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Amazing read def worth it, Good read for hockey fans, I love this book! Stories of success are always inspiring and fun to read. The particular dozen characters in this book are drawn from a tiny niche, the one that hockey players, fans, and sports aficionados can all appreciate. It is because it is a demanding position that only an unusual few succeed and thrive in that niche “between the pipes” in the NHL. This book brings all of us into that world with stories which have never already been collected in this manner before.
You can find only a few dozen goalie opportunities to be filled only at that level of hockey every year, therefore the competition is fierce. Among those few dozen, only a handful will stand out over time, and do so it takes a combo of traits particular to those who achieve the stature of “greatest of all time”. Druzin captures those characteristics and develops short reports around these characters that are an absolute pleasure to read. I am sure these stories of big men will be enjoyable for an audience well over and above the world of hockey fandom. Nevertheless , true lovers of the speediest and most demanding team sport in the world will really appreciate the nuggets to be found in this guide, such as this one about Patrick Roy, “…he sometimes took the stay to bed and dropped asleep with the scent of fiberglass laminate in his nostrils”.
I don’t have much time to read these times, so a book on favorite subject, the one that can be picked up, opened up to any chapter, read quickly rather than put down with any guilt or worry that I need to come back to the same place or at any time soon, is refreshing. Between the Pipes currently sits atop, and stays on top of, all my other books that remain unfinished, plus some even unstarted. This would be a great gift idea for the busy hockey fan in your lifetime, or simply anyone who enjoys reading about people who have achieved great things., This was a fun & informative chapter book to read masking some of the best decades of NHL history and I have already been sharing it with people that are hockey fanatics and those which have never followed the sport. I came across it to be well-written with the right balance of facts on the game and the hockey goaltenders that are featured. A great balance of humor with the facts mixed in makes it challenging to put down, but being a part book you can simply pick it back up without the issue. Well done and looking forward to your next effort.
Michael Collins, As a hockey fan, I really looked forward to reading this book- especially since it covers the lives of some of the games best goaltenders. While I liked reading about each player's personal and professional lives (especially the ones about Terry Sawchuk who lived the most life of them all and Gump Worsley who was a great character of the game), I felt that the author's writing style still left something to be desired and detracted from my enjoyment of the book. Ms. Druzin wrote in very clipped sentences that still left me with the experience that I was reading a book that was meant to be read by children rather than by adults. Nevertheless We believe that the topic was excellent and I feel glad i had the possibility to read the book., Because a hockey fan We find the position of "goalie" the most interesting of players. As a matter of fact the performance of Antero Niittymaki at the 2006 Winter Olympics rekindled my love for the sport and I've been following the NHL very closely ever since, which is pretty hard when you're living in the Netherlands.

After reading "the game" by Ken Dryden some time back, We wanted to read even read more about goalies in the NHL and a pair of days ago We learned this book. 1st of all it's a very informative book (at the very least for one who failed to grow up watching the NHL), it gives you insight in the lives and careers of some of the best hockey goaltenders ever to play the game. I really cherished reading about the hockey goaltenders, the majority of them who were just names for me, very famous names nonetheless, but still obscure people. This book gave me a fast course on 12 elite NHL goalies. Is actually a very easy read, it took me almost no time to read, which We look at a downside as well: the chinese language used is very simplistic, even for one whose native language isn't very English, I often experienced like I was reading a children's book (At least when considering the style, grammar and use of vocabulary).

Furthermore there are some aspects about the writing that We found really annoying: to begin with there is a lot (A LOT) of repetitiveness in this book, I believe I've read about 7 or 7 times that the Vezina Thorny, was awarded to the goalie(s) with the least amount of goals against pre-1982. The chapters are a bit short for my liking and appear rushed, like trying to write about and whole post season in 4 outlines (that's really in there, trust me). Apart from that, every chapter is built in the exact same way, often using the exact same words. In addition to there are some really terrible puns in the book, across the line off: "his GAA rose faster than the Hindenburg, inch half enough time I experienced like I was reading a script of Family Guy rather than reading a critical, informative hockey book. The very last piece of criticism is about picking out goalies, for example I don't understand why Ron Hextall is in the book (even though I'm an passionate Flyers fan, it's getting pretty hard though), and such goalies as Tony adamowicz Esposito, Grant Fuhr and Curtis Joseph aren't. Probably it's merely a matter of view or preference.

Overall: it was a good read, very informative but the flaws I listed above brought me to ranking this book only 3 out of 5., Fantastic inside stuff for hockey fans, and well-written as well. The chapter on Terry Sawchuk included things that were not in the biography. Since I personally met him, it was quite revealing. Today's hockey goaltenders are generally university educated, and perhaps less eccentric as their forebears. A good read, and well worth the money., Great info (although I would have cherished to see profiles of Tony O. & Billy Smith), but the articles are C-L-U-N-K-Y! Seriously... the writer uses a ton of similes... each more cringe-worthy than the one before.

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