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The writer did a great job of creating this book interesting to read. For me, it was an absolute page turner. The writing was as good as I could ever hope to read on a subject like this. It had been well researched and authoritative. I had expected a book filled up with information that I'd have to wade through. However, from page one I was attracted in and found personally enjoying the book so much that I wanted to find time so We could just have fun with this and finish. I was completely delighted that it was so easy to read. The writer just did a great job crafting the book around the lives of a few key players, and it has their history wind its way around those attached to them, so that the book ends with how they have fared in the course of time.

Yet it IS filled with information, especially about Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and just how he increased to be so important in ISIL, and also Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi. Another core character is King Abdullah II of Jordan, a leader I really admire in the fight against the extremists. This was fun to read and find out more about him. The stories of all these men are told in a way that is so very human, with their multi-dimensional personalities shown through little vignettes and stories of their activities, big and small, good, and horrendous.

I feel like I have a greater understanding of some of the key players, as well as the ideology and goals of this very dangerous team. I know a lot of individuals want to play a large blame game with the group, but really there is more than enough of that to go around, and the book doesn't shy away from it, but We felt like it was finally an extremely fair telling of where ISIL came from, and how they remain a threat today.

Tiny side note: I could not help but trip a little at a small bombshell about 3/4 of the way through the book, when it mentioned King Abdullah II talking with a gulf state counterpart that admitted agreeing with the ideology of the group and having funded them! This really made me question even more about those classified pages in the 911 Commission report. We just wish mcdougal got determined who that has been., Dark Flags follows Zarqawi from his initial imprisonment to terrorist in Jordan and Iraq, connections with Al-Qaeda. The last 3 rd of the book follows uprisings in Syria against al-Assad through the rise of the ISIS leader, Baghdadi. Written in brief chapters covering numerous events and characters, Warwick does a great job taking complex stories and making them easy to follow. It shows up that he covered all of the main events while providing background information. He or she reveals background of the main players from all edges, including terrorists, Middle Asian leaders, intelligence officers, military leaders, and others. Is actually the background info, and the details that make this book worthwhile. He delves into tactics employed by terrorists, and the counter techniques by the U. S. Military and the CIA. The actions of the doj are gruesome, and Warwick does not hold back. Unfortunately, I believe Warwick will be updating his book with many new editions to come., This is a really obviously noted account of the events that preceded and then led to the increase of Isis. It truly helps to see how little cohesion exists between various factions with separate daily activities. I will be much more aware of why the long-term solution to this problem is so complicated. We are not dealing with Iraqis, Syrians, Afghans, but a variety of tribal and sectarian groups not really representing any country of borders. The horrible accounts of thugs being able to rise and recruit around the globe is amazing while the moderate Muslim sets of Sunis, Shiites, Christians and others are not critical coherent to fight again in any organized way.
This is a obviously written hard to put down read that finally helped me understand our reluctance to join in to the mix. Any group we support is opposed by others and causes further animosity of the populations we don't support.
It is usually clear that Islamic is not a warring evil religion. The terror comes from a bastardizing of the Koran that even Muslims reject.

Walt, This was an extraordinary read. From the fine detail to the engagement of the writing, this is one book that everyone needs to read. The title is a little misleading though, because as it does account for the rise of ISIS, the first two books of the book are devoted to Al-Zarqawi, who in fact rose to found and lead ISIS. I would say that it can describe how ISIS rose to be in power, it should have been titled Al-Zarqawi and the rise of ISIS. I had always pondered how ISIS became so powerful and what directed to that to be able to happen, and the information in this book adequately explains all of that to you, from the prison that bred these people to detest America so much to the mistakes that Al-Zarqawi made that turned many Middle Easterners against him or her who were at first sympathizers. This is a fantastic book and absolutely essential read for anyone wanting to know very well what the make up of the center East and Korea especially are like., We really wish everyone would read this book. This reads like a novel, but sadly recounts the rise of a cult created from your brain of a poorly educated and at first a mostly non religious man who used Islam to create the excuses for self aggrandizing power. It then stories the rise and current existence of the well educated, and very spiritual man who also turned Islam to justify an extremely warped, sick ideology. The mistakes we and other governments made and how they impacted this horrible cult of ISIS will simply make you shake your head. Islam is NOT the culprit... greed, energy and ignorance along with fear are the fodder for this virus.

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