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Lucia had me from the beginning. I had to read this book! Why? Nicely, because it is unusual that we find Latino's in a prominent role in a book and represented in a positive manner.

Lucia attending the same school as the woman father's opponent in the Presidential race was an awesome spin. The guide itself honestly is more than just a romance book. The characters and tale are incredibly well developed and thought out. The author honestly shows her talent and strength. As a viewer you know when the author is writing simply to put words on a page and when the writer is actually passionate about the content of her book. Jennifer Lane is an author that writes what she is aware and delivers a perfect story.

We fall in love with the love-hate relationship that Lucia and Dane have going on. Well, not only Dane and Lucia but the Ramirez and Monroe group. We because the audience see how these two individuals come to words with the personal struggles while being star athletes in the sport they love, while with regards to the public eye.

Dane the Democrat and Lucia the Republican have one heck of a story and I want more!!!!!!

When I could give this book 10 stars I would. Constantly wait to get into more of Jennifer Lane's books. Bravo female you are an amazing author and I am a new fan.

Thank You for this beautiful story, Blocked is so much more than a typical college romance. These kinds of two co-eds not only have the pressure to be varsity volleyball players, could possibly be the offspring of president hopefuls---in opposing parties! The storyline isn't afraid to tackle hot button issues, and it does so in a way that truly respects both sides, not something we come across that often in politics any longer (or ever, really).

But the primary focus of Blocked is the unlikely romance. Typically the politics are woven to the narrative in a way that never counters, only adds to, the relationship's development. I fell in love with both of the leading lady and man. Lucia is so nice and endearing, completely relatable and huggable, and Dane at first seems like a typical college jock... but then we discover out he or she has a heart as soft as his person is hard.

Readers of new adult, sports romance, and good love stories will love this book., This can be a smart " new adult" romance. Smart, because I felt that it included bright kids who had to grapple with some of the usual challenges of growing up as well as some extra-tough ones, and they also navigated them well. Eating disorder, being new at college, the pressure of collegiate sports, frustration management, overbearing or insufficient parents, parents that are divorcing/having problems... and then on top of it, the primary characters here just happen to be the youngsters of the two leading president candidates, so they have Secret Service and mass media issues to deal with. Which made it extra interesting.

The story was well-paced, the characters looked realistic, and I liked/cared about them and wanted to see what happens. The book was well edited and I loved the storyplot overall. The only ding is that the author seemed at times to be trying to help young readers who might also be experiencing life challenges... it was didactic at times. But if it helps one kid.

I do believe I prefer romance about seniors, though. And disapprove on the author for the trick ending. No, I am not proceeding to choose the next guide just to determine the answer to that question. Nice try, though., This was a good book, but it was more about the politics than the couple. I used to be disappointed with how it turned out to be more of a whacking on political and spiritual view than about the love story between these two. It might have been so much better, but how they finally gathered was adorable. I provide about three stars because it does not run all over the place, the story is complete with plenty of research, but if being advertised as a sporting activities story, there needs to be more about the sports than the national politics., A nice " taboo" romance. What happens when 2 young people have thoughts for one another? It's not that bad, except these 2 are the children of the president election nominees. Can they fight their feelings for one another? Will the stress of being who they are cause problems for them and their volleyball enjoying careers? What will happen when their parents find out? This was a nice romance which could quite delve into the hardships to be the child of a presidential nominee. Attempting to balance their viewpoints and the struggles to be a student/athlete in university. Will their opposing thoughts make or break them? How do you exist with the special agents always lingering? Nice tale, well written characters and all wrapped up in a little cliffhanger

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