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Alright, look. I'm about as biased a reviewer as possible get. I read Gary Taubes' Good Calories Poor Calories in 2008 and was so moved by it that I radically overhauled my diet and started writing and researching about nourishment and obesity as a hobby.

So when I actually had the opportunity to review an advance copy of Nina Teicholz's Big Fat Surprise, I assumed I actually would enjoy it and agree with her results... but I was in no way expecting to be so surprised and delighted by it... and so infuriated by the nasty nutrition politics that she exposes.

Could a single man, Ancel Benjamin Keys, indirectly be responsible for more mayhem than every other figure from the twentieth century?

Was Keys' so-called “diet-heart hypothesis” -- which convinced a generation to eschew eating fat and turn instead to sugar, carbs and processed vegetable oils -- one of the most deadly ideas of modern civilization?

These and other troubling thoughts can’t help but bubble to mind as you read Teicholz's nutritional thriller.

Ill get to the delicious details in another. Yet first, the overview:

In the midst of the 20th century, because of Ancel Keys and several other arrogant researchers, we started to fear diet fat as an broker of heart disease and other ills. So we revised what we eat to be “healthier” and wound up, ironically, suffering through deep epidemics of obesity, type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases as a result.

Teicholz’s lucid summary of this disaster, The Questionable Hyperlink Between Saturated Fat and Heart Disease, was the #1 most read editorial in a recent issue of the Wall Road Journal. Her piece motivated conservative pundit, Rush Limbaugh, to do a extended expose in the talk show about the reduced fat diet myth.

I hesitate to be optimistic, but we may be witnessing a wave of mainstream support for Teicholz and Taubes’ signature ideas about nourishment and health.

Besides Limbaugh’s harangue against Keys and the low fat diet, Dr. Oz — perhaps the most influential physician on TV — just lately admitted that he was “wrong” about saturated excess fat being dangerous. Guest looks by Dr . Peter Attia and Dr . David Perlmutter on Oz’s show also attest to Oz’s change of heart.

Meanwhile, documentarian Morgan Spurlock (of Supersize Me fame) recently publicly stated: “I am refusing to eat carbs, no bread, no teigwaren, no sugar. I believe better than I ever have. ”

Katie Couric’s new documentary, Fed Up, which opens this weekend (as I write this review), also calls B. S. on the low excess fat high sugar diet and questions the idea that all calories are the same.

Along with a massive meta-analysis of 72 studies published in February in the Life of Internal Medicine, which exonerated saturated fat in no uncertain terms, is simply the latest in a growing fusillade of assaults on the traditional “eat less fat and much more carbs” rubbish.

We’ve still got a long road ahead, though, and many misconceptions persist. That’s one of the reasons Teicholz’s book is so important.

Interview with Jeremiah Stamler

Stamler was a colleague and modern of Keys, and he or she and Keys advocated aggressively for the diet-heart hypothesis. Stamler led the Several Risk Factor Intervention Trial (MRFIT), a 5 mil dollar experiment carried out from 1973-1982. It had been a catastrophic failure for the diet-heart hypothesis, as Teicholz describes, yet its failing changed nothing about how the nutrition establishment operated.

In an interview with Stamler, she pointed out the following paradox: a 97 follow up to MRFIT found that the therapy team had higher rates of lung cancer than the control group did, despite the fact that 21% of the treatment team had quit smoking in comparison with 6% of the control group. Stamler replied: “I don’t know! Of which could be a chance find… it’s just one of those findings. Troublesome. Unexpected. Not explained. Not rationalized! ”

Fascinating stuff.

Slaying Dean Ornish’s Valued Study Claiming That Their Diet “Reversed” Cardiovascular disease

Teicholz also interviewed Dean Ornish, the most celebrated modern advocate of low-fat diets, and analyzed the analysis that made him a health star. A 1998 article published in the Journal of the American Health care Association (JAMA) helped make Ornish a household name. But this study was PLENTY flawed and obtained outsized pressed.

Teicholz writes: “Curious about the conclusions, I called Key Lance Gould, director of cardiology at the University of Texas, who helped Ornish launch his research job and was a co-author with Ornish on the JAMA papers…. On the phone, I could almost hear Gould’s incredulity over how Ornish promoted their study results. ‘Most people execute a study and get one paper. Dean does one study and becomes a bunch of papers. There’s a certain skill in marketing a tiny little part of data. He’s really a genius at PUBLIC RELATIONS. ’”

Fascinating Critical Reappraisal of Essential olive oil and the Mediterranean Diet

We all “know” olive oil is one of the healthiest elements proven to humanity. Right? Well, how did these values develop, and is there good science to again them up? Teicholz’s mind blowing expose on the origins of the Mediterranean Diet regime and our (modern) fetishization for olive oil will blow your mind.

Here’s an excellent gem: “…when [famous Harvard University nourishment professor] Walter Willett unveiled the Mediterranean pyramid in 1993, no controlled trials of the diet had have you been done. ”

The Scary Rise of Soybean Oil

Teicholz recounts the bizarre story of multimillionare, Philip Sokolof, who acquired an entire page advertising in the New York Times in 1988 trumpeting “THE POISONING OF AMERICA” by saturated fats.

She also reveals a deeply troubling graph published in the American Journal of Scientific Nutrition showing how soybean oil consumption has skyrocketed. “Americans now eat over 1, 000 times more soybean oil than they did in 1909, the biggest change in the American diet. ”

I could go on. The book is a brilliant whodunnit, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Quit. Do not pass go: get your copy RIGHT NOW., The Big Fat Surprise is not a diet book or a book about dieting, though you will learn a lot about what you should and shouldn't eat if you read it. It can more of an exposé about how today's diet suggestions came to be and why they're so out of whack with fact and actual scientific research.

The basic conclusion is that we should eat more fat and necessary protein and fewer carbohydrates. Of which will help keep all of us healthy and lean.

Crucial points the author brings out:

- Our misunderstanding and misuse of cholesterol proportions often drives treatments and diet changes that are unnecessary and counterproductive.

- Carbohydrates, even complex carbohydrates (like those found in wheat grains products), are harmful when eaten in large quantities.

- Overall, a diet based on meat (fatty is better than lean), eggs, and full-fat dairy products, including real butter, is better for you than one centered on breads, cereals, potatoes, corn, rice, and sugary products (even fruit). This type of high-fat diet will also help you keep your weight down, believe or not.

- Overuse of vegetable oils in restaurants, especially for deep-frying, could be especially bad for our health.

Because the author points out, we tend to jump to results based on hype and campaign instead of science and long lasting research. The Big Fat Surprise produces in light the results of the best, most current research and lays it for you so you can make your own choices about what, and what not, to eat. I'm having bacon & eggs!, It is shocking that we were ever before convinced that a plant based diet was natural for humans. When one prevents and thinks about the foods that smell and taste the best ----animal foods always come out on top. I feel that the quote in this book "the smells are gone from breakfast and we are the better for it" sent chills down my spine. The particular man who made that statement was following the suggestions from "experts" to switch his bacon and egg breakfast to a cereal breakfast. The assioma is that our evolutionary instincts to crave meat are unhealthy for all of us? We should be eating barely palatable grains instead of what our nature wants? The arrogance behind the reduced fat dogma is breathtaking. Read this book. An individual will be healthier for it., I really like this book. Actually I actually liked it so much I actually acquired the sound version so she would read it to me while I went walking but acquired the print version so that I could emphasize certain sections to exhibit them to other people. Hello come from a long collection of folks who ate REAL food, including healthy fats and red meat. Most lived into their 90's. Difficult the excess fat, it's not the hypercholesteria it's not the redmeat it is the CHEMICALS that's in our food today. This is what's making The united states fatter and fatter and fatter while they brainwash people to eat more vegetables sprayed with pesticides I didn't check performed with hormones to increase faster, bigger and look prettier.
This book is packed with footnotes and references and documentation to back everything up. It will make your head swim but should not surprise you how the American public is so easily swayed by the media. It's not even a major evil plan it's just that something happens and everybody follows right along. baaaa baaaa, Ms Teicholz chronicles the efforts to determine what constitutes a healthy diet. A diet which should be based on science is instead founded on greed, egos, and governmental policies (imagine that! ). The effect? The guidance espoused within the last 50 years or so by the government via the FDA has no schedule in fact and is almost certainly completely incorrect. Considering that our government has no idea what it's speaking about, I'll stick to my policy on healthy eating and drinking: " everything less often... including moderation"., Because a Family Practitioner for over 50 years, just lately retired, I can only say that I wish I would known a few of what I've just read many years ago. Enlightening, logical and well researched.

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