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I bought the Book because I like the Dark-colored Widow. I have read comics since i have was a kid, and Marvel has always been my go to company. While BW was never one of my top features, I did always enjoy the character.

Within this book, she is a secondary character behind two older teens named Alex and Ava. The publication extends back and forth between all the three as each chapter is told from one of these perspectives. The particular story is about Natasha trying to kill an individual from her past, and of course the key characters get intertwined as well.

While it was from the Black Widow book has not been mainly about Black Widow, it honestly wasn't a large deal early on. It still felt like a good spy story with shield and Avengers tie up ins. It started to fall apart about 50 percent way through, when the " young adult" part of the book kicked in. We get relationship, which I usually enjoy, and that we get some really off backstory on Natasha that tries to humanize that character. Now I know this publication giant considered cannon, or part of, the genuine marvel universe, but it still seemed very out there of place with this character. Without going into spoilers, Constantly really clarify why I didn't like it. But it just felt cheesy and seemed almost like they only did it to tie the 3 characters together.

The particular book wasn't bad, and I really enjoyed the first half of it. I loved every conversation Coulson had, and the cameo by a certain Avenger in early stages. But concluding the book was difficult. It was for sale for a dollar, I easily got that out of it Nevertheless I have no interest in reading the next publication., I had been very excited when I found out that author Margaret Stohl was tapped to write Black Widow Forever Red. I am a large fan of the series she writes with Kami Garcia, Beautiful Creatures. I was also just happy that Natasha Romanoff was finally getting her own story! I can only hope a Black Widow movie is as exciting as this book! It was a fun ride.

If you are a fan of The Avengers movies, you will know a little bit of the backstory of the Black Widow. Trained as a child by the KGB to be the ultimate killing machine, Natasha Romanoff is deadly, efficient, and alone. She has recently been raised to be completely self-reliant, with no family to tie her down. But all that changes when she rescues young Ava Orlova. Ava has been brutalized by the same KGB mastermind, Ivan The Strange, as Natasha. They have got had so many of the same experience that Ava feels Natasha could be like a large sister. Natasha saves Ava, but then disappears from the girl life.

What I cherished:
I think it was fascinating to find out about Natasha and how she operates in the T. H. I. E. T. D. organization. I enjoyed the technology and all the cool capabilities that Natasha has. I also enjoyed the layers of intrigue that are exposed in the storyplot. I feel being deliberately vague about some of this so as to not give anything away. But I will say there are a few impressive ways people go undercover in this book!

Another fun aspect of the story is when Tony Stark shows up! Every scene he is in is a pleasure. He could be such a fun character i couldn't wait around to see what Tony a2z does next.

What I didn't love:
Some of the premises of the book are based on the overall Large Bad project that Ivan the Strange makes being plausible, and it seriously isn't. Okay, yes, this is a superhero book, but I wish some of the technology would have been more realistic. Just because a character can access someone's memories really does not mean they would have the muscle memory to perform stunts that would take someone years to perfect. While it produces a fun fantasy (look, I could now do super-spy rugby! ), it takes us out of the action by how ridiculous it is.

Nevertheless, in reality, I did find this story to be a fun spy thriller. I enjoyed the format: each chapter begins with a transcript of a death investigation. You know by that, alone, someone is not going to make it out in existence. This increases the pressure throughout the book since the plot is revealed. Appear action, and mystery, you will love Black Widow Forever Red. But, check your sense of actuality at the door., The Wonder Universe has expanded into the YA book style with Margaret Stohl's " Black Widow: Forever Red. " The story does a masterful job of
delving into the mysterious history of our favorite assassin turned T. H. I. E. T. D. agent, Natasha Romanoff. After a mission to stop the
man who broke, trained and turned her into a weapon ends with a young girl preserved and the man apparently killed, Natasha finds their self inexplicably
connected to the young girl she rescued. However, because she was trained to be an agent and not an open person who makes personal relationships,
Black Widow vanishes from young Ava Orlova's life, leaving her in S. H. I. Electronic. L. D. custody. Years later, Ava is seeking to match in as a normal
teen in Brooklyn, but the girl experience and connections to her past leaves the girl unable to let people past her own barriers.

Soon however, life get's complicated for Ava. Children across Easter Europe have gone missing, and when Red Room technology is rumored to be
involved in the abductions, Black Widow concerns her old teacher and tormentor could have survived their last encounter, and Ava might be the only
one who can stop him. Reemerging into the teen's life, Black Widow and Ava must unravel the puzzle and the pasts that continue to be in the dark
from even themselves, and will finish upward discovering a bigger puzzle involving the dark-eyed teen boy who walks through Ava's dreams, sporting
an hourglass tattoo.

The mystery of this book's story makes it one of the most thrilling political YA novels I've ever read. The particular way this book blends the thriller,
Cold War-era political mystery and YA romance genres is brilliant, and achieving to find out about this bad ass and strong character Natasha
Romanoff makes it addicting to read. Obtaining a possiblity to peel back the layers of the Dark-colored Widow's history and combining it with the governmental
politics of S. H. I. Electronic. L. D. was a stellar storytelling technique, and fans of the Wonder universe will like the shock characters involved with
the story, and the intimate look at a brand new character like Ava Orlova. The novel is filled with a lot of action, relationship and a fast-paced
plot that will leave you craving more by the last web page. With a sequel in the works, Black Widow: Forever Red is a powerful first entry in Maggie
Stohl's Dark-colored Widow series, and Wonder has done an outstanding job of entering the world of storytelling through novels. Pick up your replicates today!

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