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A few years ago I tried to learn what I could about bitcoins using Search engines searches. The more I read online about bitcoins at the time the more confusing the subject received for me. It had been also around this same time that Apple removed all Bitcoin Wallet programs from their application store. Between the confusing information I was finding online, Apple dropping all Bitcoin Wallet programs (Bitcoin wallet programs have since returned to the application store) and several negative stores about bitcoin in the news at the time I decided Bitcoin was not something I needed to put ever again time into let alone my hard earned cash.

Fast forward a few years and I choose to do some more research on bitcoins. Being a big Amazon online Prime fan now and a big fan of the “for Dummies” books I go to Amazon to see what I can find. Much to my surprise I get the publication “Bitcoin For Dummies first Edition” and it was recently published! I down load the free sample and minutes later I purchase the kindle version of the book.

What a attention opener Bitcoin For Idiot's has been for myself. If you are like me and feel that you don’t really have a good understanding about how bitcoins work or even what they are then I recommend you read this book from cover to cover. The book really does a excellent job of touching on all things bitcoin. I believed at first this book maybe just one single sided and only put an optimistic spin on bitcoins, but it does not. The book discusses the good and the bad. It talks about bitcoins history along with how things have changed and how to currently protect your bitcoins.

After reading this book from cover to hide I feel that I have a really good and solid understand of just what bitcoins are and how they work. Nicely reading the book I opened up one or two Bitcoin Wallet accounts (CoinBase & blockchain) along with purchasing a KeepKey hard budget. Along with my new found knowledge of bitcoins I have had the assurance to buy my first bitcoins!

This book has eliminated up so many misunderstanding I had about bitcoins and am can’t say enough good stuff about it, highly recommend!

I will now leave you with a quote from the publication the other so that you can think about...

" No one is saying you need to set your full trust in bitcoin from the start, as there is a lot of information to sift through. But if you are willing to keep an open mind to what bitcoin stands for and the point it is trying to get across, you can make a weighted decision on whether to put your trust in digital currencies. ", You expect this guide will teach you to mine bitcoin, its about 3 hours of reading this short booklet for it to only tell you to not even try to mine bitcoin. The advisement in this guide is not even half as in depth as info available on Bitcoin official website, with almost all of the book simply stating to buy on coin base, or join impair mining services, a disappointing book., very well thought out presentation.. made it easy to understand for this " Dummy"!, Love this book: ), A new bit disappointed. Instead of giving the information, it put in many internet links to wikipedia if you wish more in depth info. When I obtain a publication, I would like to see the information in the book not references to the internet. No information on how hardware wallets work. The amazon kindle version is missing almost all of the graphics. Not written with the light humor that the " dummies" textbooks are written in that make the dummies publication more engaging and easy to read. The information is solid however, many sections replicate themselves in the book like the sections on the fifty-one % vulnerability. The publication goes very light on some subjects and deep into some like code and mining that " dummies" don't care about. I would have loved to see more advice on how to manage wallets. More practical knowledge for end users., This publication has 14 chapters; only the first 2 were worth reading. For those who have VIRTUALLY ANY kind a technical background and you were hoping for some insightful guidance, overlook about it. I use got good encounters with Home windows and macOS For Dummies textbooks, but this book IN NO WAY meets those standards. This guide simultaneously promotes conflicting and ambiguous points of view -- it's crystal clear that this author hasn't the vaguest notion of what bitcoin is about besides being an avid fanboy for a few years. The most helpful part of the publication are the web addresses, which anyone could " mine" [pun intended] themselves in just 30 minutes on the web. Honestly, I could only get through the first 7 chapters, by which time I found myself shaking my head at this poor confused author. I now fully understand why he used the pseudonym Prypto -- if I had written what isn't very much more than a Sunday newspaper capsule of the subject, I more than likely want any peer-to-peer [pun intended] blowback heading my way. I would strongly advise taking a look at other sources, including Narayanan's excellent book., I thought that this book would have at least A few of the how-to knowledge that I was looking for: how to mine, joining a pool, understanding hardware, calculating break-even, how to trade for cash, etc. Honestly, this didn't teach something more than I could have gotten on a random CNBC article. Typically the rest of the publication could pretty much be titled " neat philosophical and historical minutae about bitcoin. ", If Bitcoin is the solution can someone please show me the question? You certainly aren't going to get that kind of clarity from this publication. Right out of the chute the book really does a horrible job on defining Bitcoin and unique it from more traditional methods of payment. Frankly, after reading part 1 (Bitcoin Basics) I couldn't inform you the definition of Bitcoin. The only other possibly interesting part of the book is the chapters about blockchain but the book fails here, too.

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