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This book is VERY good for those without a computer technology background., Blockchain is a disrupting topic/protocol for individuals who like/love to study distributed systems. Blockchain exhibits an important potential to solve mass problems, offering reliability and security.
For all those willing to understand the inners of this protocol which relies upon P2P and cryptography techniques, this guide is extraordinary.
I have always appreciated the good writings and I can say that this book is one of my favorites. The writer exposes in a brilliant, effective and novel way a complex idea. I have being surprised by the way how this guide has been organized and its content presented.
This book is not only one of my favorites as a result of subject under study but also for the simplicity, creativeness and clarity about how precisely the ideas have been transmitted., This is an absolutely brilliant book in the middle of hype, marketing and some times misguided ocean of literature in this space! The quality of writing, exposition of concepts in relation to familiar ideas with illustrations from other focus on dispersed p2p computing is unparalleled. It is also great for understanding basics of software architecture and core concepts of the actual essential computing basis such as Byzantine Generals Problem for distributed consensus or cryptography of proof-of-work etc right behind blockchain. This book along with " The Technology of Blockchain" should be mandatory reading by anyone with serious intention of understanding the future of crossbreed distributed p2p technology., Ultimately a knowledgeable and well crafted book on the blockchain that bridges the gap between glossy marketing brochures and the often scarcely understandable discussion of technology insiders. Strongly suggested reading for everyone who wants to get beyond the buzz and understand the essential ideas, concepts and their implementation that make upward the blockchain., An excellent, extremely well-written and easy-to-follow primer on blockchain and distributed ledger technology. As others have stated, Drescher reduces through the hype and the " I can't describe it but I actually know it's going to be huge" rigmarole and presents a concise, clear, and cogent description and case for blockchain that covers all the facets and provides relatable illustrations and metaphors. Highly, highly recommended., Simple introduction to Blockchain. The author starts from general concepts and goes deeper an deeper to cover all the important conceptual building blocks of this incredible technology. Because he plainly declares the basic goal of each technical device, he helps you to always understand where the journey is leading to, and the broader implications of this technology. The structure and corporation of the chapters reflect and support this display style and it’s very effective to convey the right information in the right forms to help the reader to understand plainly this difficult subject.

Great job!, Very informative and explains thoroughly (at a high level) what is and exactly how the blockchain works. I like the framework of the book where every chapter it lies out a metaphor of the problem, what are we solving, what is the challenge, and how really does blockchain solve it. In case you are a novice or already have a grasp of the blockchain it will be a good book for you. Other books just go around in circle with buzzwords and what if.. without explaining how really does the blockchain solve it. Easy read!, This book is exceptional! I recommend it to anyone who desires to understand how the blockchain works or who needs to comprehend its opportunities as well as restrictions. The book shines due to the logical structure, its concise and well-written explanations and its helpful analogies/metaphors. While reading it I also appreciated the complete absence of name dropping, anecdotes and crazy speculations I have discovered in too many other books on this topic. If your goal is to well understand the blockchain, this can be the one book you should definitely read.

Detailed Evaluation:

The author explains the blockchain in a chapter of short and focused steps in such a way that the presentation is precise but also accessible to a audience. The reader is guided through the book via carefully chosen analogies from daily life, which I found very helpful to grasp and remember the specific subject of each step.

Initially (step 1-3) some relevant concepts concerning software systems generally speaking and distributed peer-to-peer systems in particular are covered. The blockchain is introduced as a way of guaranteeing integrity of such systems. This is followed (step 4-7) by a motivation why the blockchain is needed, e. g. for securely managing ownership in a distributed environment by a group of partly untrusted participants while keeping away from problems like double-spending.

The main part of the guide (step 8 to 21) covers the essential tasks which need to be carried out to realize the blockchain and describes how this can be done. The steps follow a common layout starting usually with an encouraging metaphor and closing with an outlook to the next step and a summary what has been covered in the current step (e. g. hashing, digital signatures, adding new transactions to the chain). Each step of the process explains its respective topic in such a way that the presented information is sufficient for a solid comprehension of the blockchain. In step 21 all puzzle items are finally brought together to paint the full picture of the blockchain also to describe how it can fulfill its goals with the mechanisms detailed in the preceding steps.

Equipped with this serious knowledge the reader can in the remaining steps 22-25 relatively easy follow the discussion of restrictions as well as current and future applications of the blockchain and also understand the final outlook on variants and further development of this technology.

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