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This guide is great! I wish I would have had it with my first natural birth. It's so comforting and helpful at reducing the anxiety of child labor and birth. It also has a lot of info for birthing companions to help them understand the process of labour and delivery with some great tips how to respond to situations. The writer explains everything from cesarean births, to epidurals, to an unmedicated home birth. Do note that this is absolutely pro natural birth... is actually encouraging, empowering, and absolutely essential read!, I really loved reading this book. It helped to relieve some of my anxiety about going into labor and had some really good ideas about dealing with stress and nervousness. That helped to reinforce my belief that our physiques are amazing and innately know what to do and that I can give birth naturally. Some ideas were a little away there, even for myself, and I feel like We are a pretty crunchy person. It is worth the read i believe, and you may utilize whatever parts you find helpful., I truly believe this book is the reason I was able to deliver without drugs. Lots of it is pretty crunchy and geared towards doing a home birth, but the chapters on pain management techniques kept operating through my head as I labored in the hospital. The section in this book talking about " when you're almost there- but don't know it" was invaluable and got me successfully through transition to pushing! Even when you're not necessarily looking to labor without drugs, this is a fantastic source for getting you through active labor, learning the process of labor, what's normal and what's not, and simply generally mentally preparing you to give birth!, Although We haven't yet given labor and birth to my first child (any day now! ) I feel like I feel really prepared, both from a spiritual and physical standpoint, for this important occasion. Having spent many hours worrying about how precisely I would ever deal with having my own baby even before I got pregnant, especially with the way births are portrayed in many books and movies, my excitement at seeing the positive pregnancy test was soon tinged with trepidation. But this book really touched my heart, as it helped me to not only understand labor and birth but also myself better. Although I would like to try to have a natural birth, a vision which has broadened through this guide, I also feel prepared to accept the chance that We may need medical intervention or a C-section. This is huge to me, as We long imagined i would be disappointed and devastated if my birth didn't go the way I experienced hoped.

The book also has great tricks for your spouse or support person/people and many great exercises that you can do together. Like a bonus, my husband and I got a program based on this book at an area birthing center called Harmony (in Campbell, California) and it was even more interesting and rewarding to go through the projects and main subjects with a innovator and three other lovers. Very much recommended!!!, Bought this for a friend who's expecting her second baby. She text myself the afternoon she got it, said that she cannot put it down and it is just what she needed to get ready for her forthcoming birth!, An important book to read if you're pregnant, and particularly if you want to be a conscious participant in your birthing experience. This gets in touch the emotional/ mental side of giving labor and birth and really prepared me to be able to obviously give birth to my child (although I also took an intensive class). We love the art remedy directives., This is the best birthing book I have find. It does a great job of offering birthing information that is not too-dumbed down. We say that because I'm an RN & my husband is a dental professional. We've tried to read various birthing books and this has become a winner. That isn't super hippy or natural, but offers information & ideas for a natural hospital birth. You will find a section focused on home-birth, it addresses intervention, pain relief, etc in the book. I loved locating a book that focuses on that natural experience, but addresses having a time & a place for interventions. We have also really loved the chapters on natural ways of dealing with pain during labor., This book is a must-have for all expectant mothers, and people considering the journey. We purchased this book for myself when I was pregnant with my first (single mom at the time). I was uplifted and encouraged, my fears were calmed, and I experienced confidence that I could do whatever was necessary to deliver my child, whether she came "naturally" or otherwise. I adored this book so much, I purchased it for a pricey friend when the lady and her husband were expecting. This book allowed me to get earlier the hurt I felt and put it to constructive use through pictures, or other activities. We cannot makes use of products from enough of this transformational book. PLAYSTATION: There are Birthing From the inside classes too! There were unable any in my area, but maybe in yours?

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