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It is quite understandable that the Dalai Lama can't help but put somewhat of metaphysics into a discussion about ethics, but he does an admirable job of keeping it to a minimum. This is a well thought out, carefully constructed approach to integrity that very intentionally avoids using metaphysical justification for moral values. It would have been improved by a clearer connection between research (particularly evolutionary psychology) and meditation of a compassionate nature, or science and meditation and emotional management, but I still found it a valuable addition to the topic on the subject of secular integrity and will recommend it to friends and family., The intention of this book is to cultivate human principles that are highly needed nowadays, and from my opinion the author made them clear and enjoyable to comprehend. I think everyone should look for themselves whether it makes sense or not.

Once again, we can find that mindfulness and meditation would be the primary tools for human beings to remove delusions and misconceptions in our mind., Really enjoyable read though some of the pathways did take somewhat of rereading to fully understand. Really really excellent, 1 of the most moving books I have ever before read!! The Dalai Lama covers his idea of universal world ethics and presents a code of ethics people from all cultures, religions and skills can accept. He does not push Buddhism in this book but rather looks to help unit people because of a common understanding of how to take and treat one another. Very beautiful, humble and well-written book, my personal favorite from the Dalai Lama., It is a excellent rendition of the dali lama speaking to everyone and exactly how compassion is beyond religion., Very well written book. It explains the true meaning of life. How one can find true happiness by caring for others., The Dalai Lama might be the head of the Tibetan Buddhist faith but he has become a man famous throughout the world (to people of all religions) and that popularity is more about the person and his values than religion itself. We loved this book because here is a very religious man taking us all beyond the concept of religion, and encompasses the atheists as well, to show us a viewpoint of ethics and values to live by that will not require a God.

We recommend this book to anyone thinking about human philosophy, integrity and religion, regardless of faith or no-faith., Typically the Dalai Lama explains in very simple phrases what the world needs to consider if we like to survive the rising waves of materialism and fanatical power grabs. He would not try to evangelize beyond asking all of us to think about the priority of " inner values". He points out the need for an ethical compass and describes some of the dangers to such a compass. Selection me contemplate the " content beggar" sleeping on the doorstep of the wealthy.
This is a must read for those who have found organized religion to be with a lack of consistency and in real values

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