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I have already been a Kombucha fan for a number of years and started out brewing my very own earlier this year - utilizing a kit I purchased online. My initial batch was a great success and i also am now up to five Scobys - hence multiple batches on the go at any one time; and have become more adventurous trying new tastes, combinations and secondary agitation.

I use a couple of different books but so far this has been the without doubt favorite. This is a good book in particular for those a new comer to brewing and consists of everything from a history of this delightful elixir, to brewing ingredients, tips, flavor and using your Kombucha in cooking. In the past I have found the many books go too far one of the ways -such as things to occurs Kombucha in, or the other way -very basic tips, and do not affect the happy medium that allows the book to be an all around guide. This however meets that requirement.

The book commences with a little about the authors and how they started out their Kombucha “journey”. I came across it well written and a good read - and i also could identify with this more (for example attempting it at a party and off the shelf at Whole Foods) than the folks that found it in some mysterious section of the world! It sounded as being similar to my initiation into the associated with Kombucha and the fact that it was relatable made me like the authors a complete lot more!

The book then goes into an all around look at agitation which was appreciated, as this area of food and drink is certainly building more energy of late as the health benefits are realized. This is followed by an in-depth discussion around kombucha, the Scoby, and ingredients / supplies that are instrumental in the Kombucha making process. This particular is very detailed and great for those new to brewing. I specifically loved the comprehensive guide to the health properties with personal stories incorporated into this; and they required the time to add health cautions too rendering it a balanced approach.

The Scoby guide is hands down the best I have read / seen. Scobys can be rather ominous in appearance and i also cannot tell you the amount of times I have peered into my container trying to determine if it’s healthy or if the weird patch of color /texture is mold (so far it has not happened); but the pictures were exceptional in detail and levels of helpfulness. Thank you writers for this; and including so many detail photographs!

The tea guide was also very detailed and useful -talking about types of blends you should and should not use, and acceptable quantities before they become too much for the balanced of the Kombucha, The sugar guide was equally as useful; as was the equipment guide, as I now know I should not have used that cheesecloth as an appliance cover when in a pinch (allows contaminates to get in your brew). This is then then the meat of this book – how to brew, best practices and different methods you can use. For me the sophisticated guide was so helpful -how to flavor, even as we are currently experimenting with secondary fermentation using cascade hobs, and carbonation, as striking that right balance has been an admitted challenge; and other books have simply not been in depth enough, leaving me having to turn to classic Google -this book solves that!

The remainder of this book is a guide to flavors one could experiment with, drinks one can utilize this in -such as cocktails and shrubs -both of which are hands down amazing with the help of Kombucha! And other means of cooking / recipes in which you might be able to incorporate Kombucha. This covers everything from dressings, dips and cake -to outside the kitchen; in face masks and creams! Few books are this comprehensive or diverse!

The book ends with additional of the Kombucha story; but most usefully a very detailed guide to components of Kombucha, specific health concerns and how the consumption of Kombucha might help; further reading guides and a brew log, which is very useful achievable makers.

Having now owned about 5 different books on the topic including those by Eric Childs and Stephen Lee, this is by far my favorite. It is detailed, comprehensive, and includes everything you need to know and then some. I actually would say this is invaluable achievable Kombucha makers and even useful for those who have been brewing a while and need some new inspiration. I love this book! And full disclosure…yes We are a top reviewer, but no I performed not receive it free of charge -I paid in full for this as it was much wanted, and it was worth every penny!!, Hannah Crum changed my life. I bought my first Kombucha home brew 'starter kit' from her over four years back and have been happily brewing my very own 'booch ever since. This particular big (383 page), strong and beautiful book is filled with a wealth of first-hand information on all aspects of Kombucha that Hannah and her companion Alex LaGory have curated over their years of involvement with the Kombucha sub-culture.

From your history and science of Kombucha to straightforward guidelines on the many aspects of making, decanting and flavoring this healthful fermented tea, Hannah and Alex cram an awful lot of really useful information into this book. I was especially pleased with the full color photographs of typical brews (taken of clear a glass jars to exhibit the fungus strands, fermentation process and various colors of healthy and unhealthy SCOBY's). There's ample information on troubleshooting everything from mold to poorly performing brews, as well as scientific guidelines on brew temperature, level of acidity, sweetness and suggested tea mixes.

The second part of the book offers a huge range of tested recipes for flavoring, cocktails, smoothies and more, She even suggests intriguing ways to consume old growth SCOBYs (jerky, face masks etc . )

This is the book I wish I'd experienced four years back. I intend to take a close look at my current hit and miss creation methods and implement their recommendations to improve things.

If you love Kombucha and are getting tired of paying -6 a bottle for the retail brands, buy a copy of Hannah and Alex's book and get brewing at home. It just might change your life., Amazing! Fantastic book with great knowledge. Read it in 2 days. On first day order my SCOBY. A single thing missing from the book is better destination to buy it, I came across it though. The author grows and sells them. Just search engines and you will find it easy. I bought it to make my booch w ease. First tastes I did were blood lemonade, blueberry lemonade and cherry lemonade. Just bottled 6 and got new brew going. Worth every penny. Thanks thank you thank you., So this book is long that being said to me as a new brewer there isn't much beneficial information. Presently there is only small sections that pertain to brewing. Almost all of the book is filled with history of kombucha, benefits associated with kombucha, recipes for flavoured kombucha, and about the writer which I could really careless about any of that. It misses away on some essential things that I would like to know as a new brewer. I would like for more information about PH levels and exactly what they should look like, what the actual brix reading should be for a completed brew, if it is normal for moisture to be on the inside of my brewing vessel when utilizing a belt heater in the jar., Everything you need to know! It was my main reference for my first kombucha batch. Extremely thorough, informative, and simple to understand. I'm now in the fourth batch, and I actually seem like a pro.

I actually didn't totally love the several second ferment flavorings recipes I tried from this book, but this is a minor point. They're a good starting place, in any case, then you can improvise on your own. *Everything else about the book is great. * Lots of helpful pictures, such as identifying whether that's yeast (good) or mold (bad) growing in a ferment, and what a normal scoby looks like.

I ordered the digital book, and was pleasantly surprised with their readability and visuals., This particular should be the scriptures of kombucha. It is really an amazing and extremely helpful book. I am a first year to kombucha and only have 2 batches under my belt but this book was extremely helpful. It is an pleasant read too with all the little tidbits and historical pieces of information. In addition to using this for as well as tested recipes for my Kombucha, I actually have also been reading it religiously before I actually go to bed every night. I actually have read information on a lot of websites but I would simply suggest getting and using this book as it seems to have all the answers for everything kombucha.

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