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I'm a huge fan of Lauren Sapala's non-fiction work on writing, including her blog and her book The INFJ Writer. One of my favorite blog articles she's written is all about writing from your wound, about using not only your good and happy experience in your writing, however your agonizing ones as well. I think this entire autobiographical novel, Between the Shadow and Lo, was ripped straight out of Lauren's wound. It is an honest and raw look at alcoholism and the harm it does, both to others also to the alcohol themself. It takes a very brave soul to show the world this kind of mirror.

A lot of the book's storyline is repetitive -- Leah gets drunk, Leah partcipates in self-destructive behavior, Leah is depressed, repeat -- but make no mistake, this is a page-turner. It requires an incredibly talented author to consider this kind of human misery and weave it into something you won't be able to put down.

But few of us would like to watch someone self-destruct. What makes Between the Shadow and Lo a must-read is that, without giving spoilers, in the end, this is a story of finding hope in the darkness., This is a fantastic book. This book is great for anyone who has actually experienced loneliness and the crazy things it offers you do in order to feel less lonely. Reading this great book will make you feel less lonely because you will understand the Author and realize that she understands you and the determined things that you have done to fight solitude., Great Read!!!!, This publication caught me by the throat and pulled myself all the way through. I caught a glimpse of the other side of what are the results in the minds and minds of many beautiful women I've seen late during the night in the bars and clubs. Heartbreaking and terrible in its honesty, this book (and its main character) sheds light on the complexity, hunger for life, and insatiable curiosity that live alongside the destructiveness of addiction.

Numerous passages of this publication are written with breathtaking rawness and the writer doesn't flinch from this trip through the shadows. In an admirable " show me, don't tell me" style, Lauren Sapala grabs your hand and makes you feel the Seattle wind and rain, smell the back seat of a cab, and look into the desperate, yearning eyes of the figures. You will feel like you know them all and you'll want them to find the redemption they are searching for in the dive bars and crazy escapades that make this book vivid., This guide is magnificently brave as it pulls back the veil on the darkness of a world, of which I understand nothing about, but expresses feelings and vulnerabilities that are so deeply personal and vulnerable. We don't need to have observed it all the same way, but so many have felt the same hopelessness, despair and self-loathing and because the writing is so vivid, we're capable to share and relate.

I came across Between the Shadow and Lo to be hard to read in a similar manner that Leaving Las Vegas is not easy to watch. I desired her to just not get drunk again. And whenever she described what it was like the morning after, I desired to shake the girl sober. While there were occasions of laugh-out-loud levity, the laughter was a mask for being uncomfortable. As much as I was uncomfortable, I didn't want to stop reading. I didn't want to put it down because I found myself rooting extremely hard for Leah. When Leah can find the girl hope, all of us can., This particular book has everything, laughter, sadness, humility, triumph and most of all hard to control disease of dependancy. I enjoyed reading this book and found out there a friend of mine is actually one of the characters. This is a must read!

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