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This book is one of a very few that offer a clear and balanced intro to what crytocurrencies are, how they originated, and what the near future might keep. This is not an e book about bitcoin or the foreign exchange markets in cryto, it is just a book about the collection of technologies that make up what we now call " the blockchain" and how and why value can be stored and transferred securely and publicly on these chains.

It does not address Ethereum or programmable blockchains in any real way, but it will give you deep foundational understanding about how such anything can possibly exist. If you care about where networked computational systems will be going in another 25 years start here., Exellent book if you're looking to get the fundamental knowledge of Cryptocurency and blockchain technology. These people even have projects that you can download online to get some coding experience. Highly recommended, Great intro to the bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. I actually would like to stress that the material included in this book is the very same material of the homonymous course in Coursera., Very helpful and easy to understand., Excellent book. Lucid and comprehensive., Well written introduction to the ideas and technology behind cryptocurrencies., Bitcoin is a subject that evokes a sort of whodunit to many people. Created by a global man of secret named Satoshi Nakamoto, it leads many to think this is a process that results in a Steve Grisham novel. Many even think Bitcoin is a government conspiracy. But not one of that could be further from the reality.

As in introduction, Bitcoin is a digital money and payment system created by a person known as Satoshi Nakamoto. It was sent out as a proof of concept in 08 and the open source code was released the following year. It uses a peer-to-peer system for purchases without the need any intermediate servers. The force behind Bitcoin is its ledger system, which is done using a blockchain. Even more about that later.

Inside Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technology: A Comprehensive Introduction, authors and noted Bitcoin experts Arvind Narayanan, Joseph Bonneau, Edward Felten, Andrew Callier and Steven Goldfeder have written a highly technological resource that is perhaps the best Bitcoin research in print up to now.

Bitcoin is gaining serious momentum, but it is still not at a point where it is a ubiquitous payment system. Case in point that the book can be obtained on eBay, Walmart, Amazon, publisher’s site and more. But not of them will accept Bitcoin as a transaction method.
Inside the following 11 chapters, the authors cover every core aspect of Bitcoin:

1. Introduction to Cryptography and Cryptocurrencies
2 . not How Bitcoin Achieves Decentralization
3. Mechanics of Bitcoin
4. How to Store and Use Bitcoins
5. Bitcoin Mining
6. Bitcoin and Anonymity
7. Community, Politics, and Regulation
8. Alternative Mining Questions
9. Bitcoin as a Platform
10. Altcoins and the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem
11. Decentralized Organizations: The Future of Bitcoin?

The author’s clarify in technical detail how the underlying Bitcoin protocol and technology operates. Bitcoin also has a number of technological and security limitations which are also discussed.

A single of the more significant limitations that may turn out to be problematic is that the cryptographic algorithms in Bitcoin are hardcoded and fixed within in the protocol. There are just a few hash algorithms available and later one signature algorithm which you can use. Given that, there is concern (albeit limited), that the underlying cryptography in Bitcoin could be one day broken. Whilst the logical solution may be in order to change the protocols, the authors go into a detailed technological overview of why this evidently simple idea is not feasible.

Truth be told, the same crypto security concern exist for the RSA cryptosystem which is based in part on the issue of factoring large numbers.

Common wisdom says that Bitcoin is a fully anonymizing protocol. The particular authors address that topic at length. The reality is that Bitcoin is for the most part anonymous, although not fully anonymous. A skilled adversary could use various tactics to ascertain who made a specific transactions.

The particular notion that Bitcoin is anonymous annoyed someone a great deal that they created a site with a long listing of references and quotes Bitcoin's anonymity and level of privacy.

The author’s detail how Ross Ulbricht, who created the Silk Road black market website, was finally caught. It was credited in part to his inability to keep his public and private recognizes separate. That enabled the FBI to connect them, which generated his police arrest. The Ulbricht case demonstrated that it’s quite hard to stay anonymous for years while being active and engaging in a course of coordinated conducts working with other people over time.

Ulbricht thought that by using Tor, Bitcoin and other pseudo-anonymous systems, that this individual would be invisible to police force. That should be a cautionary tale to others.

Bitcoin could have been but another in a long line of cryptocurrencies and electronic cash. The key differentiator could it be decentralization and the use of blockchains. The Bitcoin blockchain is a public journal of all transactions that occur on the Bitcoin network. The openness of the blockchain means any user can connect and send new transactions to it or verify a transaction.

The blockchain lends itself to possible strike and the book details the ways in which it is secured.

The companion website for the book has a number of videos and programming assignments. The particular programming assignments are quite helpful and explore the depth of designing and building a basic cryptocurrency.

For those looking to get a highly comprehensive Bitcoin technical overview, this book is a must read. They provide both technological and real-world examples, incorporated implementation methods of classes learned from technical problems. The authors have created a very readable comprehensive review of the subject that will be of value to anyone looking to explore the most significant cryptocurrency of our times., Very interesting and thorough description of how cryptocurrencies work and the details of Bitcoin. You will find video classes available for every single chapter which are very useful!

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