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This book is a joke!
It basically blames the parent for the child's behavior. It requires all the rap and habits reponsiblility off of the child. If you follow this book, the children have zero effects for their bad habits. While that may help family dynamics somewhat, what happens when these children become adults and have to handle consequences in the real world? In the real world, no-one is heading to be there to hug them and inform them everything is ALRIGHT when they steal, lie, and hurt people.
My son actually came to me and said, " So, I actually can do whatever I actually want and not get struggling? "
That is a joke! This book and this mentality is why so many young adults act the way they do now!, I actually ate this book up in less than a day. Require back through it and slowly re-read it to digest it more, but wow, this was absolutely amazing and eye opening. Our three year old daughter was adopted at 11 months old, which helped me really understanding the " why" right behind her behaviors: FEAR. Likewise helped me understand the root of my struggles: also FEAR. Thankful for this wisdom and insight. Found a dramatic shift for the positive in our family because of the knowledge this book provided. Thank you Heather Forbes!, This book deeply insightful & pragmatic. Behind children... are adults. Dealing with parenting issues, especially special needs is an intricate partnering of underlying issues & traumas... great & small in your child AND the adult. To best understand & help another the best couseling principles are found in scripture. It is a keeper for personal collection!, I gave this book to a pal who adopted three small children. She is absolutely enjoying it, it makes a lot of sense because these children have experienced a completely different childhood before adoption and they have different fears than other children., This book is a huge eye opener to the behaviors of our adopted son. I actually would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is parenting a child from a difficult background. This is refreshing to hear what we often feel but are too afraid to verbalize., I really enjoyed reading the book. I immediately tried employing some of the suggestions and was amazed at my son's positive response. Appealing to his inner fear, helped to diffuse his reactions and negative actions. Although, I'm not certain Certainly with everything in the book, Certainly this different approach has helped. It has put some warmth into our often tumultuous relationship., this is a great great book!!!!!!!!!!!!, I read this book after it was suggested from a new buddy. Although my daughter is not adopted, we both went through extremely distressing encounters at her delivery and I am now equipped with enough knowledge to help her when she is in fear as well as understand my very own fear.

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