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This is a good book overall. I am a recreational endurance sportsperson. I run 10K to marathons and do triathlons mostly half IM. We have been running since i have was a kid of a decade old and We am now 43. Essentially this book advocates good nutrition, injury prevention, training smart and creating a bigger endurance engine by training slower and easier. We am trying this method on the winter to see if I can make some gains with my aerobic strength in the wintertime. I have seen some gains within the 2 months I have been using Dr Maffetones method BUT the jury is still out there, this may be another case of eat the meat and spit out there the bones., I actually do not have time to write a long review, but this has become my triathlon training bible. We used it for my first sprint race and am came in 71 out there of 143 people overall. I know this is not that impressive for several experience triathletes, but it was my very first race and am do not have any swimming or biking history and it was many years ago that We did any type of running. My goal with this same race next year will be in the top 25% and am am quite sure following this book that goal is possible., Endurance has never already been my forte... My old roommate had this guide, and bought a heart rate monitor and watch to keep track of the woman training. After reading the majority of the book, I made the decision to obtain a monitor also to use while working out too. I'm a biologist, and enjoyed the technical explanations showing how the body reacts to exercise. The book was an easy read, yet filled with information. I'm not an stamina racer by any stretch out of the imagination, but the methods in this book did help me build my cardio without feeling like my coronary heart was going to burst. The diet guide in the book was also helpful without being too preachy., Maffetone offers a very interesting, interesting discussion on exercise and nutrition. His passion and belief in his system are evident, and this individual has obviously done a lot of research on the subject and has much real life experience. Regardless of whether or not one is willing adopt his rules lock, stock and barrel or clip, whether his method will work for each endurance sportsperson, his perspective is certainly worth the time and money checking out this book., At 47, I have been running for several years, but only started running halfs and marathons over the past 2 yrs. I increased my mileage from 12-15 miles per week to 45 without changing my speed, but found myself with nagging injuries. I also saw my race times increasing rather than dropping. We beleive this book gets the solutions to my problems. After having a few weeks subsequent Dr. Maffetone's advice on diet and running, I use lost a few pounds, I feel great, my injuries are healed, We don't feel sleepy in the afternoon and Now i'm starting to see enhancements in my aerobic speed. Thanks, Doc!, This system works... You need to commit to 3 - six months time depending on age... The old the longer. I use 3 friends it worked for too. You have to be patient and self-disciplined. You must keep the HR below threshold., I enjoyed reading Maffetone's philosophy on heart rate training and am currently trying it. So far I enjoy running with the keep an eye on and making certain I am in a fat-burning area. It will take me awhile to fine tune my zones though., We bought and read this 3 years ago. Looking back, I can now see how this book changed my life for the better. Also if you don't think of yourself as an athlete, the principles in this book will guide you towards a life of robust health and wellness.

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