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If you are enthusiastic about animals, wild or domestic, this book will be fascinating for you. It's also an important read from the conservation standpoint as there isn't much time still left for some species. Right now there are many people We wish would read this book who won't. Those of us who do read it will be armed with more science-based information to do whatever we can to protect creatures in their natural refuge., Fresh-feeling, and long-overdue discussion of the true nature of animal's communication - really, their hearts and minds. At first it feels bold, then you realize it can simply the truth, which has been staring us all in the face for centuries. This book is one of those rare ones that changes you when you read it - a consciousness-raiser, a paradigm-shifter, whatever you want to call it, I see believes clearer, and differently now, and I'm grateful., Transformed my perception of creatures and their right to are present without interference from us all. Literally changed my entire life and I am now vegan because I can't, in good conscience, justify eating meat, consuming dairy, etc. anymore. Not judging those who do as We was a happy meat-eater 6 months ago., This book changed the way We, as a hunter, think about these things. Reading it makes it harder to accept 'conventional wisdom' about animal brains, feelings and intelligence. No who lives with a dog can dispute animal intelligence and emotions, but transposing that certainty to elephants, whales, deer and others, is no small thing., The son used this publication when he was in 2nd year college. He said it's a nice and fun book to read., Really well written and realized. Opens upward the whole world that individuals share with other creatures. Do not need look in room for intelligence kinds of life, they're okay here with us. This field of animal cognition and our understanding of it is expanding daily and this book is on the cutting edge of revealing our deepening appreciation. One can only hope books like this will lead to a world where we hold all life holy., really interesting. Safina will get off on a few soap boxes, which while I appreciate the stance, We think might have been better left off the topic at hand., This book trained me a lot and I really enjoyed reading it. ?nternet site worked my way delete word, I would relay anecdotes I had formed read to my friends and family because the tales I was reading in this book were so interesting and memorable.

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