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Got my copy of the Strong's latest book. I came across this book a well written and easy to read narrative of things happening now and also to come immediately in the future for all of us to be ready for. The challenge will be a fascinating one to see if society can accept it when the Elders finally come forth. The proliferation of the discoveries and potentials in this book alone and, the means to which the authorities are trying to sit on them is becoming well documented as resistant that there is astute validity to not only Steven and Evan Strong's body of work but all of the other 'fringe' discoveries of out there of place archaeology and technology being made and suppressed around the world.
You receive the impression these guys really go the whole yard and then some with their progressive academic research and their on country journeys. I suggest to the reader to check out their information on the internet too.... I actually have followed their work for sometime and know they are the real deal.
This particular book contains substantial information which may very well be a game corriger to accepted world historical past and hopefully will spur the reader onto making their own educated investigations into what it all means. It documents the out of place and criminally mistreated most old of ruins in Quotes and cross references other similar discoveries around the world too of a lost method of communication, technology and a nearness to natural forces all to quickly howled down in the hallowed admission of learning as not in any way shape or form possible...... especially for what we are told were knuckle draggers living in those times regardless of the ever growing body of under rated research and science suggesting otherwise..... We all know then who the real knuckle draggers are..... it's becoming more clear over time.... the question is very then why the dynamic is stacked like this when we are told we are living in the most open mindedness and opulent of that time period...?? Q: Are usually we really...???
I beg to question this popular meme and I suggest you perhaps read the book to get a taste of what life has been like before the imposition of the 'something else' hopefully many are waking up to everyday realising is the real false paradigm pretending to be or else.
Enjoy the book, I did so and thanks a lot for reading.

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