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Excellent read, Dawkins very patiently guides the reader to a good understanding of how evolution via natural selection works. The Bio-Morph Property example will do a good job of explaining complex design through accumulation of small, gradual changes. Also i liked the chapter on option theories to natural selection, and the slow and methodical dismantling of them. All in all, a must read for anybody considering a better understanding of evolution via natural selection., Richard provides an in-depth study of evolution with an exclusive twisted in the direction of DNA and gene propagation. There is a ton of genetic information and the great technological thinker will do a great job presenting the ideas. This is not a particularly easy read and sometimes gets bogged down with the degree of proof presented to a place scientist. Overall, it is a great book by a great author that should be enjoyed by every evolution enthusiast., Back on 2006 I made a review for what I though to be an excellent book, I was in the middle (and remaining my reading idle). The particular computer developed biomorphs looked like a great visual sort of accumulation of small changes, in a non-designed manner but at the same time in a non-random way, natural selection at its best to be short.

However, as I was going to the ending of the book, I questioned a few arguments on the speciation (Chapter 9) Puncturing punctuationism, for example the rate that he mentions new species are being created at a similar rate some go to extinction nowadays. I desired to visit a very clear example, after all, it occurs slowly, but it will in conditions of aggregated mutations within a certain species that eventually have a different pool from its ancestor.

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Excellent book, June 28, 2007
By simply Xarold (Papua New Guinea) - See all my reviews
I am in the center of this book, but as always, things happen and I initiated other exciting books and left this one in idle, I will possibly finish it by the ending of July, the issue gets pretty deep, clarifies a lot of was was misunderstood from his first book: The Self-centered Gene. Therefore, for a full understanding, I have been tagging and underlining important stuff that corelates his gradualism statements with the evidence available.

I would recommend it., The Blind Watchmaker provides a very readable popular explanation of evolution by the gradual, constructive process of natural selection. Dawkins discusses the probabilities and time scales involved, and makes an important distinction between single-step selection and cumulative selection. He builds on this distinction to talk about how the theory of punctuated equilibria fits into Neo-Darwinism -- rather than laying outside it like the often confused theory of saltationism. Contained in the discussion are explanations why other source theories, Lamarckism, creationism, and so on., are necessarily incorrect.
Aspects of the book I found to be quite strong were the popular explanations of mathematical genetics, particularly Russ Lande's work on sexual selection, and the building of "animal space" to get across the notion of gradual, step-by-step change., This book is an extremely well-written exposition of the neo-Darwinian explanation for the origin and proliferation of life, by an eloquent - if not exactly humble - proponent of that viewpoint. Although I don't personally buy all of his reasoning, I respect his passionate motivation to pass on what he sincerely feels is the facts., This is a well written in depth book. It can be used as research for genetics inquiries. This is not for casual fireside reading. I got lost several times, having to reread in order to grasp signifence. Not for the faint hearted!, So far so good, this book really starts from scratch describing evolution and even how he's explaining. Breaks it down so only the most ignorant can refute. Somewhat feels like " preaching to the choir" if I can use that analogy here... anordna, The Blind Watchmaker is a fantastic read whether you believe in development delete word. Dr. Richard Dawkins made the theory of evolution understandable to me even though I am not a scientist and have merely a limited knowledge of what the theory actually is. I got out there of this book precisely what I was hoping to get, which is a greater understanding of what an evolutionist really feels, which can get skewed when hearing arguments from the other side. Each sides (evolutionists & creationists) like to insult the positions of the other without really understanding or even caring about what those arguments really are. Each sides take the other out of context and rather than engage in debate seek to question the credentials, sanity, and ethics of the other. Both sides are guilty of this behavior and both sides have done harm to their own arguments at the same time.

With regard to the evolutionist, this book is a wonderful resource because it lays out some complex topics in easy to comprehend detail. Yet , it does not prove something. It gives the typical "must have beens" and "it is likely that... inch and so forth that so frequently accompany these unprovable arguments. Rather than try to convince you that this theory is less solid than the technological community would like to admit, I would suggest that you read it with a healthy medication dosage of skepticism. Ask the question: If such and such happened... how did it happen? Isn't this what characterizes great scientists in any case? Dr. Dawkins offers ideas on how things might have happened and seems to believe that simply because he has proposed a scientific sounding hypothetical that the theory is proven. I would ask the reader to go deeper and seek the truth. Insist on proof. Blind acceptance is foolish and totally unscientific. At least, that is what the scientists tell us Christians, isn't it?

For the creationist, I would suggest looking over this book so that you have a bigger understanding of what the evolution arguments really are. So often we are arguing points that are not really being made by evolutionists, and we come off as being disingenuous, misquoting, and even lying about those things we claim the other side is saying. Presently there is plenty to be debated in the genuine arguments of evolutionists so let's try to teach ourselves on our adversaries. It will make our arguments stronger, and force them to defend their real positions rather than easy to knock down straw men. We should not be afraid of their scientific positions if we truly believe we are right. For me personally, I freely admit to bringing a religious tendency to the debate. Everyone brings their preconceptions with them everywhere they go. There is no such thing as complete objectivity. We ought not pretend to be objective (either side) because we are not. What we can do is be respectful and present arguments according to what is actually being said.

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