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I actually didn't read this edition; slightly paperback version arrived in my experience. I read it long ago and read it again recently. This book had an incredible impact on me. Over the years people have come to criticize mcdougal, John Neidhardt. The book ends fairly abruptly not long after Wounded Knee and then there is an account of Black Elk's prayer on Harney Peak when he or she was an old man and he asked to make his people live again kind of tacked on the end. Many seem to feel Neidhardt was exploiting Black Elk to get a book out of him. I actually don't claim to be a specialist on Black Elk which subject, but from what I know I do not agree with the totally cynical assessment. Black Elk had been off of the booking in the Buffalo Expenses Show and given his encounters he was scarcely naive or ignorant. Dark Elk's son Ben was in the Carlyle school so he would have known if the book would not reflect his father's vision and words and life. The book was also rather than an instant bestseller. Neidhardt promoted this book and Black Elk's vision tirelessly until the ending of his life and i also truly believe it was because he saw the incredible spiritual nature of Black Elk, his life, and visions. And his "great vision" as a youngster can only be described as cataclysmic and psychedelic. When the spirits want you to see something you will see it and no drugs are necessary.

Neidhardt left out there the ensuing years on Pine Ridge Reservation and Black Elk's acceptance of Catholicism to frame a lost way of life, the sadness and injustice of it, and the greatness and seeming inevitability of Black Elk's vision. I believe any poetic license taken was in service of bringing forth a greater truth. The book has not been meant to be a biography or background of the Lakota, but for preserve Black Elk's vision and so the objective of the book was accomplished. Those who want to pick at the book miss the greater impact of Black Elk's life and vision. As this was not Neidhardt's culture he probably also didn't totally understand neither was he able to clarify some things, but again, are we absent the greater truth of the book by concentrating on imperfections? Read this book with an open coronary heart and you will not be dissatisfied.

Some feel Black Elk became a Catholic as a way of continuous to teach the Lakota way along with the Christian faith to preserve the Lakota culture. I actually believe he was intelligent and had such a great spirit he saw can blend both faiths and make a bridge for the future. Nor was he intimidated to the Christian faith. His daughter said his acceptance of the Catholic faith was true and not a scam to keep teaching the Lakota ways surreptitiously. Right after reading this book, if Black Elk interests you there are books available on the later fifty percent of his life. Dark Elk lived until 1950. You may also be interested in  The Sacred Pipe: Black Elk's Account of the 7 Rites of the Oglala Sioux (The Civilization of the American Indian Series) .

If you would like a somewhat different perspective or style of writing you might take a look at  Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions (Enriched Classics) . Lame Deer felt Black Elk Speaks missed the mark in some ways so he enlisted the assistance of Richard Erdoes to write his own book as Lame Deer did not speak much English. I actually enjoyed reading Lame Deer, Seeker of Visions as there is humor and compassion toward bushed his account of his life and that of his people., Awesome Book! That is a very spiritual, fascinating, yet sad story because we continue to repeat our mistakes. Black Elk directed a fantastic life and you feel like you are there, dwelling the stories as he informs them. Our history only teaches one side of the story. If you would like to know a little about the other side, check out this book., The very strong and beautiful book. The tale by 'Black Elk' is very poetic.
You are feeling the strength of a people living in total harmony with
character, with universe.
The drawings by " Crazy horse" great and tells it's own story.
A lot to learn for us who live in a too material and rushed life., Dark Elk was born and lived when Natives were free, not on bookings. That is why his words were captured and printed back again in the 1930s when he was an old man, his reembrances of liberty. I still do not know if he or she was naturally eloquent or if the translator is in charge of this tome. The two of them together made an excellent team -- putting an era into words I can understand., I actually read this in school for my religious studies class. It is very moving and incredible., Outstanding; wisdom everyone can learn from; also, a tragedy we have known little of;, Well written. Keeps your attention. Fascinating and true story written by a man who was getting a first hand account of an historic event that he actually lived through. Priceless history from the American Indian position., This has been 50 years since I first read this book. In the interim I have always thought of this a life- changing document.

The notes which have been extra to this text are highly informative and often sobering. They put Neihard's enthusiastic and somewhat idealized portrait of Black Elk in a more " accurate" context.

I may know that this rereading has changed my life. However, I will be deeply grateful to this edition for bringing me closer to the tragedy and the enigma of my Indian brothers and sisters.

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