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I had been looking for an easy read and got heart pacing emotional roller coaster trip instead. The book was not pesto table at all. Loved the twist and turns of the storyline. Super intensive action! The fight scenes were ghastly, I found my personal responding to every word referred to like I was observing a horror movie... CHERISHED IT!! I suggest this publication for anyone who enjoys action along with good dialogue.

One recommendation, make the female a little stronger and display some more inner and external strengthen. Give her the opportunity to be a warrior women. I could see Joss with her background being a warrior asset with her hubby and family. Write another storyline for Joss and Nathan., where to start.... I am a very passionate reader and i also had Blood Destiny on my Kindle for almost 2 months. We read the reviews, was warned by many it was a dark book. Therefore I made sure not to start reading this book until I was absolutely certain I could read with poste quantity of interruptions. I was intrigued the way the book began, and got advisable of what the dark areas of the book was about in the first chapter. I was glad we were kept on Jocelyn POV, in the start so as she discovered more of what was happening me, the viewer did as well. Indeed this book is much darker than many I use read thru the years but throughout the darker their was LIGHT. Jocelyn proved to be as scared, tormented and confused as We felt thru the publication but thru the mechanics of the situations experienced I felt both of us came out better. The past years, in particular when a great deal fame came from " sparkling" vampires and the creation of these alpha males became fairly too soft. I truly do find the sense of this series and pretty much brought back the darker ghosts I grew up learning about as a young. And as I grew to hook up with the darkness of the goule culture I came to understand and love the predators these are. I think Ms DAWN has done the same thing with this series. I already purchased the second book but will take my time with this one, but We look forward to many many more intriguing stories to come. Also, the only real reason I did not give a 5 star was some points thru the book, only a few but their were a specific few were Jocelyn and Nathaniel POV seemed to collided in the same paragraph. which was a little confusing but only lasted into the next passage and I could sense who had been thinking what. It truly wasn't enough of a problem though to greatly appreciate this haunting story of LIGHT and DARK, I always rate books but rarely write a review but this is one of those exclusions. I have read all seven books in the series and cant wait for the eighth one to be released. The author is very imaginative and touches the readers imagination with her vivid descriptions of the characters and the environments. Her character development is incredible. The viewer will be able to imagine the figures looks, mannerisms and overall personality in a scene she describes. The characters connections are serious, funny, provocative, violent, sad, etc. We literally laughed and cried. I suggest this series for the paranormal adult romance lover., Wow new twist on Vamps! We absolutely loved it! I could not put it down! Tessa Dawn is one of my all time favorite authors! And I read probably 300+ plus textbooks a year! I remained up almost all evening and so i could finish it! Nathaniel is something hot, hot, hot! I laughed, I cried, I considered throwing the book, but did not.
Is actually so great! Good and Bad at it's best We can't wait for the next in the series!!!!!!
Did We mention I love Nathaniel!, New twist on an old legend. Filled with experience, love, passion, lust, pain and blood.
Author paints a very clear picture of folks and events in your mind.
The plot is well thought out and although there is the same recipe as in many other stories... the secret spice add can make it that much better., WOW!

Once i started the prologue, I had been beyond intrigued. I experienced to learn where this particular branch of Vampyr story, was going to take me. The 1st 3 chapters had my mind blown already. Had myself COMPLETELY grossed out & confused. Yet, I still could not look away. I didn't even realize I had been sucked in til the " sucking" was almost over.

This publication is AMAZING!

There is certainly so much going on here. There is certainly ALOT of set up. But exactly what occurs is interesting. There is certainly violence here, so please be warned. But it's not for brutality's sake. It all feels organic and natural and just flows within the storyline.

The set up, premise & plot, the why's of it all, is merely done superbly.
The romance with the main characters Nathaniel & Jocelyn I really loved. I love the dynamic with these two. And I just love Nathaniel period. *pants* They just jump off of the page for me. I felt what they were going through. We felt all of the characters in this way, to be honest. Actually the Villains. And let me just say..

*WTF?! * is wrong with them? They will have you out of your rocker with some of the things that goes on here. Even our " Heroes" will perform this to you in some instances.

It was all just a cluster of " I can't believe this sh*%" greatness. In addition to I can't believe We had not read this series yet.

Be Warned this is dark. It's Raw. It's Intense. But it is . Beautiful, Heart warming, Heartbreaking, Lustful, Erotic & Loving.
I feel running off to start publication 2 now. I think I might have found another Vamp series worthy of my attention. I only hope each journey within this series gets better & better for myself.

I might HIGHLY recommend this read. PLEASE read in order. There was a whole lot of character set up here that feels like it serves for a huge foundation for future textbooks. This does ending with an HEA, I loved this book. I know I have found a great book when We don't want it to ending and i also could have read this book eternally. Thankfully it is a series because I will be going on to book two. And although it is a series a possibility an irritating cliffhanger but rather each book focuses on the storyline of a strong yummy male and his mate. Love the storyline too.

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