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We have known of Richard Wright for a long time. I partially read " Native Son" between my teens but I never read any of his other works. I was brought to this book via another book: " Kafir Boy in America" by Mark Mathabane. In that book he describes how Richard Wright's " Dark Boy" had a serious affect on him; hence I decided to read " Black Boy".

" Black Boy" is an autobiography and I think that that is why We found it so powerful. Just to read, first-person, how it was to mature as a Dark male in the Southern during the 10's and 20's is riveting. I know, academically and cognitively that slavery existed as did the Jim Crow era--but to read first hand balances of the physical, mental, economical, social and mental torment that many Blacks faced--that's another thing entirely.

Richard Wright writes openly about his family life wonderful extra-family life in Mississippi. He faced daily abuses from both, his near-fanatically religious family as well as the White wines he had to operate for. But more than the physical and verbal violations that Richard detailed, I discovered myself as much irritated by the transformation this individual had to make whenever confronting White people. He was not allowed to be a man and therefore work like one, he was always expected to be a boy. Even the job titles were " cleaning boy", " elevator boy", or perhaps simply " young man for... " when they were hiring adults with families. Just like a method acting professional, he would have to transmogrify into a slipped shouldered, downcast, foot-shuffling, talk deficient " boy". He could not stand upwards straight like a man, or look another in the eyes, or talk like a man, or even display any emotions beyond stupid gaiety, worry, or humility.

I discovered out there quickly that Richard was not constructed for that place or that era--that's why he journeyed Northern. Whereas other Black people could seamlessly and automatically switch on the " Dark Boy" act and compartmentalize that part of their life; Richard found themself hard pressed to do so--which was a problem because his life depended on it.

I was enthralled by the publication. This specific copy has the addition of his life in Chicago which used to be printed as a separate book. Portion two of this published release works with Richard as an adult in Chicago and being a part of the Communist Party. Although not as compelling, it was a fascinating read into how the Communist Party could be so appealing to Blacks at that time. This book is a real page turner and a must read for an actual historical reference to a darkish era in American history., Richard Wright’s Black Young man was a very powerfulk memoir, and for its time revolutionary. The tale of a young dark boy striving to stay in a white world touched chords too taboo to strum. Recently there has been an influx of books being written in the genre of memoir, many of these bad. This has prompted many people to reevaluate the guidelines that define a memoir.

Firstly people who write a memoir about their own life should have done something important, or witnessed something most have not. In Neil Genzlinger’s well thought article on nytimes. com he states “There was a time when you had to earn the justification to draft a memoir, by accomplishing something remarkable or having an extremely unusual experience being such a brilliant writer that you could turn a relatively ordinary occurrence into a snapshot of a broader historical movement. ” Black Boy fits this description well over Richard’s life he hasn't witnessed anything particularly huge for his time, but today these stories of ethnicity violence, and prejudice noise foreign to most people.

Another important element of a good memoir is the author doesn't use the memoir for personal profit. A memoir should move on the things that the creator learned to you. In case the author throws themself a pity party and also the only goal of the book in the writer's mind is to make profit it should not be considered a memoir and at the very best a bad one. Once again from Neil Genzlinger article “ No one desires to relive your misery. Say you get caught under a rock and have to cut off your own arm to escape. If, as youre using your remaining palm to write a memoir about the experience, your only purpose is doing so is to make readers feel the cutting tool and scream in pain you should stop. You're a sadist not a memoirist. ” Richard Wright’s story is completely compliant for these rules of any memoir. During the book you really feel bad for Richard after one after another unlucky things happen to him or her. You don't pity him or her. There is no extreme exaggeration of bad events that would make the readers feel pitty.

The 3 rd and possibly essential part00 of a memoirs classification and level of skill is whether the book was exaggerated. Although admittedly when writing a memoir it can be difficult to remember the conversations and exact descriptions of an event. Although sometimes where the story can be changed slightly to set a certain idea in to the spot light, although this enters a grey area of overal. It is vital that a memoir is near the truth, almost crucial, as a memoir is the story of someone’s life. If too much is changed the writing becomes fiction. Wright’s publication may be guilty to exaggeration in some places were some events are extremely hard to believe, and it can be assumed that we were holding changed slightly or beefed up to exaggerate something in his mind at the time.

All in all Dark Boy is a fantastic memoir, I personally loved the book a whole lot and indicate the publication to everyone. It provides an interesting story, and a lot to learn.

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