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Not long ago i just finished the Clear version read by Charlamagne Tha God and let me tell you, this is easily going to be one of THE BEST publications I have read, and I've read many. Self-help, or otherwise, this publication had so much valuable information about getting through life told from the man who at best I knew from seeing him on VH-1 and listening to the Breakfast Club. I actually never thought much of him in all honesty, not in a bad way.

Ok, obviously, I am not a Black man. I'm Mexican-American, middle-aged with a crowd of children and find myself at a point in life where I believe like everything is disintegrating. As I listened to this book, I sensed like I was sitting in an area and he was telling me what was wrong with me personally, how I got there, but most importantly that I actually had the power to get myself out and into an improved situation. I used to be driving on the freeway on my way home from work and his last chapter had me personally crying. The kind of cry you have when you thought you had run out of tears and where you feel it in the pit of your stomach. He put a new hope where I actually thought I had none.

Had been this book funny? HELL yes. I laughed so many times. I figured out a great deal about Charlamagne and his life activities and how he have to where he is today. Certainly one of the most crucial takeaways for me personally, there have been many, but what really stood out to me was when he mentioned finding your " However". This was powerful in my opinion. You need to read the book to determine what it is, but I actually promise you, it is life altering.

I'm doing what I've never done before with this book. I actually not only purchased the audible version, I just ordered the hardcover for home and the kindle version so it's on my phone at all times. There are many parts of this book I actually want to read over to cement into my mind.

Charlamagne, if you read your reviews, I actually hope you know that you have helped me personally in a very powerful way. I had already been praying for guidance and God in his knowledge lead me to purchase your book and it is one which will be prominently on my bookshelf, in my headphones and on my iPhone. Not only that, you have opened up another world of books I need to look up, ones you mentioned in your publication.

Thank you., This publication should be mandatory reading for virtually everyone, but ESPECIALLY teenagers today. I actually read a *ton* of self-help books. This one is both entertaining and practical. Whether or not you know anything about hip-hop culture or the radio business... it contains valuable life-lessons that we all can appreciate and apply. Thanks Charlamagne, I predict this book will change many lives., Would you like an autobiography where the author doesn't keep themself as high and mighty? Would you like one where they discuss the errors they made, and how they worked to be better in life? This specific is the book you want. There is 1 weird part in there very early on and I recommend you simply get through those few web pages because the whole thing is gold.

The advice here is great especially when you are young (I'm not). It's great if you're old. If you walk away from this book having learned absolutely nothing, you must have a perfect life and must be coaching people who have similar perfect lives.

CTG pulls no punches, not even when he is punching himself. He is critical about his mistakes, and not too braggy about his successes, most of which came through hard work and not taking the easy road AFTER screwing up or getting fired. Sure, he talks about times he got fired, even when it was his own fault, and a one point said that he was surprised that one job didn't fire him or her sooner.

Definitely a book to pick up, and it reads quickly., This was my first audio publication and I loved hearing Charlemagne read his own story! I think I actually will get more audio books in the future. He really gave some real tips. I know many may see him or her as rude and insensitive but I liked his perspective. It was really interesting hearing about how precisely men are so influenced by their environments. I honestly wonder the success he would’ve had if he’d continued on a straight and narrow path, Simply one of the best autobiographies I've ever read. It had been real, uncooked, unfiltered, profound, prophetic, fresh, and so many more things... I could not put it down. It can rare that we go through the inner world of others with such depth and clarity; thankful for the author for sharing his story. It's something in here for everyone no matter where you are at in your life. And the knowledge and reflection gained from his takeaways are precious metal., started off a little slow, but I really enjoyed the read, enjoyed some of the lessons, and just hope it gets to those who need to read it about a Black guy, kind of lost, parents who adored him, father who irrespective of his relationships with the overall family, he was one hell of a father. Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way., I actually ordered the Audible because I am to lazy to read, however; about to place an order for the hard cover to reread and study. Charlamagne is crazy love him or her and this book. The true kick in the butt I promise if you take the time to take in his story and method to his " success" you will be inspired amd enlightened. I have to say by far one of the best things I have came across and I was dying every other moment! Promise you worth every dollar!!, After all the reviews and talks about this book I needed to check it out for myself. I'm not a major reader AT ALL and I only know Charlamagne because I like a few of the Breakfast Club selection interviews. But I decided to give it a photo because I was really looking for some inspiration. I need to say this publication definitely motivated me. This individual ties his personal life in with motivational speaking which comes out brilliant. I am very impressed, good job! Now I'm looking through amazon for my next read.

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