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It was a good book that I definately enjoyed reading. I think it started off a little slow and got more interesting as the story progressed. I think a map of the area would have recently been a good addition to the book because it looked to assume you are familiar with the layout of the area and routes.

I actually guess I expected a story about some random guy who had a rock fall on him, cut his arm, and survived. I didn't know he was this experienced adventurer living a task jam-packed lifestyle. It would certainly be a great read if you have ever done any of the outdoor activities which he talks about in his flashbacks/memories because it will help you relate to how much Aron had achieved prior to this occurrence.

It definately makes me personally double check my programs and gear when moving out on a trip because this proves that you never really know what can happen. Glad I read the book before I watched the movie because the movie was terrible!, A kaleidoscope of personal accomplishment, fear, pain, and survival, Aron Ralston's account of his escape from loss of life in the box encolure of Utah captures the human spirit, stripped down to its essence because the writer faces death.
With a brilliant hour-by-hour narrative, the publication draws you into the experience, as tough as it was. Having climbed and hiked myself, the storyline made me remember again that putting yourself on the edge can quickly go wrong. But it also reminded me that there is much beauty in the experience and that being in the minute on the mountain is reward in itself. This is a great story about mental toughness, resilience, and the dilemma of personal accomplishment. A great read for individuals who spend time in the back country, this story is also a great read if you are facing a difficult challenge in your own journey., I first thought this story to be unbelievable which Ralston was just self-aggrandizing. I felt he wasn't telling the truth about cutting his very own arm off and that was some other scary truth he was hiding. Right after reading this book and some other research I actually now know I used to be wrong from the beginning.
Ralston is a dedicated adventurer. He has the experience and motivation most people never even dream of.
This guide is not merely a chronological listing of his encounters and the 127 hours of entrapment. That is a story, presented to keep the reader enthralled. The telling and emotional outpouring kept me personally turning pages long after I usually would have established other books down. I actually was surprised at Raston's author skills. I didn't see mention of a co-author but I felt I used to be reading the likes of London or Hemingway. Danger, adventure, struggle, success and victory!!
I have a total new opinion of Ralston now but I question if I've been a sucker for his writing skills., Maybe this book was written so the reader needed to know the person to learn how he made it through this ordeal. But I actually found my self not liking the person because he was so much into himself. And bragging about it. It made me unpleasant. I wanted to see how he survived, that is the only reason I actually finished the book.
I would not recommend this book to anyone because I performed not like the personality of the person who wrote it. I feel sorry for him. Presently there is so much more to life than being so self absorbed... like thinking of others., While I understand the complaints other reviewers have made regarding Ralston's "alienating" writing style, I disagree that the book suffers from it. Portion of what makes this book so engaging for me personally is precisely that it's describing a world/lifestyle I actually know nothing about. I actually actively researched climbing techniques and tools he brings up casually throughout the publication in order to create a more vivid picture in my mind.

With that being said, the story is very well written, and while I agree the ongoing refrains to discuss another mountain hiking trip can be grating, I never skipped a chapter, chalking up to a strategic move ahead his part to control the pacing of the story.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has even a passing desire for stories of survival or nature. Aron Ralston is an extremely likeable leading part, even though you may not understand why he makes the selections he does at times. Getting inside the brain of someone different from me was a deserving exercise, I felt, and at the very least I actually learned about Havasu Comes, which I can visit given that a friend of mine moved to Phoenix., Almost everything Rolston does prior to self amputation prepares themselves mentally and physically to be able to manage that incredibly stressful situation. The events prior to his accident are not incorporated in the movie. Ralston does a fanominal job writing about his encounters that keeps you captivated through the book!, This was a pretty good read -- skimmable when the detail got too clément, and fascinating when the realities were dimensionalized through what.

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