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This was an absolutely wonderful read from someone that makes you think regardless of what part you are on. Vehicle Jones just comes actually makes you stop and think because he discussions to you and not down or through you. In the world today you need someone like Van Jones and a book like this to make you think., Just about any Van's voice is clear, succinct and strong as it makes the case for a way forward as opposed to apart. Great read for individuals with different political opinions but a shared desire to see America heal from the destructive political forces that care little for the average citizen., Must read for those interested in moving forward together as People in america and not separate, split parties. Turns us and them into we. Effortless, memorable read with great resources., I was about to pick up my every week random read. Luckily arrived across this one.
Since I have seen Vehicle Jones on CNN adopted him on Twitter, I decided to see what he have to say after the failure and defeat that the Open-handed faced in 2016/2017.
Honestly I was planning on the usual, throwing blames around, more divide, and image restoration for the DNC. but it turned out different things, something amazingly remarkable. after i started reading his open letter to Liberals i couldn't stop reading until i attained chapter 4! and it was midnight. Despite my busy day, i didn't want to hold my self, i switched to the Music version and finished the book in less than 48 hours.
What really struck me personally is the " Prince" story with Van Jones.
It made me rethink and revisit all my views, political and personal!
I assume that every politician should read this guide, i do believe we all should read this book from time to time to remind ourselves that we stand united not make a difference what., Most of us all who actively follow governmental policies and related news each day are guilty of surrounding yourself in an echo holding chamber that strengthens our very own existing views. Neither do we tolerate opposing views, nor do we even want to become them. What we seldom realize is that this is exactly what has resulted in the current political scenario : partisan bickering, no concrete solutions for the issues ravaging the people on both sides of the aisle, growing disrespect and contempt for anyone with a different POV.

Of which is why I believe this book is important. It isn’t really a one-stop guide to solve all problems that exist, but it is a good beginning. Vehicle Jones gives us a glance into his childhood and upbringing as a young black kid in the South. He delves into their own personal experience to help us understand that for identifying problems and solutions, it is not necessarily only necessary but better for those of all ideological spectrums, races and classes to find common ground. In his open up letters to both liberals and conservatives, he points out the flaws in each of the party’s approaches to furthering their goals and ideologies at the expense of the public. At the end, he discusses in more detail issues like criminal justice reform, opioid habit crisis and job creation that have supporters across both right and left, it’s just that we need to be ready to engage with everyone to work on solving the crises.

I assume that everyone invested in the betterment of the country, especially youngsters should read this book, if not completely, at least look at the appendices which give information about a lot of resources to get to know both edges of every story. We should play our part to ensure which our common goal is achieved – Liberty and Justice for All.

PS: Thank you to Random House Publishing and Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review., This kind of an important book for all of us in this country. I enjoy the open letters to both sides. And so many resources included that are solution-oriented. This is a book that is actually helpful AND a great read. And really smart stuff. Highly highly recommend for those on every side of politics., National politics is not a multiple choice test! Yet so many politicians, pundits, and arrêters act as however, you simply pick positions from the checklist. Van understands that reality is messy, and that our answers need to be rethought for a changing world. He listens attentively to all sides, and tries to see remedies that basically work, rather than some rehashed version of the approaches that attempted and did not address our problems., Van peels the orange back and provides an acute analysis on how the country arrived at their current tipping point, and outlines solutions that can help the country move forward.

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