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LOVE THIS! So does my Horsey!
Instant results with my Equine. He has had so many BIG Releases that I thought he was convulsing, especially when his ear rolled back, his neck of the guitar stretched out, his language stuck out and his head nodding and trembling. Learned that this is a very big release for my horse. Weak guy! He must have had some serious pain issues! These techniques truly work well!!! My horse loves me now, and tells me more about his ouchie spots. This individual is no more biting like he used to do. Now We understand why he was biting! He had so much pain! Poor person. He is so much more calm and peaceful after I work together with him using many of Mister. Masterson's techniques. Got both the DVD and Book., Possessing no background in any body work, and being clumsy myself, I was able to get releases, and learn to control my very own responses, as well as help my horse. Very well written, clear step by step directions, with emphasis placed on the important points., When my pal let me borrow the book... I gave it right back to her b/c I thought to myself I have to have my very own copy... it's a great tool to use We notice a difference inside my horses strides when We do a little of this before my rides. I've actually had the pleasure of sitting in a seminar that was hosted inside my barn and I have to say Jim is a great, very nice person... he actually answered a few of my questions. I'm now so interested in this that I'm going to become a certified integrated body work massage therapist! Love these things... great for bonding. I've begun to use this on my new mare who is a little bit on the tense side and wow do they know exactly what's happening when might done some work on them... they go into relax mode and We can see releases right away! So rewarding! for myself and for my horses!, Since it's winter and there's not much else I could do at the barn, I thought I had created give this a try as a way to spend a little extra time with my two horses. Trying to find studying and using the processes for a couple weeks now and Trying to find amazed at the changes I've observed in just that short amount of time! The soft expression on their faces informs me how much they enjoy it. In addition to I've noticed that they just appear to endure a little more peaceful and move a little more relaxed. Jim Masterson does a fantastic job demonstrating the techniques on the DVD, but he really does talk a little too fast. My only issue would be that the tracks of the DVD AND BLU-RAY are organized into easily assessible chapters from the key menu. The primary menu offers you the option to select a chapter, however when you click on the option, it won't open a menu to allow you to actually select a chapter. You have to play all and then skip through the various areas, remembering the title tracks at the top of the screen so you can find the chapter you want again. (Or maybe it's merely a defect in the disk I use, perhaps?? ), Not only are these claims book comprehensive and educational for even the many years experienced horsewomen ( or man ) it would also be extremely informative for the novice. Besides that, this is just plain fun to do. The responses you see in any personality horse is amazing. I use acquired it for my trainer friends as well. Therapeutic for horse and owner alike., Excellent research book. I appreciate the points made about how precisely most behaviors and expectations of the movements. It was a book lent to me, but I HAD to have my own backup. I recommend it for all horse owners and alternative therapists., I acquired this book with a couple more books on the same subject. We took pieces and techniques that focused on my mare's problem. I have a mare that developed a very sore and spasm plagued back. I had developed called out a masseuse 2 times didn't help, thencalled out an mount chiropractor, didn't help. This particular book, along with 2 others really allowed myself to give attention to the entire back issue from the poll to the croup. I was successful eventually working out the muscle spasms and added carrot stretches to boost the massage/body work., I simply returned from taking the weekend seminar with Jim Masterson. The dvd that goes together with his book is the same title as the book and corresponds to the substance in the book. mount massage is somewhat different from the book & a few of the techniques have developed. They are NOT the same dvd information other than the very basics that are taught in the course. I just ordered PAST HORSE MASSAGE dvd from the Masterson website & was told that it can only can be found from them so I was very puzzled by how Amazon is selling this thru Bice Books. We highly recommend taking this course to refine the techniques shown in the book & dvd that make a difference in the horses.

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