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For me, the most surprising thing about this book is how easy you should read. Despite the fact that it is making important and challenging theoretical and historical arguments, it is nonetheless perfectly written that the arguments are easy to follow. Unlike so many serious books, I came across this book a pleasure to see.

This book is important for the reason that it problems both common and scholarly conceptions of the Victorian era in manners which available some possibilities for rethinking our conceptions not only of that time, but of our own selves, and of the time in which we live.

Anybody who is thinking about current debates over gay and lesbian marriage, what it means to be a lady (or a man), or identity politics generally will probably find this book both interesting and valuable.

Anybody who is a fan of Victorian novels will probably find this book fascinating.

Anybody who is immersed in contemporary Continental philosophy will find this guide powerful. Nevertheless, I am confident that you will find this book to be clear and easy to read even though you have never read any Continental philosophy (or may even know what that term means).

Finally, please see the other reviews for more details about the arguments of this book., Excellent service, as usual. I am thrilled with the service provided by Amazon and it's suppliers and will buy textbooks only from these resources., I read this with my teen daughter who desired to find out about Victorian Great britain.

We both found the guide absolutely mind-blowing. That women married in Victorian Great britain, and it was accepted and even lauded provided us both a new viewpoint on current gay relationship debates. And the details of Victorian women's 'discipline' for their sons was also incredibly thought provoking.

I recommend this for moms and daughters thinking about discussing sexuality and marriage, relationships and ideals. Learning how incredibly in different ways Victorians viewed sexuality clears a window into the variable ways societies build human relationships. A wonderful read., Sharon Marcus's "Between Women" is that rare academic book - absolutely readable and absorbing and juicy. It not only re-casts Victorian literature in a new light, by analyzing the roles that girls figures have in securing the marriage plot, but ushers the reader into a new way of understanding women's surprising power in Victorian society. The guide argues that women and female friendship wielded considerable influence in Victorain society- in novel plots and in the work of marriage reform thinkers and leaders. The woman focus on "the plot of female amity" has already been called ground-breaking and I actually can see why. Sharon Marcus's pages on "Great Expectations, " for instance , are just amazing, using the readers along, at every step, as this brilliant, clear mind details the recharged interactions of Miss Havisham, Estella, and Pip. "Between Women" uses a interesting array of source materials - not merely novels, but pornographic magazines, magazines, and treatises of social reform movements. She remarks that sometimes female friendship intended friendship and sometimes it meant lesbian relationships. David Stuart Mill, for example, modeled his marriage reform ideas on the equitable dynamics at play in contemporary lesbian couples. The particular book's exploration of how mothers and daughters, and daughters with their dolls, were depicted in illustrations, often with sado-masochistic overtones, is pretty unforgettable and quite persuasive. It was interesting to read how the language of style magazines and the language of pornographic journals were usually the same. The writing in "Between Women" is wonderful and the research well-organized, diverse, and accessible. It is true that Sharon is a great friend of mine, but please know that it is also true that I would not write these content basically did not believe them. I read and adored this guide and I actually hugely recommend it, to academics and non-academics (which I am), alike., This book is an absolutely brilliant, lucid, beautifully written, engrossing exploration of the relationships between women in Victorian England. Marcus' quarrels are fresh and significantly surprising -- revolutionary, really -- yet somehow handle to feel utterly inevitable after the fact. I really like the breadth of resources -- novels, diaries, magazines, pedagogical manuals, pornography -- Marcus draws upon, and the stunningly diverse methods of relatedness she shows as available to Victorian women. I rarely find myself reading academic textbooks, yet for me "Between Women" was obviously a real page turner. I recommend it very highly., --according to the London Overview of Books, the London Times, the BBC, and me! Marcus is smart, engaging, thorough-- and makes dazzling use of a vast array of main sources. She asks (basically), "What whenever we re-read the Victorians as if women's relationships were important to one another? " Looking through this lens at diaries, letters, conduct manuals, legislation cases, anthropological writings, fashion plates, doll stories, and pornograpy, Marcus reveals a global that leaps off the page with life and immediacy. Go read it., The Victorians were never the prudes our English teachers made them out to be. I will never look at an 1800s fashion plate in a different light., Meh, what I've read, author focuses too much on the fine nuances of women " birching" one another and how they got off on it. Kind of feel like mcdougal thinks that's hot. I don't. But then, I am an abnormality to the human contest and sexuality in general.

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