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I will be a Holocaust survivor and read voraciously on the subject.
This book absolutely requires a strong background on the history, because Snyder's analysis, while interesting, at times requires some flights of fancy and rejects the more widespread and accepted hypotheses of the " Ultimate Solution. " If this is a first specific read on the Shoah, it might be a poor choice indeed. But for informed visitors, Snyder makes some very interesting points and observations which is often profitably filtered through more conventional interpretations. A single of his major strings is that the destruction of nation states by both the Nazis and the Soviet Union, such as Poland, Latvia and Estonia---anti-Semitic as they actually were--deprived the Jews of any protection made available from even the minimal formerly existing laws, And thus, in stateless, and lawless societies, the route to mass murder was paved. Definitely not a basic text, but worth reading and thinking about., This is such a thoughtful and important examination of the Holocaust, and finally a work that bridges what too often seems a distant (both temporally and geographically) event with the present.

Two important themes run through this book. First, that most victims of the Holocaust had already recently been murdered, over open starts by " ordinary men, " before Auschwitz commenced systematically gassing Jews:

" Auschwitz has also end up being the standard shorthand of the Holocaust because, when dealt with in a certain mythological and reductive way, it appears to separate the bulk murder of Jews from human choices and actions.... When the holocaust of Jews is limited to an exceptional place and dealt with as the result of impersonal procedures, then we need not confront the fact that individuals not very distinctive from us murdered other people not too different from us at close sectors. "

And second, that the integrity of a state--whether it had recently been occupied by the Nazis or doubly occupied, first by the Soviets and then by the Nazis, and in the process essentially rendered a non-state--was closely linked to your survival:

" The chance that Jews would be sent to their deaths depended upon the sturdiness of institutions of state sovereignty and the continuity of prewar citizenship. These structures created the matrix within which individual choices were made, the constraints upon those who did evil, and the probabilities for those who wished to do good. "

Snyder's previous book " Bloodlands" has much to say about the first theme; it is the second that has made me think about the Holocaust from a new perspective and is an idea that means it is both necessary and possible to gauge our future with an appropriate dose of caution., Fascinating, country-by-country look at the Holocaust, starting with Hitler's own writings and displaying the range of reactions by people throughout Europe., I usually don't like these kinds of history books but it held my attention. Lots of facts We was unacquainted with and We enjoyed the writer's way of getting us laypeople to understand history better. Really gives a broad perspective of world ideas and how easily people are deceived by personal leaders. Heads up for America!!!!!!!!!!!!, Brilliant and Frightening!, Painful, but necessary read. Very thoughtfully and pleasantly composed. Brilliant, haunting, important work. Undid many of my misconceptions of the Holocaust. I am pleased to the writer., Very good in explaining the methodology behind the " perfect storm" of the holocaust. Between the Soviets and the nazis, the jews were doomed., Well researched and written.

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