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A really apt description of the region and problems. I have occupied several Mid East countries and was part of a U. S. authorities department that was providing food for the refugee camps, which did very little, due to the Palestine culture, infighting and corruption It is still hard to remember and describe the unbelievable conditions. I have friends on both sides and it is difficult to get either side to see through decades of culture, repeated stories and written history of atrocities, some true, some enhanced thru time. The hatred is so ingrained that it is almost impossible to change in any great numbers although does not mean any less of the actual good religious peacemaker has completed. My own feelings is that it was was somewhat tilted to the Palestinian side. I also have seen the holocaust loss of life camps and am am afraid that there will be no lasting solution in at least my time, This is a publication which fed my spirit. I was challenged by this man's deep, abiding accord with the living Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth. The particular story of the injustices that Chacour wonderful community suffered, challenge the presumptions that we Westerners have accepted as true for such a long time.

It is shocking that despite 2 Israeli Supreme Court decisions, and numerous inquiries, the villagers, who had lived there for centuries, have not recently been allowed to return to their village. Just yahoo " Biram, Israel", and you'll see the reason. The particular most recent reference is found in the paper: Hararetz:

Nevertheless, Elias Chacour harbors no bitterness, and lives and preaches the Sermon on the Mount., This is a book for all viewers thinking about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. This specific book gives the readers a Palestinian perspective of events that the , the burkha has largely ignored. Chacour guides the reader through his life from childhood to now and how he has fought the racism, violence, and hate by fighting for oneness and peace in a world that seems to have forgotten its that means. This book helped me think deeper into my own, personal ministry and how my system can affect the lives of others. Chacour has an ability in the writing to make you think outside your world bubble and into the life of someone different than you in every aspect, except in my case religion. This book is a spiritual and emotional journey inside of a place and a people that we only see on a map and the news. I actually would recommend this publication to a religious and nonreligious friends alike; in desires that they as well could come to experience the world and gain a new understanding of the Palestinian crisis through the eyes of Elias Chacour., I highly recommend the book, Bloodstream Brothers. Archbishop Chacour provides an insightful account of the struggle of the Palestinian people under the oppressive rule of the Zionists. He carefully differentiates between the Zionists and the Jewish people. I was shocked to read of the Zionists soldiers packing Palestinian men and boys into trucks and vanishing with them. It had been similar of the Nazis would you afflict this atrocity on the Jewish people. What about the killing field Chacour encountered as a young child. Did these Zionists learn nothing? As a Christian, I am bewildered at the Zionists determination to do to the Palestinian people what was done to them in the Holocaust. Their conduct has been quite shameful., I found this publication as a real eye operator. I have always known in my heart that the unrest in His home country of israel was a spiritual struggle. This book has explained this a lot better than any book I actually have ever read. I actually would highly recommend it to anyone with an open heart and are truly seeking the truth as God sees it., I love Chacour's do it yourself examination as he fights the opposition to his very existence. Humble glare that bring us right back to the ft . of the cross and and the example of the man from Galilee, love the. Lord you God with all of your heart and your neighbor as yourself. To be forgiven we must always first forgive..... Elias Chacour's example inspires me personally to search my coronary heart for what is required of me.... silence is not an option any longer. People today belonging to the cross must take a stand regardless of what the cost. Thank you Elias Chacour, I would wish to meet you someday in your loved one Galilee., After a recent visit to Israel, I actually was compelled to see and find out about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Elias Chacour is definitely an inspiration and his story is a fine example of the fight to put Christ's words into action. This is plainly written and I highly recommend it. We need to be more informed on this subject that directly affects so many people and indirectly affects our lives each day. I now have a far more clear understanding of the Palestinian people and their struggle. Good news mass media and politicians have done everyone involved an injustice., Exactly what a great story on how life activities can form and shape a person in different ways. Elias could have grown to be nasty towards his enemies but instead, he took to his father's peaceful mentality and eventually embodied Christianity's concept of loving one's foe. It truly shows us what sort of seemingly simple idea about love can change a person and a people's mentality forever. This is truly an inspiring publication that challenges us all to use our lives as samples of peace and love. It shows us that when we put Our god at the forefront of our lives, we have been capable of amazing things.

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