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This is a great collection of jobs with the junior manufacturer in mind. These are budget-friendly projects that anyone can do - just takes a little bt of time, thought, and effort.

The particular maker movement is amazingly popular right now, and nowhere is it MORE popular than in schools. STEM and STEAM projects have infiltrated every corner of education (there are even music classes that are incorporating STEAM principles! ). This book is a great resource for teachers, for club facilitators, and parents - because what's more fun than helping your kids create something cool at home - and seeing them learn in the process. This should be in every library and media center in the nation - that's where this copy would be heading, but the librarian already got a copy!, Created by two school librarians, THE BIG BOOK ASSOCIATED WITH MAKERSPACE PROJECTS: INSPIRING MANUFACTURERS TO EXPERIMENT, CREATE, AND FIND OUT seems like an ideal book to increase any public " makerspace". (A " makerspace" is an area in a library or community center that is stocked with crafts supplies, computers, stitching machines, 3D printers, and other items that can be used for making, tinkering with, or inventing things. )

The book includes complete, step-by-step, highlighted (with photographs) instructions for 51 projects, ranging from motorized cleaning-brush " android warriors" to a " Littlebits Sphero smart track". Each project starts with a summary that offers the charge, the make time, and a listing of products which includes where to obtain them (for example, an electric toothbrush can be found Buck Tree).

The instructions include " classroom tips", with suggestions for creating group projects, or so that to teach to a group. In the first " android warriors" project, one classroom tip notes: "... it excellent to teach... about battery safety.... In the robots you are creating,... electrons are utilized to energy motors when the routine is complete. This means that you should never connect the positive part of a battery to the negative side of a battery with an crocodile clip because this will create a quick circuit.... "

The project instructions also include " challenges" for the makers. These are questions that encourage learning through trying out the completed project. For example , in the " bot warriors" job, the first challenge question asks: " What happens if you mount two motors to your brush android powered by one electric battery? Now try two batteries. "

The projects train concepts of physics, electricity, coding, and more. Yet , the book would be improved if the jobs had better general descriptions--at the beginning of each project--of what the maker is heading to be making. With regard to example, the " android warriors" project has no photograph of the put together robot until the job is finished. Even then, it's unclear what the cleaning-brush bot is intended to do, until the maker sees that Job 2 has instructions for making a cardboard market for brush bot battles.

Clearer general project descriptions would help makers choose which projects interest them most. Also, the book would be improved if there were photographs of the supplies (for example, a photograph of the " alligator clip" that contains a pair of clips linked with an electrical wire).

As a result of less-than-ideal project descriptions, and the missing photographs or drawings of supplies, I rate this otherwise excellent makerspace project book at 4 stars (" I like it" on the official Amazon scale)., Growing up, I had Legos, my uncle's old erector set and a variety of other toys for making jobs. Today, it seems like everything comes in a pair or a kit where you make the thing on the cover - not so much room for exploration. A counterpoint to this is the Maker movement. This book is an excellent pick if you've got kids who like to imagine or make things. It starts with items as simple as a wash brush and the electric motor from an electric toothbrush for the very first project.

I obtained this to me, thinking back on that old erector set. A little bit child for me and not the book if if you're a grown-up interested in basic Maker projects (try  Make: Easy 1+2+3 Tasks: From the Pages of Make: ). When you've got a child on the maker path or need activities for a youth group, this is great., This is a great introduction to many different branches of creating, from simple crafts with interesting effects to starting to write code. The jobs start out simple and cheap/free, but the more advanced projects can get costly. Don't let that stop you though, you can learn quite a bit from the advanced projects although you may don't have the physical equipment to get the tangible results, after all it's the knowledge if you're after and you can apply that to many other things!, This is a great book for older people who would like to work with students in a maker area. Unfortunately, from the marketing of the product, I thought this book will make a good present for a young teen maker. After looking through the book I see that there are just not enough pictures and the instructions aimed at older people will most likely discourage your pet from following through with the activities. This book should be marketing as a teaching tool instead than a book for makers., What fun jobs and I LOVE REALLY LIKE LOVE that they are written with budget in mind.... specifically " these things from dollar tree" - etc. Super cool - I have girls who love these kinds of projects and I love how their heads start to work out what exactly they are doing and how they may modify it.

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