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Packed with regurgitated, self referential lingo. No meaningful discussion of technology or use instances. Not clear if the author understands the material himself or if he has copied it from elsewhere to make a quick buck (literally! ) off whoever buys this book. Amazon should want to guard their customers against such junk., This book is laughably bad. Confusion and disappointment turned to outright frivolity at how poorly this book was written. Every single page is filled with some incredibly pointless, uninformative trash or truism. Ask someone in the 6th quality to do a record on Blockchain and it would be better than this. The book reads something like this: " Blockchain is like, really good because I do believe it really does good things and is doing gooder things in the future because it can really useful and good. " If you can spare the amount of money, I would actually recommend purchasing this book just to miracle in its incoherence.

If you're going to try and turn a buck by hawking self-published books on Amazon (which I'm all for), please, please, please hire a copywriter for your next attempt.

Also, every reviewer has reviewed the exact same books? What are probabilities?, This book had the worst writing I have ever seen in a book. Every couple of web pages there would be a sentence that I experienced to stop and think what it was allowed to be because of misspelled, wrong or missing words. The author also made numerous claims with no supporting evidence, nearly all of which were evidently just his opinion. It’s not so much this book did not provide the knowledge of Blockchain, it confused the situation by mixing technical facts with author opinions, without sign of which was reality versus opinion., This book provides topics of the history of blockchain, the key concept related to blockchain, what problems can blockchain solve, advantages and disadvantages of blockchain technology and further mentioned about ethereum. It was a lttle bit substantial but comprehensive information that's easy to grasp for newbies. As a novice myself, this book was insightful and my learning curve for digital cash., This books does their best to break down the complicated notion of blockchain. Through the basic use of a bitcoin wallet to get a cup of espresso, to operating a bitcoin marketplace with hundreds of thousands of purchases, you'll get a understanding of it all. We loved it! I enjoyed which it went over the drawbacks and advantages of blockchain, listed who should and should not put it to use, as well as the listing of personal and business uses and advantages of it. General, this book is well written and simple to understand. I highly recommended., As someone who is novice to blockchain technology, We found this book on a seamless and very informative read, providing me with a foundation of knowledge on the technology's apps and potential across multiple industries. This is a very well thought out there and researched book on our future and what it holds for us all. May need multiple reads to fully digest the opportunities for those looking to play any role, but this is actually worth recommending!, This book has described everything about blockchain. This advance technology has delivered a great level towards internet business system and this book has described it flawlessly. The very first chapter has taken my interest because it describes about blockchain and other similar technology. But inside of this book lies very strong information on blockchain system. This hidden economy will bring very good opportunity for businessmen of this world. If you know how to manipulate blockchain and use of smart contracts you will surely get huge benefit from it. We think everyone interested in learning this system should buy this book. It will feed you with legit information., Easy, quick and informative reading. This is good to get introduced to the topic before you begin to jump into the technical details. It also contains proven steps and strategies on how to use blockchain to improve our digital business, not only on finance, in several other areas as well. If you know nothing about bitcoin, this book is definitely a great start. The Kindle version price is hard to beat.

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