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We enjoyed this book; but was concerned when We got to the Alternative Ending 2. This is usually when Mr. Rigsby has been writing about Seventh Day Adventists and their Darwinian objections in " Typically the Watchtower" magazine. " Actually, " The Watchtower" magazine is published by the Jehovah's Witnesses. Sorry about that Mr. Rigsby. Perhaps you can edit this section for greater accuracy. Continue to, I liked the publication but couldn't give that a 5 star rating just for this very glaring mistake which tends to throw a pall of doubt over the accuracy associated with the whole book (even if it were intended to be " humorous" ). Larry, A very fun and entertaining account from the Bible as told by way of a former Chrisitan. This publication is really a collection of épigramme aimed at the Alfredia faith. If you are looking for a late-night-comedy style, fun approach to the exposing the Bible, this guide is for a person! However, if you are looking for a serious, ponderous read, perhaps this is usually not the book for you personally. Most of the poor reviews with this book seem to be to be a case from the latter. Know just what you are getting yourself into prior to buying!

The text is usually only about 35 webpages, so one can possibly read the entire thing in some sort of a couple hours.

Thank you for a fantastic laugh!, It can a short read but packed with sane make-funnery of one of the world's most widely used books, the Bible, as well as the dimwitted fools who believe it. Excellent job, Casper. Thanks., This particular is by far the most comprehensive version associated with the bible i use go through, i strongly recommend this specific read and i would suggest to share it with anyone that might be beginning his eyes that the bible is not best and should be dealt with as just a publication nothing less, nothing even more and as the author says you might really get better advice reading virtually any other story without that story having the label associated with "holy"

Ps. It has been really funny too, Typically the Holy Bible is surrounded by a specific " magic". A believer could read the complete Bible remaining to right, and continue to not see any inaccuracies or weirdnesses. In this specific book, Casper Rigsby were able to break that magic by simply boling the Bible right down to simple, technical descriptions. This way, the whole charm is usually over. You get to see, just what Bible actually is. In addition to that, it provides a bit of chuckle into our lives. We definitely recommend it, is actually worth that dollar., Properly should you be religious you probably not going to get past the first chapter. Yet it does seem to give a reasonable rendition of the bible. Typically the quotes from the bible did nothing for me. I have never had the opportunity to figure out just what those verses meant. We have always needed to relie on religious people to interpret them. So what this guide says they mean can make a lots of sense to me. Since I previously question the bible I discovered it a fun go through however most of my friends would dis me if they saw this specific review!, Ha! Casper Rigsby has put into printing stuff that my mom applied to slap me with regard to saying! I was in deep doo the time I needed to watch " Bewitched" rather than the Easter Christ Movie. I always did just like Samantha Steven's magic much better. I remember throwing my bible in the trash after reading the woman-hating homophobic tale of Typically the Strangers in Sodom vs. Lot's daughters. This publication had me laughing out there loud, nodding me plus saying " Yup"., This particular had the potential to truly deliver a powerful information however it was so diluted down by breaking the stories up his very own way instead of informing them chronologically parallel to their time in the bible itself that I discovered it very distracting... skipping all over forward plus backward. I felt the comments and afterwards plus follow through paragraphs have been probably the most meaningful contributions. DIsappointed because I was thus ready to eally have a genuine laught at exactly how preposetrous I believe the stories are but as an alternative of Noah and his 6 other familiy users tyring to take proper care of 10s of thousands of animals and for some reason managing to clean up plus get rid of their particular piles of poop the only note is about a bird locating a arm or leg with a leaf into it that somehow survived the flood. something similar could have been done for Jonah plus the Whale and the battle of Jerico plus.....

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