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This is an incredibly comprehensive examination of how a Bible is not the divinely inspired book that Christians claim it to be. Even though it uses the Holy bible against itself, extra-biblical sources would have improved it considerably. It also could have used some better proofreading, but that's just grasping at straws. Still, I would highly recommend people that are on the fence about their belief to give this a read and supplement that with the Bible itself. How someone could come away thinking it is divinely inspired after reading the complete thing is beyond me. It is, quite plainly, a hodgepodge of inconsistent writings borne out of superstition and misjudgment, which this book adequately displays., Though the author will reasonably well on many of his premises regarding the New Testament, his disappointment to present the various sides in some matters of archeology regarding the Old Testament make the rest of his work suspect. For instance , in the dating of Solomon's temple, he states as fact a date that is anything but certain and fails to present arguments for other schedules, even arguments from students who do not virtually interpret the Bible or consider it historically precise. As I am one who researches claims made in any book, whether We agree with the overall premise or not, I found this disappointing. Presenting a few one-sided claims will not bolster an author's discussion but merely makes all the other arguments think. More importantly, considering that the book was written new archeological discoveries have come to light further complicating the dating issue. Though it is fair to point out that some Biblical " archeologists" start with the premise the Bible excellent and historically accurate trying to make the evidence fit, archeological interpretation and internet dating work best left to be debated among archeologists., The great resource for challenging Holy bible thumpers., A lot of useful information, but rather dry, unorganized, and it contains its share of logical myths. Worth the low price., My unsatisfactory rating for this book has absolutely nothing to do with its factual content. Agree with his beliefs or don't; but his premise is spot-on. My singular complaint is the layout of the book. It makes it a difficult read. There is no section breakdown. I read the first 20-pages thinking We was reading an launch and hoping with each additional page that I would soon come to a chapter one heading.

This didn't happen. What's even worse is that there is practically no white space. Actually there isn't very so much as just one line of white area involving the ending of one topic, the title of the next topic, and also the start of that topic., We almost didn't buy this book because of the not-so-great overall rating. After all, I like to get a whole lot of book for my money! But after reading the free sample on my Kindle I was intrigued and purchased a duplicate. I'm glad I did. This is a fantastic special primer on the subject of Biblical fallacies and incongruities.

It's nowhere as academic as other books on the subject, but it does a fantastic job of summarizing and collating the discoveries of other (more scholarly) writings. I found it to be very informative, and I was able to easily follow along in a duplicate of the Holy bible to verify the numerous verses the author uses to backup his statements. If you have already read a number of Bart Ehrman's books, this may fall well short of your expectations, when most likely looking for an eays steps synopsis of the issue, this is a fantastic special primer.

If I had any criticism of the book it would be the the author's frequent use of the word "impartial" when describing his evaluation of the Bible. Their writing style was plainly anything but impartial, even though I feel he did a good job adhering to the facts, his frequent use of words like "ridiculous" and "nonsense" is likely offensive to the Christian who may be honestly analyzing the validity of his or her own faith for the first time. Typically the author's goal would be better served if this individual simply served in the facts and let the viewer decide whether statements made in the Bible are ridiculous or nonsensical., Excellent work. Well crafted and very, very easy to understand. Most Christians haven't read the Bible for on their own but this book displays to them what is in it. A good Christian will do the research to see the God of the Bible for what this individual is - a fabrication. It is no wonder that Pope John XXIII had written " Christian belief should not be based on the fact that Christ died on the mix. " Pope Leo X also said " This has served us well, this myth of Christ. " Absolutely essential read for each believer.

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