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Billionaire Boys Club Babies: Billionaire Romance book 20 through Cara Miller. You might think right now that the Billionaire Romance series would be getting stale after so many books; however, Cara has made all of them quite different from the others and filled with problems to be fixed. This one is definitely not any different in that regard. Kelsey and Tyler are finding out that being married doesn’t mean problems end; but that problems continue to begin.
Jess called Kelsey and Tyler to let them know that it was time to go to the hospital. They had been anxiously waiting for this. Ryan is very surprised to see Tyler and Kelsey ready to leave and then Jess tells him. Jess understood which he would go berserk on them so the girl told him last. Associated with course, their way was made more smoothly by the access of their drivers and protectors. At the hospital, all of their friends and relatives started to accumulate. Jess’s Mother was on her way from Ny and Ryan’s Mother was on her way from Florida. Tyler and Kelsey would have been to keep Ryan and his mother separated so no fuss would split out. Everything is at place when Alison Rose and Robert Tyler were given birth to. Of course, they were the biggest market of attention.
After going home, Kelsey and Tyler had to learn to be married and Kelsey were required to learn to fit in with Tyler’s lifestyle. The more Kelsey learns about what Tyler really has and the life of the TOP DOG of the company, the more anxious Kelsey becomes. Can she be the wife he needs and still be the lawyer she wants to be? Can both of them make the compromises and sacrifices they need to?
The publication is well written and easy to read. It retains your attention and it is worth it to read., I have now read all 20 or so books in this series, which I mostly enjoyed. I truly love Tyler Olson but dislike intensely Kelsey. I really do not think she is the wife3 for him. The girl with much too envious of his birthright and fortune. We are very bored and fed up with her constantly going on about his money. She is very controlling, wanting everything to go her way. We only continue to read because of Tyler. We am hoping he divorces. Since she is so ambitious and wants to be her own person she should never have married him. She really should have married an ordinary Later on. She absolutely wants to control everything and everyone. Tyler is so very good and patient with her. I really don't know why he wanted to marry someone like his mother who I am now thinking is a much warmer and patient person than first thought.

Now Miss Goody-too-shoes, or so she thinks, KELSEY, has become concentrating on giving away Tyler's money away to charity. She never welcomes graciously any gifts the girl is giving by Tyler.. She is always worrying, it is very tiresome. I find her a very boring and ungracious individual.. I must say this is the first time I have actually taken such a dislike to a heroine. We much prefer Jessica who have adapted graciously to Ryan's way of life. We hope Tyler does not allow her to give away his entire fortune whereby he has to conclusion up working for a salary in order to survive. Why does she not give away her millions and house Tyler bought her to save her father's business.

When exactly is the next publications due to be released. There is now a cliff hanger with the accusation that she rested with Alex. Hopefully there is some chance that Tyler falls in love with someone else and get free of her. She does not even aspired to become a Mother. I think Tyler someone more like Jessica, warm and loving who wants to be a mother and has no ambition to be in control of the world. I am really amazed that We have this animosity in the direction of Kelsey but I cannot help it. I worry about Tyler's happiness. It would really be a pity for him to conclusion upward in an unsatisfied marriage for the rest of his life after the years as a child that he has received. MAKE SURE YOU GET RID OF KELSEY.

I ENJOY TYLER OLSON AND WANT HIM TO BECOME HAPPY IN ALL AREAS OF HIS LIFE. Kelsey is actually cold,, unemotional, ungrateful. always complaining, very nosey and prying, even eavesdropping. She always wants to know what is going on. Actually when there is a call she has to ask who was it and does he/she would like. She refers to himself as being curious. Of which is more than being curious, that is being downright nosey. She never excuses herself, she needs to be dismissed if she wanders into a conversation perchance where she was not invited.

If only I could send an email to the author about my sentiments but I cannot find an current email address for her Please feel to forward this on to her or send me personally an email address where I can send any message I wish to.

Having said all that, I thoroughly enjoyed the series and hope the girl would write more series without of course another Kelsey. It really is nice to read a book(s) where they start off as students and it goes on to develop into a love story along the way. I really do like books with many pages. which Trik Miller's has been so far. I also enjoyed very much the includes, quite picturesque. I also enjoy romance about Billionaires., I absolutely love this series. But... This book was just different and reduced than the others. That closing though!! As usual I will be anxiously awaiting the following book!!!, More emphasis needs to have been on the twins and relationships Lisa and Simon, Boband Morgan, Jones and Jessica an Tyler and Kelsey. When is the next book as the ending about Alex was in left field, This story was great as alway's I love the way the boy are following these wonderful couples and I desire others feel yhe same way I really do. Great job writing these stories., Very good story, but the article writer keeps procrastinating and seldom get to the point. She keeps introducing more characters without explaining what is going on with the ones already in the storyplot from the beginning. We know she wants to make more money but at least make the readers want to read your books. Very angry at her: /, All her books are excellent. They are short is my only complaint. I am sure there exists a good reason but I can read one after work in 2 nights.
Like the characters!, I wish these books were lengthier. THey are so excellent, but I guess it is actually keeps me coming again!

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