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This specific entire series is absolutely wonderful! This is the fourth book in the series and handles Eoghanan - Eo as most of the characters call your pet. We see him sort out some rough issues with his family in the first couple books and it was great to see him finally find love. The book was actually fast paced, the characters were interesting and I really liked it. The only problem I had with this book, and the reason why I actually only gave it 4 stars, is that the female character is just this random person from the modern world. She doesn't have any ties to the other folks who've all traveled back, and it makes me wonder why the author is making Morna both a witch and a fortune teller basically. Also, Grace has a family in the 21st century and even though they don't get alongside the greatest, it makes me sad to see that a personality would just ditch their family and basically make the family think that they are lifeless. I wish their was someway they might resolved that because now her family is going to think she has disappeared, they will never see their grandson/nephew again, and her best good friend Jeffrey's family will never see him again. I actually hope that over the following book some of that will get resolved because I detest the thought of enduring families (and yes I actually realize this is a piece of fiction but i'm invested in this family for goodness sakes! )., Grace is not married but has a son and a best friend Jeffery who, for all who know the situation, is his daddy however they are not wedded. Moran of course calls Grace and son Conner to Scotland on a rouse by using a job the girl set up. To meet EOY short for his to hard to pronounce name. COMO TAMBÉM O for short has been at the woman house from the 17th century because his crazy mental brother attempted to kill him. The girl, Morna is a good which from the same area but surviving in the 20 century. She runs a bed and morning meal where she is likely to the woman matchmaking business and directs people back and on in time. EO is a gallant man brother to the lair of the castle. He has been brought up with learning and Grace. He is a major Scotts man but not as big as his buddy Baodan. They have red curl and beautiful eyes, that even though He has a long scar down his entire body. Elegance doesn't seem to be to even see it.
Will certainly she go to the 17th century with EO or will she go home to her nasty father who pushes a wedding with JEFFREY, Whom she loves but is not in love with., I enjoyed this book just like the relax of the series, however of the series it was probably my least favorite. I know all of the books are written from the female's point of view but I would have liked to get seen this from male's since he was the personality that people already knew. But I also understood why that author didn't, she would probably have sufficient more reviews wishing it was advised from the feminine POV if she'd switched it upward.

I did like how a set of new characters were introduced by the author give herself and us readers plenty for more books in this series. However this is the first time coming from had a random new female character introduced (Grace). It still tells the story of love transcending time but all of the other books were for characters that had been background or side character in previous books. I was looking forward to this book so much since in the previous books I sensed a deep connection to Eoghanan's (E-o) character. I actually wanted him to have the best story so far, so perhaps it was somewhat of my high expectation that made this book a little of a let down. It just felt slightly forced... or maybe " odd" is a much better phrase, a few points in the storyplot.

A big question I had and still have is what about Grace's family still in the present time? I know she wasn't/isn't particularly happy with them or near to them but she still speaks to them. Just what are they thinking now? That she and the woman son have fallen off the face of the earth? It just seems like somewhat of the lose conclusion that the author failed to wrap up or maybe disregarded. But perhaps many of these everything is touched on in the next book.

I can't help but imagine Eoghanan's mom and Grace's daddy figure will conclusion upward together. (Fingers crossed), I might put this book, and series, ahead of most in the genre. Cooper's dialog was much more representative of a bright "almost kindergartner", than almost any novel I've read, but I've been around kids for fifty years. But any author would like to improve. Try getting a really old
English teacher to edit these books, before publication.

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