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I have read each of the storie on their own and have given each of them a 5 star rating and now that Amelia Wilde has force them in a package set.... I had experienced had to buy it to get 5 tales in one location to enjoy altogether one after the other.

Reckless Kiss - What an AMAZING guide by Amelia Wilde, from beginning to conclusion there wasn't a thing I might change about the tale or second guess it. There are so many things I adored relating to this book... it was thorough, no gaps... the hot alpha male billionaire wasn't playboy who would have a different bimbo in his bed every night or week (very, very refreshing)... the explanations when we were holding together provided me goosebumps, particularly the first time they were in a limo (goosebumps among goosebumps... WOW).... Vivienne was a strong woman who was in control of her life but wanted an actual man to control her in the sack.... Dominic was strong and patient and wanted Vivienne but performed a sensual game with her (goosebumps again).... lastly when they are together EXPLOSIVE. The ending was the best ending I have read in a long long time..... goosebumps again and eyes were a little misty as well. KUDOS to Amelia Schwanzgeile!! Worth more than the 5 stars allowed!!

Fearless Kiss - An amazing, steamy page turner of the guide. This one is about Kennedy who takes life far too seriously and is always looking for the dangers which makes the girl unable to live life freely. Then there's Gideon who is a danger taker and does a lot of travelling, planning his next adventure, it also doesn't hurt that he's a hot, attractive, alpha billionaire. When they meet in a club he can't help his attraction to her and Kennedy actually loosens up when she is with him or her. When he takes the girl away after their first date she starts to truly live life and keeps her anxieties at bay because she feels safe with him.
A great great tale about adventure, letting go, steamy scenes, lust/love and a lesson to live your life to the maximum rather than let fears rule you. I also enjoyed Gideon, having been thoughtful, kind, sensitive, fearless and then finally Kennedy's realization that you can't live in a bubble and what the lady does to prove it to him. Another great part is even though there is a lttle bit of theatre completely nothing to do with exes trying to ruin them or techniques hiding in the darker..... LOVED IT!!

Shameless Kiss - A read about a hot billionaire dem playboy, Weston, and a law student/waitress, Juliet, who has the weight of the world on her behalf shoulders. Any time Weston spots her he knows she is different, she is not only beautiful but smart, sassy and very independent. Juliet resists Weston the first time and when she sees him or her again her defences decline for a bit, allowing him in. When he helps her with a debt they come upwards with an agreement, spend 2 weeks with him or her and he will give an extension on her paying him back. She cannot resist and after the two weeks are upwards an incident happens, generating them apart.
A great great great story with steamy scenes, lust/love and a hot alpha man that can help you swoon and sigh. I also loved Juliet, she is fiercely independent, going to law school, paying the girl dad's debts, looking after him and waitressing, compromising herself so her daddy can have the best proper care available. The ending was simply perfect for them two and Weston showed that money isn't everything and is willing to prove it to obtain the woman he loves back making myself swoon, sigh and swoon again.

Ruthless Kiss - A read about a woman, Isabella, who owns her very own business and Jasper, who is also a business proprietor but a ruthless one at times. When Isabella's mother gets a notice that her lease is being terminated because her building has been sold, Isabella goes on a rampage to Jasper's office to deal with it. Coming from the first moment they meet the attraction is there and when they affect a deal so the lady can have her mommy stay at the apartment... the games begin and they have both met their match. But soon the video games turn more seriously and now it's more than a game, real feelings are getting involved and when Jasper thinks that Isabella is now using him, words are said and stress soon follows. Will he man up and pardon? Will she forgive him or her?
A great read with steamy scenes and about two strong willed, independent people who finally meet the one individual that can challenge them.

Priceless Kiss - Another great book by Amelia Schwanzgeile and this time it can about Levi and Dark red. When Ruby has to sell everything in the girl family's estate so they can live and pay on her behalf brother's medical proper care she doesn't expect to fall for the first arrogant man that comes strolling through the entry doors and offers her a price for it all. She denies him but before he leaves he leaves her his credit card. When the sale doesn't go as expected the lady does call him and from there they learn to look at everything in the house but not only that the attraction they feel for the other person becomes steamy. When he markets everything before telling the girl she is livid since the lady desired to keep a few pieces for herself and ends up walking away from him. Will she go back? Will he follow her?
A fantastic read with steamy scenes and I really enjoyed the banter between the two although not only that, he wasn't a man wh***, no exes were lurking in the background, nobody was trying to tear them apart and there were no techniques between the two.... adored it., The Billionaire Ownership Series: The Complete Boxed Set by Amelia Schwanzgeile is an outstanding collection of books. Features five attractive, dominate alpha billionaires and the women that can bring them to their knees. Well-written and entertaining, this package set is steamy, fun and a joy to read., Reckless Kiss:
When I read Shameless Kiss and it was so good that I realized Required to go back and read the rest of the series. Glad I did. This book was well worth the read.

Vivienne though she has this amazing job at the FBI and gets to go undercover I wager it has to get tiresome pretending to be someone you are not. She gets the chance to go undercover at Wilder Enterprises. I almost found it funny things that went wrong at the girl first day undercover. Have got to wonder if fate was playing some type of submit that.

Dominic Wilder who had been CEO of Wilder Enterprises was this hot and sexy billionaire. He is a very tight person. One that never relaxes. Gees he even had a hard time taking a vacation. I loved how when he first saw Vivienne he could not help but stop and check on her to ensure she was okay, no matter how busy he was.

I loved the chemistry which was between these two. Though Dominic could pursue one of his employees if he so chose as long as another celebration was willing it was different for Vivienne. The lady was undercover and was working as case. This particular could cost her the girl job.

I think Dominic and Vivienne were perfect for each and every other. Dominic needed someone to help teach him or her to relax and show him or her there was more to life then Wilder Corporations. Vivienne needs someone to help her realize there is more to life then just upgrading in the FBI. Vivienne has a sexual side that is hidden that Dominic will bring out. Both are what the other demands and before these two know it they may be in way to deep.

Items will get complicated and there will be some selections that must be made. Issue is will thees two make the right decision or lose a lot more important thing they have ever before found.

Shameless Kiss:
This was a great story.

Juliet James works in a private club. She has a lot on her plate. I could only imagine the stress she was under and the need to do everything alone had to be hard. The lady was attempting to make ends meet, trying to get through law school, attempting to care for her father (which was a handful), and trying to keep the bills paid.

Weston Grant was obviously a character. He or she was what I would call a player, a billionaire player. When he saw Juliet at the club he wanted the girl. I think it is funny that a man that had women falling at his feet could hardly snag Juliet. She was probably the only woman that ever told him or her no .

I loved Weston’s determination. He went after what he wanted and Juliet was something that he wanted. What started out to be a fun chase and a game turns very serious. The particular question is will Juliet and Weston be able to face their feelings and let the other understand how they feel?

I loved how Weston respectable Juliet. He saw the girl strength and determination. He or she never wanted to change her. I really like how he excepted who she was.

I loved that Juliet was determined not to take good thing about Weston. it would of been really easy to look at Weston and see nothing but money or a quick solution out of her problems but that was not who she was. Any time she looked at Weston she saw the man he really was.

Loved the story and glad I obtained a chance to read the book.

Ruthless Kiss:
I have been loving this series. Each book is a standalone. I believe there is only one I have not read in the series so far but will be making it a point to do so.

I loved Isabella Gabriel’s character. She was very strong and independent. The lady knew what she wanted in every area of your life and went after it. She was a successful fashion designer and CEO of Gabriel Luxe, which was a tiny company but that did not mean she was not well know or doing well financially.

I loved Isabella’s passion and drive that she had when it came to her business. It was plain to see that she carried that in her personal like as well. I also loved the love the lady had for her mommy. When reading this guide we get a glance what it was like for Isabella growing upwards. She done what ever before should could to help her mother out. Today her mother needed the girl and she would to go to great lengths to help her mother out again.

Jasper Pace was pure sex appeal. He was a strong head business man and went after things in a heartless manner. He did not think about the consequences it costed other as long as it benefit him or her business wise. He experienced no time for love and I found that sort of sad. I felt his father experienced a major role for the reason that.

I loved how Isabella came in Jasper’s life like a hurricane. Nothing was standing in her way. The lady desired to make a declaration and be noticed well she did that. Jasper was taken back and intrigued by her all at the same time. Lets just say it was time for the video games to start.

I loved the business arrangement these two came up with. How they thought they were going to save this with out strings attached is anyones guess. When there is that much chemistry then the heart will always get involved. Now this game that the other person is enjoying could be a little more then they can handle.

I performed not like Jasper’s father in almost all of the guide. He did not want to see his son give his heart to no woman. His father a new damaged heart and desired to pass that hurt to his son. His father was business driven and wanted his son as the same way. There is nothing wrong inside my eye being business driven but when you have not room for anything otherwise and you let it hinder you finding love then there is a problem.

I did not like Jasper’s secretary. I had to wonder if she had a magic formula crush on him or if she was just lazy and did not want to be inconvenient. I kept looking for his secretary to step out there of line big.

I truly loved Isabella and Jasper’s love story. Right now there love is like a whirlwind and there are parts that will mop you off your ft. I am so happy I got a chance to read the book.

Precious Kiss:
I have loved every book in this series so far. Each story has recently been so great.

Right from the start I could tell that Levi Blake had a coronary heart. He may of seemed a little heartless the way he approach Ruby but that is definitely how a game is in his kind of business. It was not only minutes later you will see a different part of him.

Oh, obtaining me wrong. There is not doubt that Levi is a little hog and cocky. He is nice looking and knows he is nice looking as well. But there is definitely something else about him you will learn to fall in love with. You will see a deeper side of him in this tale.

I loved the fact that he was smitten by Ruby from the start. It was not only him that was affected but Ruby was as well. There is definitely so much chemistry between these two.

My heart truly broke for Ruby. Yes she was lucky that she was gong to get at sell off her family’s stuff to help the girl parents out but I could see where her pain was coming from. I could not imagine everything I had been brought up around bring ripped away from me. So her attitude in the direction of Levi was clear.

It was the small things I loved in this story. Like how Levi took in every detail of what things meant the most to Ruby and why. Though Levi truly did not understand the reasoning of keeping stuff that you experienced not room for he truly hated to see her pain. Levi’s coronary heart was truly in the right place.

With the conclusion of the story Levi will have you swooning. OMG, the things he will for her is definitely amazing. Sorry you will have to see the book to find out. I will also tell you this much, there are some steamy parts as well.

This is a great tale and glad I received a chance to read the book.

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