the lore as well.

While not a cannot-put-down page turner like Harbinger Volume. 1, I did read it in two or three sessions. Bloodshot Volume. 1 is a very strong entry into the new Valiant Universe, and like Archer & Armstrong makes me want to see exactly what is coming next. While I will be missing some of the touches that Kevin Van Hook and Don Perlin did with the original run from 1993, and also will miss the relationships Bloodshot had in that guide (with Gilead, Ninjak, Neville and MI 6) it will be interesting to see where this guide goes and the forged of characters this Bloodshot will interact with. The new Bloodshot succeeds very well without those things and am beleive will work just as well on concept alone with a new story to back it up.

I give it four stars of out there five as another strong entry into the new VEI line and look forward to seeing where the creators go next with this man who is merely trying to physique out who he could be. Give it a shot, you will have a great trip. More to come, with X-O Manowar Vol. 2, Valiant Masters Bloodshot (reading now) and the just released Shadowman Vol. 1 (coming soon)., Duane Swierczynski did an excellent job writing several books over at Marvel, so I a new fair amount of confidence which he would do a good job on this guide, too. Now that We have finally sat down to read it, I can say that We are not disappointed. I think I'll enjoy this iteration of the character at least as much as the predecessor.

This version of Bloodshot has almost all of the same abilities/powers and the version created by Valiant back in the early '90's, but his one has some pretty severe mental issues. 1st and foremost of such is that he doesn't know who he is or which of his memories are real and which ones are fake. Audio a little familiar? well, if it worked for Wolverine, it's probably heading to work for other characters, too, right?

This Bloodshot is a secret surgical of the US government, but that is all about to change. How many times can one man's mind and body be shredded and put back together before he either goes insane or stops trusting anyone? You're about to find out!

With loads of action, good artwork and some decent story-telling, this book is off to a promising start!, Bloodshot is a fast action comedian that deals with lookout. Bloodshot was created as the ultimate warrior with special cells in his blood that permit him to heal from almost any twisted even being blown upward. The thing is the Project Increasing Spirit is using him or her and filling him with false memory to do their lick of work. When he finds out the truth, he will make them pay. This book ties in well with Harbinger. Valiant comics is developing a restricted universe. You can get in on the floor floor right now with this universe and you will come to recognize that Valiant is something special and a welcomed liberation from the same ole stuff from the big two (marvel and dc). Any Valiant book you see, just give it a go and it will not disappoint!

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