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The not half bad guide.

Some of the Manufacturer Skills works.
Some might get you murdered.
User discernment is advised.

This thing covers a lot of what one would need to set up a little commercial factory in a person's back yard.

A few of it requires - distance - and, space - for proper operation.
A few of the processes have the prospective to go seriously wrong.
The only thing guaranteeing that you may get your house is a distantly detached car port.

Many of the other advice are far less consequential.

Know " your" limitations.
Stick to your gut, use your sense of comfort stage.

It is very McGyver-ish.
Most everything works - as referred to.

It can have very functional advise.

Double down on your homeowners before you attempt the more pyrotechnic projects., I purchased this as a gift idea for a women who is branching out from traditional art to explore various creative opportunities. She is not afraid of tools but is not well experienced. I feared this would insult her intelligence (she has some class and professional training with tools) but changed my mind after seeing the practical advice from the author, Chris Hackett. This is a guide that even many experienced DIYers, tinkers, and manufacturers will find useful for its advice about some tools one might be hesitant to blindly purchase (like welders). Nice art layout, well organized (including practical advice on first aid -- like when to get stitches), broad in its coverage. I have a ton of DIY books, from basic carpentry to computer hacking. This guide will serve many folks looking for early information about methods and tools while beginning a job., This is a cool book to read and look through. Almost a " coffee table" (or maybe workbench is more apropos) type book as it has a lot of nice images that are well taken. My kids also like looking through the book, which is cool. It can be read in short bites as each section can be read as a endure alone section. It offers some good ideas, but I discovered it more inspirational rather than instructable (don't think this is a real term, but you obtain the move... )., Love it, enjoy it, love it!!!

Well written (but with a few of editing mistakes), humorous, clever, and full of great advice about how to do it, is to do it safe.

There are a handful of places where a picture or two would have helped, like the design of the forge/furnace, but those few omissions are more than made up for by the rest of the guide., Some know how many things could be made.... a bit of a handy guys book, combined with OH NO! Zombies! Lets make a...!!! To WHOOPS! I need to fix that... and i also have practically nothing to fix it with--oh but wait! Pop Mech meets Survival Handbook meets Old man Mcgyver., Thus useful that the correctional officers confiscated the backup i sent my dead. For real.

And so broad in topic that my mom stole his copy.

It's a great overview book, a guide to all the things that you didn't know you did not know., Fantastic book masking the basics of all car port projects. Even being experienced its always good to look back at the basics and i learned quite a little from it as well, Nice book if you know absolutley practically nothing about tools.

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