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Lloyd a professional hit man killed an innocent, the Don didn't tell your pet the truth. Stephanie existed in fear every day with her abusive spouse. One night while the lady was putting ice on her face from where he hit her, the lady heard a funny audio outside by the Hot tub. Her husband had recently been shot and killed. This story has attempted murder, and kidnapping. I experienced read the bonus book before but enjoyed reading it a second time., This book contains intrigue, drama, heartbreak, betrayal, hope, and love. This was a great read.
Lloyd ans Stephanie's love won out., This book was brilliant! The particular writer has an attractive tone of voice that really helped take the story to life. It really stands apart in the genre of mafia romance. It maintains a lot of the key aspects of its genre but presents them in a new light that resulted in me up all night reading. It has a lot of action and drama – both these styles which are really well delivered.
Stephanie starts out an abused wife stuck in a hellish situation and he or she doesn’t see a way out there. Fate brings her a way out and a new love – if she can get previous hangs up of the past and learn to trust the one person who most wouldn’t think she should trust at all.
I love how both figures had to work through their own pasts to make their relationship work. It was really inspiration and love wins in the end.
Not that it’s a mushy romance. No, the chemistry between Stephanie and Lloyd was sizzling with tension you might cut through with a knife.
This is the best book I’ve read in a while and look forward to see what else this writer comes out! In case you’re searching for a book to get you out of a reading slump – this can be the one!, Wow! Romance and action - a great mixture loved this book! Beautiful storyline.

Stephanie Waller is trapped in a hell of her husband’s making. Vicious, woman-hating control freak David Waller has spent six years busting down her will, the girl relationships and her self-pride in order to produce the perfect abuse victim. When, she was a singer with a promising job in front of her, who emerged to Las Vegas to try and make it big. Instead, she ended up penniless, desperate... and in David’s hands. He or she controls her money, he or she tracks her every movement and communication, and he models impossible rules in order to “justify” the physical violence he so enjoys imposing on her. Wealthy casino owner David has an iron clad prenuptial agreement and an army of lawyers to ensure that even if she escapes, she will be pressured to leave behind the main one light in her life: four-year-old Andrea, her precious daughter. Knowing that Hazel will become his next target if Stephanie runs, the lady is required to stay with him, and endure the unendurable. But one dark night, everything changes when a bullet from the darkness slays David in the hot tub.

Lloyd Bradley, assassin for hire and former Green Beret, has never missed a eliminate in his life. His services command payoffs of over a million dollars apiece—making him a very rich man as well as an infamous one. To live with themself, he has developed a strict code of honor about which contracts he or she will accept. No children; no women that are pregnant; no innocent people. Currently on retainer to the Don of Las Vegas, Michael Abano, he has left a trail of dead gangsters all over Nevada. Nevertheless this changes when his boss, the Don, directs him against an innocent man—David Waller, who was accidental witness to a Mob kidnapping. Too late, he discovers that Brian was an innocent bystander—and has left behind a wife and tiny daughter. Guilt-ridden, he takes the destitute and desperate couple in, swearing to protect and support them.

Stephanie hasn’t experienced kindness from a man in the girl life, and falls hard for the handsome, generous ex-soldier. As for the assassin, he or she has lived a lonely life since his wife and son died in a car crash eight years ago. They tumble hard for every single other—and soon, Stephanie is pregnant. Nevertheless..., The storyline and the storyline is actually good. Lloyd is a hitman for a Las Vegas mob boss. Your dog is given bad Intel and kills an abuser with a wife and child. Stephanie is a battered and abused wife, but that every changes when the girl monster of a spouse is killed by a hitman. Lloyd and Stephanie meet due to Lloyd's guilty conscious. Lloyd and Stephanie fall in love and are immediately running for their lives, of course Lloyd's main top priority is to keep Stephanie and Andrea safe. I rated this story four stars because the ending was weak and deficient closure. After all they had gone through they deserve a happy ever before after, with a wedding and the birth of their first baby. The particular chemistry between them was there, but the passion was lacking., Billionaire's Hit List was good. I am glad I read it. I hate to say this, but I am so glad Brian got killed. I love Lloyd and Stephanie love story. It absolutely was too bad Andrea had to go through what she did at such a young era. It absolutely was sad that the lady was happy her father was not with them or following them. Lloyd was a scary dude and a prolific killer. Not a good thing, but hey, it is what it is. Good read!

The hit man baby was good too. I am glad Gedeon found love. Jazmin was a pressure to be reckoned with. I am sorry Anatoly was sick, but I kind of wanted your pet dead. The stealing and selling of kids is a scary thing. Each books are worth the read., This is two books in one.

Billionaires Hit List: Story was a slower read. Couldn't really get into the characters. I didn't feel anything to them because they had no personalities to latch onto. Stephanie's reaction to finding out about Lloyd's hitman profession was dumb to me. You've been with worse... Why run? Running into danger with no real skill and then thinking "I sure wish someone (Lloyd) will come rescue us... again

The particular Hitman's Secret Son: I love a superhero. Jasmine was going hard for her city. She can handle herself and didn't hold out to be rescued. Gedeon and his quiet durability. A leader but able to follow. It absolutely was cute., Stephanie was your typical battered wife, last but not least got relief from the abuse when a Hitman killed the girl abusive husband. So Stephanie and Lloyd eventually love one another and put up with a few run-ins with mob henchman who experienced been sent to eliminate Stephanie and her daughter. In the finish Lloyd and Stephanie's love received out.

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