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Barely got through the first few chapters because of blatant discrimination of the MC a supposed SJW.

“Did you quote Thoreau this time? ” “No, ” I grumbled. “That goes right during these people’s heads. I went with Dr. King this time because I was talking about peaceful protesting. ”, Salvaje! Bravo! Mia Ford has done it again with another great billionaire love story. Her books are such great stories to get lost in. The wonderful story of imagination that is easy to see yourself in her characters shoes, living the illusion.

In this book Nathan is a CEO of a financial accounting organization. His best friend Bob is a finance advisor for him and he is trying to Nathan into outsourcing to grow the company. Nathan is unsure of doing that. This individual thinks that it will go against all he has built. But he may think about it and consider all the pros and cons with the facts.

Ruby is sweet lady who works for the rights of others. The girl does protesting and works for a huge company called Climate X. They work for human rights and injustices. She is presently working hard on the demonstration against outsourcing.

One evening her sister sets her up on a sightless date. The guy is an absolute jerk. So she leaves the date and goes to a club to drown her heartaches. As she is sitting at the bar a handsome man comes in plus they start talking. Before she knows it they have talked the night away and he asks her to go home with him.

Nathan cannot consider his luck. This beautiful woman named Ruby agreed to go home with him or her. She is so amazing, intelligent and sexy. Typically the next morning he aren't believe how much he wants to see her again. Nothing about the situation seems uncomfortable.

Points with them progress but when secrets come out everything is jeopardized and he might just lose the only woman who could mean anything to him or her or see him previous his money.

I love the immediate comforting chemistry that Nathan and Ruby have in the first place. Their love history seem to be to flow completely. They were made for each other. Both have an integrity that makes them wholesome and honest individuals.

I love reading Mia's books. Her stories flow so easily you can simply suppose you are one of her characters and lose yourself in the fantasy of a steamy hot love with a beautiful attractive rich man. Her history plots are easily identifiable and straightforward to relate to even in case a little above your normal reality. An individual can be your own Cinderella in one of her books. If you have never read one of her books, then I suggest that you do that. You will not regret it.

*ARC provided by Mia Ford, I loved this sweet, romantic short story. This was a quick read but it was well written.
Nathan is a sexy billionaire who owns his own company, Père Financials. When his buddy and advisor Chris informs him that he needs to expand his company by outsourcing he doesn't like the idea but is willing to look in it for his company.
Ruby is a tough working girl who works to help abused people. She's also a protestor against big company's who want to outsource. She is very passionate about her beliefs.
Nathan and Ruby meet on a bar and immediately they connect. They commence to get to know each other, which leads them to Nathan's home. The warmth between the two is off the charts. After spending the next day together Nathan makes a decision not to tell Ruby that the members of his company are thinking of outsourcing. But when Chris informs him to go to India to check out a place, Nathan decides to take Ruby on the little getaway. Sadly Ruby learns what the little trip was really about. She feels betrayed and heartbroken.
Will Nathan select the company that he build on his own and also the girl that made him feel whole again?
Mia gives a well written short insta love story.
❤I received an ARC of this book and select to give my truthful opinion❤, Nathan Pope is the owner and TOP DOG of Pope Financials great friend and finance advisor is trying to help him cut some costs within the company. Dark red Woods works for a company call Climate Times and is working hard to stop companies from outsourcing. When Ruby meets Nathan its after she has a disastrous blind date her sister set her up on. So will go to this bar she actually is heard about to block her sorrows when Nathan settles close by and observes her before nearing. Once they start talking they hot it off. Nathan can't believe his luck in actually finding a beautiful woman he can have a interesting discussion with. The conclusion up at Nathan's apartment and have some hot sex and Ruby stays the evening. Another morning Nathan is unsure of how things will play out but he likes Ruby so much that after morning meal he asks her to spend the afternoon with him or her. Ruby isn't like other woman that want him for his money and Nathan just enjoys that aspect the more time he spends with her. They are practically in each other's pockets so when he has to take a business trip he invites Dark red along for them to have a break after his work is done. But when Ruby realizes Nathan is there to possible outsource some jobs it infuriates Ruby and she leaves. Will Nathan be able to repair the damage from the trip? Will certainly Ruby be able to get passed what she thinks Nathan is going to?

Mia Ford never fails to deliver an amazing story and this time is no different. This history will keep you turning webpages til the conclusion and leave you wanting more. If you haven't read something by her this would be a great start/

I received a backup with this in exchange for an honest review.

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