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Within the Wisdom of Walt, Rob Barnes shared lessons in leadership inspired by Walt Disney and America's first theme park, Disneyland. Inside this new book, Rob goes beyond the berm of Walt's original wonder kingdom to share with us lessons in going after our dreams inspired by " The Place Wherever Dreams Come True" - Walt Disney World.

The lessons in this book include:

* Expanding Your Expectations
* Learning to Ignore it
* Choosing to Alter
* Leading Yourself
2. Finding the Time
* Having to Hustle
2. Overcoming Obstacles
* Working with Doubters
* Financing Your current Future
2. Cultivating a Crazy Tradition
* Communicating Clearly
2. Keeping it Clean
* Leaving a Legacy

Like in the author's first book THE WISDOM OF WALT, each chapter is structured in the same way. Each opens with a quote, followed by a story or anecdote about Walt and/or Walt Disney World that illustrates a leadership or personal development session. Following this is a tale from the author related to the lesson (how he applied the session himself or how he or she helped others do so). Following this each chapter includes a " Souvenir Stop" that includes questions for the reader and/or different ways in which the viewer can apply the classes to their life (more on this below). Each and every chapter ends with a section called " Having Your Hand Stamped" that feature stories that (in the author's words) are " meant to be memorable and, hopefully, they will leave an enduring impression, thus " stamping" the lesson from each chapter upon you, the viewer. "

I especially like the " Souvenir Stop" and " Getting the Hands Stamped" sections in each chapter. The former provides suggestions and guidelines for how you can apply the principles and ideas from that chapter. Over and above just telling stories and describing ideas, the writer provides ways for visitors to use what they're reading going to their own lives in basic practical phrases. Likewise, the " Having Your Hand Stamped" areas serve as an excellent way of further reinforcing the message in each part.

I love books about Walt Disney and Disney parks, and I enjoy books about personal development and leadership, and i also adored Jeff's first book, so this book was a must for me. I pre-ordered this book, and was lucky enough to be able to read a pre-release version of it, and just like THE WISDOM OF WALT, it didn't disappoint.

Typically the writing is engaing, approachable, and friendly, and the author does a great job of wrapping his lessons in stories that help the reader understand how each lesson can apply to their own life. Even if might read other books about Walt Disney, Walt Disney World, or personal development before, as I have, you will find something new and valuable in this book. I found myself pleasantly surprised at some of the insights and lessons I encountered in this book - both about Disney and personal development - and I defnitely plan to read it again.

I have one minor quibble with the book: I would have liked the publication to have an catalog, as there are a lot of concepts and stories in this book, and finding them following your fact is difficult without an catalog.

With examples from every corner of Walt The disney world resort and subjects ranging from managing your time to overcoming obstacles to communicating obviously to leaving a legacy, Beyond the Wisdom of Walt offers success lessons for all of us.

As you can probably guess, I definitely recommend this publication. If you are a fan of Walt Disney, Disney recreational areas, or personal development, buy and read this publication! You'll be glad you did!, I have admired Walt Disney if you are an individual with many talents. I look to him as a mentor because of how he used his intelligence to get the entrepreneur he or she was.

I like reading publications and learning what was done to make the Disney Corporation so profitable. After reading a publication, I try to utilize what I have learned to enhance some aspect of my life. Many authors have penned such books. Rob Barnes' is one of them and in his latest book: Beyond the Wisdom of Walt, I found some extraordinary insight if you need to have a successful life.

This book is Mr. Barnes second about Walt's experience. Many individuals feared that when Walt died so did his dreams and wisdom. Mr. Barnes writes that this is significantly from the truth and that the culture Walt developed while he was alive (learn more by reading Typically the Wisdom of Walt) did indeed survive and develop after his death. Likewise, similarly, just as we gained lessons from when Walt was alive, we can learn from the theories ingrained into those he or she left behind after his passing.

Mr. Barnes shows us about positive life lessons using Disney and in my opinion, utilizes true Disney style-storytelling. His / her book revolves around Walt Disney World, which is a park that I frequently visit. This affiliation helped me since i have could paint psychological pictures to what he or she wrote in the chapters. He explains to the reader that Walt Disney World ought to be looked at more than a spot to escape reality, but as a consolation that everything can be okay. He uses the challenges faced by the Imagineers building Walt Disney World following Walt's death to teach us the way they used Walt's impact to maneuver the project forwards giving the Disney company and the world wish and reassurance that Disney could survive without Walt. I agree with Mister. Barnes conclusion about this. Inside today's society, each of us has challenges in life and need that reassurance that things will work out for the best. Who better to use than Disney and the wonder they create for inspiration? I applaud Rob Barnes for teaching us how to do this using Walt Disney World as an example.

In one chapter, Mr. Barnes talks about letting things go and not to think on them because it could hinder your improvement. He writes about how exactly it snowed on Main Road in Disneyland shortly after Walt Disney's death, and how Throw Members interpreted that weather phenomenon as Walt showing them to let his death go (letting past things go) and move forward (look to the future, build your snowman! ). I am sure (just as it did me) that this will stir any diehard Disney enthusiasts feelings.

I am facing a great challenge at this moment in my life. I am spending so much time to be optimistic and positive that things will continue to work away but it is not easy. Is it coincidental that Mr. Barnes' book arrived along when it did and that I reflect on the text he wrote when I am down? It is my sensation that this book is like the flurries of snow on Main Road at Disneyland that Dec 1966 day after Walt's passing. It gives me motivation for the future and you will be on my desk as a reminder.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to increase the person they are. It truly is witty, composed and certain to touch your feelings so that you can be persuaded to learn from it. Mr. Barnes is a higher education administrator, a university professor, international presenter, and a life trainer. However, I felt when reading this book that he was obviously a friend communicating directly to me and inspiring me just as if Walt Disney would do today if he were here. I am sure that reading this publication will help you find the enlightenment to make your life successful as well.

Thanks, Jeff Barnes.

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