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We read the book many years ago but experienced a traumatic brain damage in the interim. Plus of course it is nothing can beat what I keep in mind and it seems to be written for the teen masses., Rereading this series after many years and I experienced forgotten how much We loved this installment. The writing flows smoothly, the story is engaging, and the penultimate battle scene is masterfully suspenseful!, Amazing I can say that sums it up. It start with the dark master dwarfs, elfs, druids, humans and other races. Comes to an end with dark lord defeated. Read on for more., In case you enjoyed The Blade of Shannara trilogy you will relish this prequel that fills in historical details for those of all of us who have become immersed in this world. We will most likely return to read more of Shannara, however, not straight away as the theme of epic struggle strategy between the living races and the next to invincible evil generally dead creatures of darkness is becoming temporarily tedious to me. I love this author's work and will be back., Hello Reviewer,
The 1996-3rd talking about the " Sword of Truth" series by Goodkind, excites our imaginations with a world of good vs evil in the dark age range; magic, love and truth. The well chosen readers of this CD book series varies his tone for the various characters and emotional tone adds a realistic dimension to the storyline. Unlike Kindle type devices which has a physical voice void of tone and emotion which flat-lines the story.
Furthermore I recommend these Compact disks be played on more current mp3 format devices. My 2006 car music system and some of my older CD player devices I tried using will NOT play mp3. We did purchased a convenient mp3 CD player product which works fine with these CD mp3 disks.
For those extended trips, listening to these CD book series maintains my mind engaged on those long travels.
Enjoy the series,
SacMac1, This specific guy can really rewrite a tale. I love sword and sorcery reports, and have read 'The Hobbit' and 'Lord of the Rings' many times over. In no way heard of Terry Goodkind before, but thought I had created give him a chance. I found myself getting really angry a few elements, because Terry pulled myself deeply into the action. We've all heard the word, " I couldn't place it down", but few books can say this. 'Wizard's First Rule' got myself started, and I'm midway through Book Four. We think there are at least eleven already released in this series, and I just heard of a twelfth. If you're like me, I re-read books because they all ending way too soon. Terry has startled me with his gift idea of imagination and eloquent prose... and it just keeps on going. The second book, Kindle Edition, is fraught with thousands of typos, which I find REALLY aggravating, but the others only have 3 to 5 per book... so far. My favorite new writer, who has no doubt been around for a long time, or extremely prolific, though I never heard of him before. Highly recommend you read 'Wizard's 1st Rule' on your own. Not a stream of consciousness author like Stephen King, who I absolutely detest and refuse to read., Terry Brooks continues a well balanced, thrilling adventure. That has well thought main characters as well as supporting characters., I like these books nevertheless they are getting increasingly more soap operatic the more I progress. We get it they love each other. Simply stop.

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