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Craig Werth's book provides a view of the high business and private risks involved in developing drugs. dollar 100 million and much more are sought after to research and develop a drug that only has a promise and could easily do nothing or even worse cause harm. That is the business risk and the leaders have to hold a confident front and do whatever or say whatever to make certain the money retains being released in. On the personal side many extremely vivid and confident PhD/MDs battle it out to be the one that makes the discovery or get credit for it. Quite often this battle is in the same company between friends and colleagues who might not exactly in the conclusion remain as such. Much of it reminds you an excellent source of school but then again we probably never do leave that stage as much as we want to think.

The regular use of molecule and targeted names and descriptions can make a difficult read but there is much more soap safari than science. One finishes the book wondering how we came so far in medicine/pharmaceuticals but We guess the same competitive spirit that can so often get in the way of progress also can make it go further and its tough to know when its more trouble than benefit., Chronicling the increase of Vertex, one of the first companies to dabble in rational drug design, the Billion Dollar Molecule follows the excellent Josh Boger as he or she attempts to be the next Merck. The scope of scientific context and the way in which the author weaves together various players is both witty and insightful. However We couldn't help feeling that the author's journalistic expertise obscured and glossed over the actual science that Vertex and its equivalent were performing. As somebody who had been hoping for a sort of Elegant Universe meets the pharmaceutical industry structured within a compelling narrative, I was let down. The narrative (specifically the sequence of causality internet dating back from the 1900s to the 1980s) is brilliant, but the technology, the real red various meats of a book like this, is largely lacking., I purchased this guide when I was hired at Vertex. I realize the book is a little out dated now but it is extremely interesting to read about the beginnings of the company and conversing with colleagues who worked side-by-side with some of the people mentioned.

The drive and ambition associated with world class talent and intelligence of all the scientists and businessmen is almost unbelievable and should make anyone more motivated to do and be more. I highly recommend giving it a read particularly if you are in the biotech field., A fantastic book. Extremely well written. Characterizations are extraordinarily well done. The author DOES HIS HOMEWORK on this one. This is a fascinating investigation into the business and characters involved in a pharmaceutical startup and really the entire industry. Werth is Michael Lewis on steroids. Carry out yourself a favor and take an adventure with The Billion Dollar Chemical., Barry Werth has exposed it all for the public - the inside story of the making of Vertex, a fledgling pharmaceutical start-up (which has now achieved much-deserved success and glory). Werth goes to the extent of talking about each individual's feelings and thoughts (anguish) in genuine detail. The story is surely an adrenaline rush; expect to reach for a few extra cups of coffee while reading this book. The main players are from Harvard, Yale, Merck, the very best and all workaholics to the ultimate. Since the story - the frenzy to the finish-line - unfolds, you realize that Doctor Joshua Boger, is truly a brilliant, talented man - both a scholarly researcher and a precocious businessman with a fantastic occurrence of thoughts. What's even more jaw dropping is that the entire story holds true - the toil, the sweat, the give up hope, the triumph. I loved minutely while reading this book. I enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone who has a degree in the biomedical sciences., An insightful book into the rise and fall of a new pharceutical start-up. What fascinates me personally is the narrative as well as the feelings, motives and Drivers of each individual behind the sciences., The book provides valuable insights into the life of a biotechnology company and the obligate drama associated with people working in the industry. We thought the text was tedious at times and the conclusion was a little abrupt., This book is bloody brilliant. Follows Joshua Boger and crew as they take Vertex from an idea to a functioning pharmaceutical company. Along the way it outlines the history of several others outside the company and exactly how their work influenced the projects chosen within the company. The writing is clear and another is left with a palpable sense of excitement for both the science and the biotech industry in general.

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