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Continue to on the fence about agricultural use of antibiotics? Or still believing that feed the world = CAFOs and large size professional farming? Get this book. I've been an activist in favor of eliminating or reducing non-acute uses of antibiotics for years, and I thought I knew everything. I didn't. I don't. Buy this book at once -- it's important, interesting, and joyfully well-written. Maryn thanks for something important! I bought a Kindle backup for myself, plus a hardcover copy to give the Oregon Secretary of Agriculture, Alexis Taylor.
-- Chrissie Manion Zaerpoor, owner/farmer of Kookoolan Farms, Yamhill, Oregon, As an infectious disease epidemiologist, I know a thing or two about the emergence of antibiotic level of resistance. As such, I was eager to read this book. I was delighted and surprised to learn a few things, including the backstories of outbreaks that I had learned about as a student decades ago. Several of the general public health researchers involved in the cases described are people I know and have worked with, and I can say that mcdougal captured their very essence.

Apart from my profession, I will be also the wife of any man who attained a superbug infection and spent 9 months in a healthcare facility, after suffering 7 episodes of sepsis. Their superbug was resistant to all antibiotics, even those of last resort, like colistin. His survival is nothing short of a miracle. Superbug infections like my husband's are no longer rare events, as this book will make you realize, in phrases you will never forget. The public is largely unaware that the over-use of antibiotics among livestock is a major contributor to the global crisis of anti-bacterial resistance, and I think this book will change that. But this book does more than just signal the alarm bell; it chart a course for options. And they address not just what farms, governments and companies can perform to address this problem, but what YOU can do as a consumer.

As an aspiring author, I marvel at exactly how readable this book is. Maryn McKenna describes complex scientific trends, like plasmid-mediated resistance, in words non-scientists can understand, but in a way that is never making use of. I predict that this is what publishers will soon refer to as a Big Book, and it will be assigned to students in various areas, not just microbiology, but general public policy. And as visitors, we get a entrance row seat., fantastic book-well-written and a sad commentary on Big Pharma, Thanks a lot., A must read and a “must know” for the human species to survive and thrive. It may be too late already., Great book. Should be read by all students., There actually is quite a lttle bit written about the (continuing) overuse of antibiotics in the raising of food animals. Some of this is, unsurprisingly, quite specialized. But not all of it is. Both Marian Nestle (Food Safety) and Bee Wilson (Swindled) have written accessible and helpful books about food security and food marketing. Such as so many other individuals who have read about modern-day CAFO practices, I am veggie. (Truth in lending here, though: I was vegetarian before I learn about modern meats practices. ). But, as McKenna makes clear, the people who are put at risk by the heavy and largely unpoliced use of antibiotics in the raising of poultry are not just those who take in animal flesh (or creature products). The continued effectiveness of antibiotics is a good (and a need) for all of us all, not merely meat-eaters. At the. coli and salmonella (e. g. ) do not merely afflict--and sicken, and sometimes kill--people who eat creature products. And those with weakened immune systems--the very young, the very old, and the ill--are especially prone. The health and wellbeing of the population at large depends on the intelligent (and regulated) oversight of the sources and varieties of antibiotic resistance.

I give McKenna high marks in making this plain, explaining why, and giving general visitors a decent understanding of why and how it is so problematical for us all to continue to allow the heavy and widespread use of antibiotics in the raising of chickens. That is helpful, also, to know something of a brief history of our growing recognition of the issues with heavy antibiotic use in the increasing of food animals.

Exactly what, if anything, can people do to put a brake on these methods? Given the large power of the poultry industy and the farm/food folks, I will be skeptical. But--as always--it is better to know than not to know., This can be the story of how an lively little backyard bird became an enormous industry and America's favorite dinner.

When Thomas Jukes first started adding microdoses of antibiotics to chicken feed in 1948, there didn't appear to be a downside. The particular chickens gained weight, and if you supplemented the chickens' feed with antibiotics, you could breed more chickens in less space, which equaled greater profits. Then someone thought, if tiny bit of antibiotics is good, more must be better. So they additional more and more antibiotics. They also learned if you soaked raw chicken in antibiotics, it would stay fresher longer and can be shipped greater distances. When only the bacteria in the chickens' guts we hadn't adapted and mutated and become the resistant little superbugs they are today.

Correct around time I obtained this book, I visited a friend who keeps ten chickens. I may understand what I expected, but they were really delightful little birds. They each had their own personality, some followed my friend around anywhere she went and one perched on my back. It made me feel very sad for all the poor chickens retained in little tiny galetas, so fat their little legs can't hold them up.

The author will a good job, installing it all out for the layman. I thought it went on a wee bit too long but only in a few places. In most cases, it really is an interesting story. Because the author says somewhere, it's all too easy to eat chicken without worrying about where it came from or what it was revealed to before it was slaughtered. This book will make you worry about it.

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