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During WWII Durrell served as a press attache to the British Embassy. Following a life spent in various locales, he moved to Cypress as a private individual, settling in the Greek village of Bellapaix. He wrote this memoir as a tribute to the Cypriot peasantry and the island landscape.

Durrell got to know the people of the island by working in many different jobs, eventually providing as an official of the Cyprus government the last two years this individual was there. The home he chose to make livable was a part of the ruined monastery of Bellapaix, a Gothic remnant "with huge created doors designed for some neglected race of giants and their oxen. "

This specific is the 3 rd in a trilogy of island books, earlier ones about Corfu and Rhodes. Inside this last one, Durrell set out to describe the moods and atmospheres on Cyprus during the unfolding of the tragedy (1953-6) when English and Greek governments brought armed service forces to Cypress to guard the domination of the island. In a composition to Cypress Durrell published, "In an island of bitter lemons, where moon's cool fevers burn... Elegance, darkness, vehemence... and the Greek sea's curly mind keep its calms like tears unshed. ", I'm a great fan of Durrell, which book satisfies my highest expectations. A new story of so what happened to the people and culture of Cyprus (what great human hearts these people had! ) in the mid-1950's, with powerful, caring analysis that sheds light on the specific situation in Syria, Iran, Greece, etc., today,..... our attention is especially drawn to what was short of Cyprus that the Cypriots' minds supplied by idealizing others (the Greeks)..... along with the impact of ancient Byzantium -- an influence Western heads apparently can't wrap on their own around. Thanks to Amazon . com in making this book easily available., Interesting encounters and fascinating information on the events and attitudes that led up to the divided Cyprus we have today.
This island is VERY popular with vacationers from all over Great britain and Europe and we would love to visit one day., Having lived in Cyprus during this same time period, albeit a lot younger than Lawrence, I found this book very reminiscent to my own recollections and personal stories from mother and father. Durrell always writes wonderful writing and poignant literature. I actually love everything he has written, particularly the Alexandria Quartet and Esprit de Corps/Stiff Upper lip area. He writes humor equally well as pathos., I read this book about three years back before moving to Cyprus. I acquired it for my husband's birthday this June, and he liked his first read of Bitter Lemons. I have just finished rereading it and found it much more interesting reading the descriptions of places I understand well, especially Bellapais. I actually wonder who owns the house now?

An excellent story setting the landscape for the troubles of the 1950s that is even more poignant right now since the new memorial stones in the British Cemetery in Kyrenia list all the armed service personnel killed in those troubles. Many of their relatives attended the unveiling service last November yr. Most of the soldiers, air personnel, sailors and police were under 25 when they died. Lawrence Durrell's book just shows how (in my humble opinion) unnecessary everything was.

Cyprus remains a beautiful place. We have lemons in our garden. The particular Tree of Idleness still stands. All we need now is a sequel., It's been a long time since publication, but the book keeps Durrell's fantastic prose and very sensitive and sensible analysis of historic facts. Of course you can argue about politically correct approach to colonialism, " natives" naiveté, unstoppable steps of background of the XXth. century. But still is a pleasure to read., This specific beautifully written book slowly evolves from a enchanting description of life on timeless Cyprus to a tense story dealing with growing tensions as Cypriots fight for their self-determination and Durrell was right in the middle of it, working in PR for the government, but with very mixed thoughts. He appreciates both attributes of the question and contains friends in both camps. I initially got this book because I had spent some time on Crete and wanted to recapture the feeling of being on this kind of island -- I got that beautifully in the first half the book. Then the historical background of Cyprus in the 50's was fascinating. It's almost like 2 books in a single., This specific is a great book with a giant of books. A really different book from his others, describing several years he spent in Cyprus at the beginning of the independence movement. Additionally, it shows plainly the amateurism of the British Empire as it wound down. Far from being a well oiled machine, it was quite disorganized and lacking coherent way. Additionally it is a sympathetic portrait of Cypriots and given the recent financial issues, a helpful background. I first check out this some years back, but rereading it offered me new insights into a country I have visited frequently. All of this is in his stylish and gentle writing.

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