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Recently I have been pondering about installing a back-up generator for my house. I actually already own  Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Wiring, 5th Version, with DVD: Current with 2011-2013 Electrical Codes (Black & Decker Complete Guide)   and really liked the clear instructions and pictures that it included. So, when I saw that this book description listed that "projects include... installing an automated standby power system" as part of the book, Choice to choose it up.

Well, for "installing an automated standby power system" this book informs you to have it professionally installed. There are instructions to install a manual transfer switch and advice about sizing a generator, but that scarcely qualifies as "installing an automated standby power system".

That misleading part apart, this book is set out in a clear fashion and provides some good information, but it contains very little which is not already in the B&D Full Guide to Wiring also it contains far fewer projects and less information then that book. (Advanced Residence Wiring is 127 web pages and Complete Home Wiring is 351 pages and includes a DVD. ) Within fact the only thing that I could see in Advanced Home Wiring that isn't in Complete Guide to Wiring is a section on utilizing a multimeter to trouble shoot. (Taking a voltage reading, taking a current reading, checking continuity, finding/fixing and open neutral, finding/fixing a quick. )

In the end, I recommend using the Complete Guide to Wiring as opposed to Advanced Residence Wiring, it costs a little more (. 29 vs . 43 at this time) but contains far more content., This book seems geared towards those doing new construction or undergoing a remodel who already have a fundamental understanding of electrical wiring. For those who do not meet this criteria, the other B&D book ( Black & Decker The Full Guide to Wiring, sixth Edition, with DVD: Current with 2011-2013 Electrical Rules (Black & Decker Full Guide) ), is likely to be the choice - see my review there for more details why.

The reason why this book is more for those doing new construction is due to a number of assumptions about unencumbered set up, eg. Little mention of pulling cables through existing runs, and a lot diagrams demonstrating how to setup against buttons before drywall is hung.

I bought this book to diagnose a wiring fault in a newly released house purchase. It fulfilled this task very well: The diagrams on the likely layout of existing circuits proved incredibly useful and showed that I a) needed to create my own wiring maps with this house and b) from the showed where the existing wiring layout was flawed. That definitely saved more than 10 bucks if I'd have brought in an electrician...

I bought this for Kindle and I believe this worked well better than the printed book due to the usual portability considerations as well since the ability to zoom into the diagrams by clicking on them. The color device obviously works best.

Hope this helps, I was amazed by this whole line of books. I have bought quite a few due to this. I have done quite somewhat of general woodworking but haven't worked in the field for quite a few years because of a career change. Looking to get back again into it, Choice to try some books to sharpen back up before getting back to it. I actually was honestly looking to be disappointed due to the tools of theirs that I used, but was very happy with the strait forward and knowledgeable nature of these textbooks. Well done., I purchased this book to learn more about electrical wiring. And a whole lot of respects, it was very helpful. But I actually was particularly thinking about current NEC code for conduit runs. But conduit set up information was very little. Hence, the 4-star score as opposed to a 5-star score. But it's still a good book with helpful illustrations for a DIY., This book was crucial in learning getting my house wired and ready to live in. It went from being all Greek to having the ability to wire just about any situation., I came across the information in this book to be pretty ineffective. There are almost no detail pictures, mostly some before and after but no how-to kind of details. The words pretty much are the same: what direction to go but practically nothing about how or even much about why. I have the Kindle version so it's hard to beat printing in this regard but the book is excessively empty space. Many textbooks are difficult to read on a Kindle because will be certainly so much more on a print page than you can show on the Kindle. It's rare that the Kindle pages have so much empty on so many of the pages.

If it had a lot of popup ads then it would be very much like some of those *how* kind of sites that you get in Internet searches that inform you how to build a plane in a page: put the engine in the frame. Attach the wings. Install controls. Install seats. Fly... That's as to what I actually got out of this book.

Honestly, doing electrical work is too dangerous if you don't know what most likely doing and this book, i believe, will never make you knowledgeable enough to do it safely. In case you're dependent on this book, or if this book is the sum of your knowledge, call an electrician., I'm quite a long time consumer electronics tech by trade but have little experience with home electrical circuits. I actually wanted to learn more about power generator transfer switches and it was mentioned available, so I took the dive. The book does a good job at detailing the circuitry and set up process for the unskilled. The price was affordable and it's a good reference. However, Black & Decker also publishes " The Complete Guide to Wiring" which is more comprehensive and covers the same issue. I came across this guide a few days later and decided to pick it up, also at Amazon. Reasonable price and I actually like reference material. That is when I found it had essentially the same information, including same photos. " Advanced Home Wiring" is an excellent book, but in my thoughts and opinions you only need " The Complete Guide to Wiring".

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