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i received this book the billionaire wolves virgin in exchange for my honest opinion: this guide was so hot you could not have more hotness then Nathan Gabriel shifter and billions and add or human reporter Tanya one kidnapping and more hot sex this guide has everything read it, Oh what a good book this was, I read it cover to cover in one sitting and enjoyed it all. There are some things for everyone in this book, romance, action, suspense, hot sex, and a little wit. Tanya was a news reporter for the area paper and she had been sent out to the woods to report on a special ceremony the wolf provides were having. First thing she knew she was being chased by baby wolves and taken back to your home of one of the alpha's. She found out she had moved into the circle of stones used in the ceremony, that meant the girl was to be the next wolf Queen and got to choose her partner. Nathan and Gabriel were the alphas and they both had to try to win Tanya as their mate, they may have 2 a few months to convince her to choose which one she needed. Whoever she chose would be the alpha of both packs. Nathan and Gabriel did what ever they might to convince her she was to be their mate. Things where just warming up between them when someone is found leading to trouble for the 3 of them. Will she get over her anger at with regards to this situation? Will they be able to overcome the problems facing them? Who would she chose as her mate? Will they be able to work with each other to fix the specific situation that is hanging over their heads?

I was given an ARC copy of the book., My review: 5 Stars Are two Alpha’s better than one?
Jasmine’s stories are always well written and her plots are usually uniquely creative. This latest shifter story is about two hot rival wolf alpha shifters, Nathan and Gabriel and a lost reporter Tanya who accidently stumbles into a ritual to mention an alpha queen that will pick either Nathan or Gabriel to be leader of both packs. Unfortunately for Tanya she is the first to enter the ritual site which is where the storyline gets interesting and intriguing. Both Gabriel and Nathan must now convince a feisty and independent human to select one of them to be their partner. Tanya on the other hand has other ideas which makes for a really good read i enjoyed. The story combines hot steamy sex with action, danger and also suspense when outside forces threaten them all. The tale was fast paced, the figures well developed and the added twists and transforms improved the suspenseful summary. Fan of hot attractive mé nage MFM romance will enjoy this tale.
I under your own accord reviewed an Advance Readers Copy of this guide for my honest review.., This book was obviously a real treat to read. Tanya is a reporter sent out to get a huge tale about the wolf shifters, while fully expecting her to fail. She will get lost and inadvertently stumbles into a ring of standing stones under the Full Moon, thereby making her the Queen Alpha dog. She tries to run but is caught by Gabriel and Nathan, the 2 alphas she is expected to choose from to be her mate. The girl doesn't determine what is proceeding on and even though she is interested in both of them she appears up for herself and doesn't allow them to or anyone else push her around. So when you consume this whole situation, throw in some misunderstandings, some underhanded dealings from the Council members and other backstabbing, there is still a HEA. But to learn the details and how the three of them defeated and rose above the conflicts they had to deal with, you will have to buy the book to find out. You will not regret it, guaranteed!

I actually voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Backup of this book., I actually was given this book as an arc read but I volunteered to write a review.
Tanya is a reporter. She is told by her scummy boss to go get him an award successful article about wolves or she's fired. As the girl gets turned around in the forest after her car dies. She ends upward in a circle of stones. As she's trying to leave she is cornered by two giant baby wolves. They tell her since she was the first lady into the circle the girl is the chosen one. She has to choose between two Alphas. Yet can she choose?
Gabriel and Nathan are the two Puissance that Tanya has to choose from. They both find her beautiful and delectable. Will the idea she comes up with scare them away or will they be willing to try for their packs.
There are a lot of twists and turns in this guide which means you will need to read to see them out there.
This is a very good book. I actually will be recommending it to family and friends.
Happiness, Another really great read by Jasmine Wylder. This specific book is a great, i thoughtly enjoyed myself, it had me thinking oh no.... or what otherwise can happen. Its a book that you have to read, to get in touch with the characters.
It starts out with Tanya just wanting to go and get a tale, which her boss has made her go and investigate or else she is going to loose her job. The girl car breaks down, the girl gets lost (or so she thinks) and steps into a clearing, then suddenly she sees a wolf and trys to run, but is soon stoped and brought back to the clearing, next she is whisked away by two alphas, departing Tanya to wonder what on earth she got stumbled across.
Zero spoilers here folks, i absolutely enjoyed reading this and im sure you will to.
I actually voluntary read a sophisticated backup of this in come back for a respectable review

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