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Purchasing this series was so worth it, it haseveryting you expect in it, drama, hot sex, true love, action and a HEA, can really recommend this complete series from learn to finish, merely a great read. noreenetsebeth@gmail. com, Abby likes her job but cannot stand her boss, He is incompetent and always requesting her questions about things he should already know about. Frustrated Abby has been keeping track of their emails concerning this in case she needs to look at his head about anything concerning it. Any time she's at a espresso shop a hot person starts conversing with her however she just too diverted about her life to really noticed until her friend mentions it to her. She goes back again to the coffee shop to run into The writer because she wants to explore something with your pet. Jay has been considering Abby for longer than she knows so this individual is happy to know that she wants to be with him. However what she doesn't know is the fact that he is more engaged in her world than she thinks. He has the company where the lady works and when the lady mentions what's going on with her boss Cal he tries to get her to go explain to someone over Cal about it. When Cal becomes fired things go a little crazy for Abby and Jay. This publication as it all theatre, secrets, hot sex and an amazing story. If you haven't read anything at all by this author then this is an excellent book to get started on with.

I received a copy of this as a swap for an honest review., I in the beginning linked strong with Abbie: Big life changes, struggling with confidence, wretched boss, new love. As time went on, I kinda of desired to smack her hard, many times. Her IQ declined rapidly as the book proceeded. It was unsettling. I both liked and hated Jay. I actually struggled in loving your pet, which I truly wished to do, because he continued to be a knowing Pandora's package of lies for the majority of the book. I did not feel that book boyfriend connection in any way. I loved Abbie's friends. It was great to note that strong woman bond.

I liked seeing the progression of J&A's relationship right from the start, nevertheless they drove me nuts often. She had so many questions about the secretive The writer. I kept thinking The writer is sure digging a hole for himself.. lay after omission after lay! And cheering on her behalf to, " please, please put the pieces of the puzzle together! ", " PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS! ", " Please use your brain!! " Warning flags were being handed out like they were on Oprah's 'Favorite Things' giveaway list. %#*!

The book definitely taken me in, hours transferring, before I realized it. The plot was attracted out, giving me 50 percent an answer to a question before completely moving on rather than addressing it again for many chapters. I enjoyed Book 1 far more than Book 2. I actually struggled never to skip to the end, because I actually just NEEDED to know the whole story already, but I did finish up skimming about 80% of Publication 2 . not Abbie's stupidity and willingness to look past flashing neon disco basketball red flags and known lies made it challenging to thoroughly read. That being said, I truly felt their chemistry, and I enjoyed plenty of hot, steamy occasions.. sizzling!!

I really do adore this author, and I'm looking forward to other textbooks.

I voluntarily read this book for an truthful review., I enjoy when an author compiles a completed boxed set and offers it to their readers at a reasonable or cheaper price.

I'm a cliffy hater, when a complete boxed set exists, I actually gravitate toward that rather than starting on a series that is not complete.

This boxed set from Simone Sowood is such a treat. Get yourself ready to settle in for an entertaining binge read!

Totally enjoyable, with enough suspense, twists and turns throughout the story to keep you guessing.

Jay makes for a great alpha dog male hero with just enough of that " delicate male gene" that makes this such a nice romance. (On his part anyway-lots of twists and turns and 'are you kidding me? ' instances in this 3 publication marathon read)

Abbie is the naive woman who is caught up in the web of lies that Matt, Calvin, and Jay have woven. Thus naive that she got been with Matt for YEARS, not knowing what kind of man he really was. It's no wonder that she loses all confidence in her own discerning powers of judgement.

I adored her social group of friends. They always had her back!

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Duplicate of this boxed arranged., Abbie is at a crossroad in her work life... she love's what she does but her boss Calvin is making it a nightmare. Calvin can feel threatened by Abbie - she is smart and capable, something Calvin is not. One morning Abbie and a co-worker leave for a cup of espresso, hoping it will make the day more bearable and that decision constitutes a drastic shift in her life.

While waiting for her order, Abbie sees a guy who has just received his and they start up a conversation. He is hot, really hot and has her full attention... well, he has mine too! Those few instances give her enough inspiration to finish her day and plot the likelihood of another meeting. She recognizes him since the ideal " hook-up"... but the Universe has other plans.

So begins the roller-coaster of Billionaire's Secrets. It is a busy novel with plenty of drama and plenty of heat. The characters are believable and the conversation between Abbie and The writer (mystery man) is smoldering to off-the-charts. There is a lot going on at the rear of the scenes that will have you wondering and guessing the actual heck is going on but hang in there... the journey will be worth the wait.

The reader duplicate I received left me personally with praises for Microsoft. Sowood.

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