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You need to remember that Gandhi required a variety of philosophies from many different traditions into his own. He didn't read the Gita until having been obtaining his college or university education in England and this individual read it in British; he didn't grow up with this text as a core point for his belief system as many Hindus do. That being said, I believe Gandhi is one of the greatest advocates of peace this world has ever seen, and that his beliefs of life has something that can positively affect each and everyone of our lives. As with everything though, take his interpretation of this amazing text with a grain of salt. Just because this is Gandhi's translation doesn't provide anymore value than other masterful works (I personally prefer Barbra Stoler Miller's)., The Wilder Magazines printed edition could greatly benefit from improved format. Each page is a single block of text running from one aspect of the page to the other without spacing between slokas (or organizations of slokas) and commentary. The text close to the spinal column is very hard to read; I have to pull the sides of the book apart and point the pages to see the text which is enough to really chuck me off as I actually try to get back to the start of the next line without the benefit of any spacing to help me keep my place. Some might not be bothered by any this but I did want to share this info.
Of more than ten translations and commentaries in my collection I would humbly recommend " The Living Gita" by Sri Swami Satchidananda to any reader seeking an easy-to-read and immensely wealthy edition of this important treasure., Very worth while reading this. From my perspective not having a background into the holy scripture The Bhagavad Gita, Gandhi's translation is eloquent and explained many things to me. I always appreciate such intelligence within a text and miracle how the writer, in this case Gandhi, translated the written text so that I actually can understand the text as well as benefit from the text. The Bhagavad Gita has many training that apply to each day life. I read also that Gandhi would read a portion of the text every day an admiral practice and one that I actually follow. When you enrich your mind daily with wisdom it has a most profound effect within you., I have no rights to comment or give feedback on Holy book all I am doing is sharing my experience. After reading many self help books this is the last guide that gave the appropriate Guidence. Its core concept if Detachment of action, Recouncement of Fruits of action and Even Mindness in a condition is what makes a real person. Dedicating all work as a piece to god with devotion gives you the true essence of Karma Yoga. This book answer al you querries. With help of Mahatma Gandhijis Lucid description it makes read more interesting., Gandhiji keeps things very simple. He gives intended meanings or explains subtlety only when required. From other times he allows the reader forms his/her own views and interpretation.

The flow is as per the original bible verses and Gandhiji's translation provides authenticity with it., Gandhi Essentials
The Gita is not easy to understand but seen through the eyes of Gandhi it becomes a pleasure to read and re-read. One need not accept all of his comments but his down to earth attitude strkes home. A perfect companion read is Gandhi " A Spiritual Biography" by Arvind Sharma. They cover a very large amount of everything worth knowing about Gandhi., No words to explain the beautiful sensation I get each time I actually read this master item. Truly life changing when you read it with an open heart and mind., Some interesting viewpoints on the Bhagavad Gita plus some of the passages - probably more useful to somebody who has actually read the scripture and is looking for alternative interpretations (granted though nearly all of MK's viewpoints were quite mainstream).

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