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This is such a clever take on the conventional Bible! As a child, my tries at reading the Holy bible quickly stalled out ?nternet site struggled to understand the stories and parables. This specific version is an easy task to read to younger children, in addition to an easy task to read for old children that are ready to read chapter-style books. For the children who are no yet ready to read the stories themselves, the chapters are usually written in easy-to-understand terminology, and each chapter is usually accompanied by a really cute and clever illustration. Many chapters also contain links for the songs referenced in those chapters, therefore the kids reading the stories get the total effect of the book.

The best part for me was the activities. My children adored the activities even even more than the stories! Each activity is geared in the direction of that will particular " chapter" in addition to lesson hidden within the story. The activities are simple enough that moms in the home can find the components and do them with their particular children, but I believe these people would be exceptionally great for Bible school or religious-minded home-school moms. I love doing activities with my kids that aren't merely copies of worksheets or coloring books -- these kinds of are activities with some " meat" to them, but additionally incorporating easy-to-find " ingredients" in the home therefore I don't have to go digging around from the local teacher's store for materials!

I might highly recommend this book to friends and family members looking to introduce their particular Christian faith to their particular children in an effortless, natural manner while stimulating the surprise of studying., I wasn't sure if my 5-yo and 8-yo grandkids would be interested. These people know I read the Bible and have desired to read it. I discussed it would be difficult to understand but that will I would find a single for them. I looked at several for childrent on-line but loved the truth this book had fantastic illustrations and stories about their level. My 5-yo had me read this in it's entirety to him very first time through (and he requested it the second time today! ). My grandkids aren't raised in a Christian house so hopefully this will certainly plant some seeds within understanding God's Word. I actually totally recommend it. Typically the whole Bible is not there, but a lot regarding the important stories are usually and most of the brand new Legs and complete story regarding Jesus., The author shows the stories of the Bible inside a straightforward, unembellished manner. In one way this is good -- within another they do not really make the storeis come alive as much since I would wish. Typically the activities suggested after each story will require adult-teacher supervision. I don't believe most children will be self-motivated to perform these routines.

Some of the pictures are really off-kilter, cartoonish and don't always capture the story well. Also the stories are not really totally in chronological buy. For instance, mcdougal locations the story of Jesse and Goliath after stories about Jesus. And Sodom and Gomorrah nearby the ending of the book. I actually think children need to be introduced to the Bible stories in buy to make the finest sense of them.

I actually love the Bible in addition to I've written many stories about it also. And so i do not like to give this book not more than a five-star review. Some viewers will be able to slant the telling regarding these stories to fit the young listeners, in addition to that is good. Good also to lead to discussion posts between parents and kids. Thanks to the writer, though, for sharing the girl storytelling talents in this important way., I had been searching for a really good bible stories book for kids regarding my nephew for pretty a little while. He's young therefore illustrations are important. I actually ran across Bible For Kids by Fiona Wesley and knew that this was the book that I actually wanted. The bible stories in this book are usually precisely the sort i wanted to pass together to him and the accompanying illustrations add therefore much to the stories. The bonus 100 followup activities are great due to the fact they make the child think more about the story and parents can even have them work about related projects. Such the great book - I actually highly recommend., I'll just tell I actually am so glad I actually found this guide! I have got had the hardest period finding a collection regarding bible stories with:
-Great illustrations,
-Clear application, in addition to
-Engaging storytelling.

This book hits the home run in each area, and the extra activities really make the stories come to life! I especially enjoy the variety in this article - one activity may involve arts and projects, and the next may involve learning a music from a linked facebook video; isn't it about time we found a way to put all of this distracting technological innovation to good use!

I actually couldn't recommend this book enough for the patients parents who are usually sick of what is usually being fed to their particular kids with the usual outlets. These are clear, participating ways to present the timeless truths of the bible to your young ones!, I think the Author, Fiona Wesley has produced an excellent book for assisting children learn several important stories from the Holy bible. The videos make studying even more thrilling thereby make the children would like to learn more.
Typically the illustrations add value as well., Bible for Kids is usually a wonderful solution to train children about the holy bible and God. The stories and or parables are usually simply written with an easy task to understand prose and routines at the ending regarding each chapter that help reinforce learning and understanding. The illustrations were well done and complimented each parable.

There were some minor spacing issues and lacking words but these did not really detract from the excitement from the stories. A fast edit would have repaired these.
Children will enjoy studying Lord through this book., Good stories, pictures to go with. I just haven't used much time to read this yet. I think my 11 year old is usually a little past this level.

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